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Top Product Description Writers

Lisa Boynton

Product descriptions are my specialty. I have written product descriptions for top retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers - this has given me the ability to quickly identify features that potential customers prioritize while helping them visualize how a product would benefit their home, business, or lifestyle. I'm a dependable writer and editor with 8 years of freelance writing experience including 5 years of agency experience. I'm fully dedicated to creating the type of content people want to read, save, and share.

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Derrick Riches

Technical and creative writer specializing in food and the outdoor industry including cooking instruction, product reviews, industry reports, consulting, and product development. As author of one of the most popular destinations for outdoor cooking information, he has answered thousands of questions, written hundreds of articles, and explored barbecue in its widest definition. During this time he has traveled the world, grilled on almost every conceivably kind of cooking equipment, and judged the best barbecue in the world.

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Camille Perkins

Cammy is a freelance writer, Spanish bilingual, nature and animal lover, knitter and artist. She has experience with product descriptions, writing SEO content, and blog posts. Her favorite subjects include art, fitness, entertainment, cooking, animals, hospitality, and travel. In her spare time she enjoys walking, weight training, swimming, being in the outdoors (camping, hiking, walking on nature trails, etc.) traveling, animals, cooking and reading.

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Danielle Antosz

Danielle is a writer and content developer. She helps companies develop all types of content including blog posts, ebooks, white papers, case studies, and more.

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Jim Burch

As a full-time Content Product for PetSmart Inc., I write for's Learning Center, the PetSmart mobile app, video scripts, and social media promotions. I have nearly 10 years of writing experience in journalism, pet retail, health and wellness, and the outdoors.

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Rachel Rieger

Rachel has an extensive background in writing for many disciplines. She has experience in the fields of health and wellness, home improvement, communication studies, current events, and much more. Having worked as a peer tutor at The College of Wooster's Writing Center, Rachel is also adept at editing, especially in APA and MLA formats.

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Chad Buleen

Award-winning journalist. Strategist. Digital media enthusiast. Father of four.

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Kevin Sutton

I'm intrigued by humans and our sometimes extraordinary, sometimes hapless journey through life. I'm a trained yoga teacher, photographer, and writer. Philosophy is a main focus of my life, and metacognition is one of my favorite subjects.

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David Malcom

I have seven years experience as a finance and business writer. I have worked for small and large companies for the last 4 years in different job position until I quit to focus on freelancing full-time. In my 5 years as an expert freelancer, I have helped dozens of businesses improve their business prospects by creating new SEO friendly content and improving their writing. I have created web pages, white papers, blog posts, descriptions, postcards, brochures, online ads, etc.

Lauren B. Stevens

I'm Lauren B. Stevens, an award-winning writer, and editor. I have an extensive background in blog content management and use my writing and editing skills to help businesses reach their target audience through compelling, conversational, on-topic blog posts and articles.

Ashley Cummings

I am a freelance writer, avid traveler, and lover of all things marketing.

Jessica Weiss Levin

Professional content marketer with 7+ years of corporate blogging experience. Experienced corporate blogger with expertise writing for both B2B and B2C audiences. I also have extensive experience in healthcare and dental care, having worked in content marketing for several healthcare companies in-house.

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What should a writer consider most when crafting product descriptions?

Your goods and services must stand out above the rest. A professional product description writer will learn, finesse and polish the details that make your products unique for the world to admire. Quality product descriptions lead to sales, so it's best to hire someone who's in-the-know about SEO strategies, conversational language and audience targeting, all with a flair for words.

They are descriptive.

When consumers make decisions, they rely on catchy, helpful text to inform their choices. The must-have specs, stats and qualifiers of each product truly shine on a well-crafted product description. Cookie-cutter manufactured blurbs are out. Original, insightful content is in when selling online.

They are creative.

Let's be honest: Not all products are inherently intriguing or sexy to write about. Whether you're selling car batteries or insurance services, a product description writer will bring value to the potential consumer by helping them understand how the item will mitigate their key pain points. Descriptions are more than a sentence of details. They're soft sales pitches that entice readers to click that add-to-cart button.

They are comprehensive.

The last thing you want your online shoppers to feel is confused about a potential purchase. Professional product descriptions should be all-encompassing. For some online retailers, this may include the creation of text, video, photography and guides to help the consumer envision themselves using the product.

What are the notable trends in product descriptions?

Personality is key. Whether you're promoting original products or are an e-commerce re-seller, the language of your product descriptions needs to sound authentic and relatable to your core audiences. Although SEO is a cornerstone of content marketing, don't be surprised if native language trumps a perfectly crafted keyword phrase when it comes to product description copy.

Explore voice and tone.

"Last year, companies were happy to include short keywords or common keywords but companies are no longer afraid to use their own voice and use unique long-tail keywords that are more specific to the tone of their brand. Also, the tone of many product descriptions is now changing to include companies new environmentally friendly/social enterprise branding."

Rebecca Hammond, Marketing and SEO Copywriter
Focus on benefits.

"Brands are focusing less on trying to meet a specific keyword density and more on appealing to shoppers. It's no longer just about getting discovered in search results, but about enticing people through experiences. So rather than simply listing the product features, we're presenting how those features can enhance the customer's life."

Jacqueline Zote, B2B Marketing Writer

Who has wonderful product descriptions?

Jeans and western wear mainstay Wrangler know how to make a shopper feel at ease in their denim, before they've even slipped on a pair. Their product descriptions get straight to the heart of what consumers want to know and worry about. Phrases like "hug you through the seat and thighs" and "figure-flattering" help readers know whether they're making a choice that fits.

Great product descriptions include witty prose, but they also need to be chock full of details to help buyers make the right decisions. Enter Keurig. The coffee maker company goes above and beyond on their website with narrative copy, bullet-point lists of key product features, a list of individual product specs, links to product user guides and even icon-based product highlights perfect for shoppers who skim. Yes, that's all within the product description tab!

Secrets From a Product Description Writer

"My brand clients and I know that what's standing between them and a sale is quality information regarding their products. For each production description I craft, I try to put myself in the buyer's shoes. What would I want to know about this? How will it help me? What do I need to read to put this item in my shopping cart? Keeping the text relatable and conversational with ample details wins every time."

Anonymous Product Description Writer

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