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VoiceGraph Is the Ultimate Talent Discovery Engine for Published Content Creators

Finding freelance talent who can connect with your brand is crucial if you ever expect to create content that connects with your audience. And that’s why we built the VoiceGraph™ Talent Discovery Engine to power the ClearVoice Talent Network. We mapped 550,000+ profiles of the most prolific published creators to jump-start teamlancing for brands with proven talent in their respective fields.

Daily Big Data

Daily Big Data

VoiceGraph indexes 73,000+ publishers daily and uses machine learning to map articles to 550,000+ author profiles in 200+ business categories. Our index currently includes more than 120,000,000+ bylined articles — and counting — from more than 420,000 websites.

Ultimate Talent Matching

Ultimate Talent Matching

Our proprietary VoiceGraph technology empowers ClearVoice teams with one of the most comprehensive databases of published creators, with dynamically indexed profiles of their posted work. We can narrow down expertise by industry, category, role, topic, experience, rates and other factors — to match your brand’s needs.

How We’re Moving Talent Matching Into the Future

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VoiceGraph indexes and maps more than 550,000 profiles that serve as the foundation for CV Portfolios, which authors can claim and personalize when they join the ClearVoice Talent Network. More than 95,000 authors have claimed CV Portfolios, with VoiceGraph enabling us to continue talent outreach for any industry or niche.

Topic Analysis


Work Samples

By applying topic analysis of 600,000+ work samples that authors themselves have verified, VoiceGraph uses machine learning based on human direction to better categorize all articles in our daily index.

As a result, posts on CV Portfolios in the ClearVoice Talent Network can be classified into 1,000+ topics and 200+ business categories with a high degree of accuracy, further enabling us to score content on 20+ factors — so we can match brands with the best talent.

More Accurate, More Timely

Our engineering team has spent years developing the machine learning and sophisticated algorithms needed to power VoiceGraph — and to make it accurate and timely.

  • We receive near real-time notifications as posts are published online.
  • We fetch social metrics, social profile updates and domain metrics of posts.
  • Our validation tests have shown 98% accuracy.
  • We do not use any third-party external API.

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