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Ben Beck

With over ten years marketing technology experience, my writing will bring you more site visitors and conversions.

Angela Tague

Angela Tague writes SEO web marketing content for major brands including Tom's of Maine, Lowe's Home Improvement and Purina.

Stacy Jackson

Stacy Jackson is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for helping clients optimize their online presence to drive awareness and leads.

Dahna Chandler

I'm a whole-brain thinking, experienced professional communicator and award-winning business and finance journalist with business acumen and marketing fluency.

Lori Hil

Lori is a Business to Millennial writer and Forbes Contributor. She specializes in productivity, online business, entrepreneurship, social media and content marketing.

Deevra Norling

I settled into content writing but am also comfortable writing press releases, journalism and news articles, magazine articles, and sales and marketing copy.

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Got brainstorm burnout? When you access our Talent Network, you'll connect with great talent and original ideas.

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Our Current Talent Roles


Why you need them?

Storytelling is an art. Writers help tell your story so you can relate to your audience and engage them.

What they do
  • Tell your brand's story
  • Follow instructions set by the client
  • Research topics and find sources
  • Reach out to and interview experts


Why you need them?

Editors manage more than words, deadlines and talent. As gatekeepers of content quality, they also help manage your credibility.

What they do
  • Oversee direction, execution and quality of content
  • Manage talent, assignments, calendars and budgets
  • Develop relationships with credible sources
  • Provide feedback to talent, review and copy edit
  • Communicate with key stakeholders

Copy Editors

Why you need them?

Even the best writers need a fresh set of eyes on their copy. Copy editors help protect you from embarrassing mistakes.

What they do
  • Review copy for readability
  • Fix grammatical errors, typos, bad links, etc.
  • Fact-check and remove inaccuracies
  • Properly cite or credit any referenced materials

Content Strategist

Why you need them?

Content strategists help align content with your vision. They help you choose the right medium and tools to meet your goals.

What they do
  • Create a content plan
  • Perform competitive and gap analysis
  • Inform content needs to achieve defined goals
  • Develop concepts for SEO and conversion
  • Optimize for distribution channels


Why you need them?

Not all great leaders are great writers. Ghostwriters help tell your story when you don't have the time or knack for writing yourself.

What they do
  • Write under someone else's byline
  • Work to convey the client's voice
  • Follow outlines set by a client


Why you need them?

Designers help you tackle the visual context and elements to make content pop.

What they do
  • Create original images and multimedia assets
  • Transform copy and data into compelling visuals
  • Maintain your brand's style


“Access to the 2000+ content writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences helps to bolster our content production, particularly in niche or technical areas.”
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“ClearVoice is designed for scaling content production and they make it easy. Simple workflow. Great talent network. Team-friendly platform.”
“I love this platform. No more uploading and downloading docs; no more 'version 1, version 2, version 3;" no more searching for related email conversations. It's all in one platform. Oh! No more dealing with freelancer invoices, either. Click 'approve,' and your writer is paid via PayPal.”

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