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Eric Mack

Technology, science, travel, men's lifestyle, politics, and humor. Journalist, writer, podcaster, radio producer, adventurer, dad. / CNET, Forbes, Inc., Gizmag, NPR, more.

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Lynn Walford

As a freelance writer and editor, I cover the best newest technology and make it easy to understand. Currently my focus is automotive and other technology. I ghostwrite and create native advertising for automotive startups as well as major media outlets. I'm a regular contributor to nationally syndicated Motor Matters. I've written about autonomous cars for USA Today Get Creative and insurance telematics.

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Max Buondonno

I own a website where we write about new technologies and reviews on smartphones, laptops, etc called Matridox, established in 2015. I'm a hard-working freelancer who's been working for a few months now. I've received high amounts of praise from clients for my timely submissoins of assignments, can-do attitude, and high-quality content.

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Emily Price

I'm a full-time tech and travel writer based in San Francisco, California. My work has appeared places like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, Esquire, Glamour, The SF Chronicle, and Mashable.

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Kashyap Vyas

Kashyap Vyas is a seasoned writer and a digital marketing professional, developing audience-specific content relevant to the brand's voice and objectives. Having published viral content across leading science and technology magazines, he also writes news for magazines, thought leadership articles for businesses and professional write-ups for websites.

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Benjamin Vitaris

I transform hardcore technical content into flawless, easy-to-digest copy. If you think my content will need Google Translate, Merriam Webster, or even the Urban Dictionary for readers to understand, you are wrong. My first, utmost priority is to produce user-friendly copy that reads well for everyone on this planet who has a basic knowledge of the language I use for writing. A voice in my head always tells me: "I have to transform this hardcore technical stuff into a flawless, easy-to-digest copy!"

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Kaitlin Morrison

I'm a Seattle-area freelance writer specializing in tech articles, blog posts, and marketing copy. Please see my "Highly Technical" samples section for long form, more technical stuff.

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Freedom Ahn

My clients are finance & technology brands who don't have the time or energy to keep up on content marketing best practices. They know the value of SEO and, but don't want to take time away from growing their business & serving their clients.

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Kelsey Jones

Digital marketing, technology, and business writer focused on actionable advice. Kelsey Jones is a writer and digital marketing consultant, specializing in content-driven strategy that can increase engagement and traffic.

Alexandru Chiuariu

I'm a geek standing at the crossroads of technology and marketing. My areas of expertise include copywriting, content strategy and management, social media marketing and management, as well as SEO.

Dalmas Ngetich

Blockchain cryptocurrency news writer and technical analyst. I also pay special attention to comparative analysis between different countries, financial instruments and different market segments given the interconnection between different financial instruments.

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