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Javi O'Neill

Graduate animator and graphic designer with over 15 years of experience. I love creating animated videos, branding, packaging, book and album covers as well as web designs.

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Najanique Forbes

I am a creator of social media content that helps connect brands and artists with their audience through engaging motion graphics. I have 5+ years of experience in digital media under multiple roles, and 2 years working as a motion designer. I've worked with a broad range of styles and themes, but tend to gravitate more towards tech and industrial elements.

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Keith Wilkins

As a top-tier product stylist turned animator, Keith has developed a unique perspective when it comes to atmospheric content. Influenced by Alfred Hitchcock and Lars van Trier he aspires to share his expertise in visual storytelling in the next stage of his career. He has spent the last 16 years creating still images for traditional advertising and is currently most passionate about the work he is doing in animation and motion graphics for inbound marketing.

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Daniel Rappaport

Mr. Rappaport has over 25 years of digital media experience. The kinds of work that he is willing to accept is anything that relates to graphic design, writing, music composition, motion graphics, video editing, music composition, etc... His experience in these arenas are wide and varied, and can definitely lend itself to many of your digital media needs.

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Olivia Johnson

I am a multi media storyteller specializing in filmmaking, writing, and photography. I help you by creating and marketing content for your business. I currently write content about Business, entrepreneurship, videography, photography, culture, and lifestyle. I am actively looking for opportunities.

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Paula Bichsel

A designer and marketing agent for over 30 years, I’ve designed everything from a billboard to a business card. I started my career with a pencil and a grid sheet, and have taught myself the ins and outs of today’s most complex design software. I have a passion for great design and look for inspiration in everyday objects. I also understand that a design cannot simply be “pretty”, it also must move a client or customer to action. After all, as my mentor says - nothing happens until somebody sells something!

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Orana Velarde

I am a designer and artist who also loves to write. I am a digital nomad currently in Asia.

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Michelle Roberts

I am a freelance graphic designer with fantastic grammar skills. I worked at a few different agencies over the years along with some of the best copywriters and art directors. My passion is pairing visually stunning graphics along with the right voice so the content works hard for your brand.

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Dan Hays

I currently specialize in writing promotional video scripts, to get potential clients to engage with a company's product or service. When you only have 60 seconds - 150 words - to engage a potential customer - every word has to count!

Tara Kelly

Storytelling is my life - and I'm always working to get to the next level. With over 10 years of professional experience working as a video producer, graphic/web designer, photographer, and writer, I know how to identify and create content that will speak to your audience. I've worked for clients and businesses in a variety of fields, including healthcare, recruiting, publishing, and music.

Renita Wade

I have remote design and project management experience, working with digital project management platforms and collaborating with marketing teams to create integrated marketing assets. My experience is in designing and developing content, following brand standards, content updates and serving as consultant and technical architect, specializing in mobile graphics conversions, user interface/user experience and creating brand standards for code, typography and layout on websites.

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