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Dorian Smith-Garcia

Creative writer with a formal background in marketing, SEO and email outreach. I am a creative writer who initially got my start writing restaurant reviews for up and coming restaurants and nightlife venues around New York. My passion for writing continued as she transitioned into relationship advice, acting as the lead columnist for's NY Tech Dating vertical until the content platform was retired in 2014. There I covered up & coming apps and tech focused dating platforms for single New Yorkers.

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Cody Kapocsi

I'm a young freelance writer now firmly established with more than a year of freelance writing experience. I come from a nonprofit and real estate development background, but my first love has always been the written word. While I believe it's important to maintain a professional tone, I specialize in warm and approachable copy. My clients agree that I have a knack for taking complex ideas and breaking them down in an understandable manner for a general audience.

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Meaghan Alvarado

I'm a professional writer with experience penning articles for local publications as well as ghostwriting for executives of software and marketing companies. Most of the business content I've written is for an audience of executives and management. My expertise includes content marketing, social selling, employee advocacy, social media marketing, and inside sales. I'm always open and excited to learn new things and am not afraid to dig into research.

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Scott Koegler

I'm a technology journalist, editor, publisher. I write about tech, evaluate products, and publish newsletters (mostly about technology topics).

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Rebecca Rocha

I have a background in Communication Studies and am obsessed with human behavior and interaction. I love writing about tips for busy parents, traveling, and topics surrounding the home including; house hunting, building a house and keeping things organized. I'd consider myself a life-long learner and am always interested in discovering more and writing on new topics as well!

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Neil Hogan

Published author with hundreds of books and ebooks, thousands of newsletter articles and blog posts in a variety of subjects under many pseudonyms. Writing since the mid 90s.

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Michael O'Dwyer

Michael's specialties lie in writing for enterprise, small business and IT audiences, as it complements his prior professional experience of more than 20 years. Former professional roles have included IT admin, electronic component-level failure analysis (Senior Debug Technician), process improvement (Process Engineer), quality engineer and after-sales manager.

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Tess Stevens

Writer with a love of music, fashion, beauty and politics. I'm a writer based in the Bay Area. Former digital journalist for ABC7 News. Current contributor for Where Magazine San Francisco,

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Bradley Chalupski

I have created copy for emails, landing pages, lead nurturing tracks, blog posts, Twitter, and Facebook. I am experienced in taking complex concepts and explaining them in clear language for white papers. I have 5 years of experience creating content that drives ROI for businesses including blogging, marketing communications, social media, and copywriting. I have helped companies with very different copy needs drive ROI.

Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez

I received my PhD from Harvard University's Chemical Biology program and my BS from Cornell University's Plant Sciences program. After working in biomedical and agricultural research for over seven years, I moved into writing for publications and organizations in science-based industries. I've produced news articles, research reports, educational materials, and a variety of other documents aimed at audiences ranging from farmers to physicians to fifth graders. I am based in Rochester, NY.

Valerie Fulton

Valerie Fulton is a writer and editor with over 20 years' experience working in the field of higher education, where she has perfected an authoritative voice, keen research skills, and the ability to translate difficult concepts into compelling narratives. She excels at writing blogs, website copy, articles, video courses, and thought pieces. A former creative writer with experience in both fiction and screenwriting, she has also ghostwritten several books.

Kristin Price

Kristin Price is a Professional Life Coach, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, food lover and chef who is passionate about holistic health. Her passion is inspired by a deeper commitment to whole-body approaches to wellness that uncover the root issues of symptoms. Rather than "fixing the problem" of being stressed, she is creating the world where it doesn't exist anymore. Kristin supports woman to connect with their mind and body with themselves, others and nature to transform their lives.

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