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Top Legal Writers

Paige Totaro

A lawyer by training, Paige was a founder of Unquote Travel and Misra Records, a founding board member of Transformer in Washington, DC, and a longtime board member and director of Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts.

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Maia Enriquez

Marione Enriquez is junior copywriter for a marketing company and a regular contributing writer for Thought Catalog, Connected Women, and Entity Magazine. She writes articles about a variety of topics including healthcare, law, cybersecurity, technology, and literature.

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Jenny Villier

Legal writer and editor, content strategist.

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Stefan Stankovic

Stefan is a part-time crypto writer and full-time podcast addict. He holds a master's degree in Commercial Law with a graduate thesis in cryptocurrency regulation. He spends his free time lawyering around the block and lifting heavy objects off the ground. With his mind.

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Mariam Tsaturyan

I am Mariam. By profession, I am an attorney. My field involves a lot of writing and fact-checking. Therefore, writing pieces that are full of detail and accurate facts is second nature to me. I am a Content Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy.

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Valerie Fulton

Valerie Fulton is a writer and editor with over 20 years' experience working in the field of higher education, where she has perfected an authoritative voice, keen research skills, and the ability to translate difficult concepts into compelling narratives.

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Stephen Leon

Stephen Leon writes about law, arts and music, finance, health, politics, food, and grammar. He also is an editor of academic books, memoirs, and magazine articles, as well as a teacher and college essay coach.

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Lee Hall

Lee founded Content Elf in 2017 to offer content writing for professionals and their websites. With two law degrees (general and environmental), Lee is a lawyer admitted to the Maryland Bar. Lee's style suits a diverse legal and marketing clientele.

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Kris Wouk

From 2012 through 2013, I wrote short news posts as well as lengthier mobile phone reviews and how-to pieces for Android Authority. Following this, I moved to Android Authority sister site Sound Guys to write similar posts around home audio gear like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. I contributed 1000+ word articles as well as video content for the site through 2016. In 2015 I began freelancing for Digital Trends, starting with 300-500 word news pieces, before moving exclusively to their A/V team for news, longer features, and reviews.

Mitesh Shah

I have over 11 years of experience in public relations and content management having serviced clients ranging from large conglomerates to start-ups. I have managed B2B and CSR mandates across a a wide spectrum of domains including technology, entrepreneurship, healthcare, sustainability and media & entertainment. My strength lies in understanding varied and complex subjects through in-depth research, and crafting compelling narratives for relevant stakeholders in a given context.

Richard Keller

I am a professional writer. It started with my first stringer reporting job at the age of 16. In the 35 years since I have produced articles and blogs for numerous industries on a variety of platforms.

Brandi Fleeks

Brandi is a published author and freelance writer who specializes in healthcare, medical and wellness topics.

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What makes a good legal writer?

As part of the technical writing sphere, legal writers are wordsmiths, sure — but they’re also translators. Considering much of their line of work requires breaking down complicated, information-heavy content and making it digestible for the general consumer. From penning blogs for the websites of influential lawyers and firms to reporting content for magazines about meaningful, impactful cases and rulings, legal writings have an important responsibility in news, legislation and the development of various industries.

Depending on the topic, every writer engages a different part of their brain. While creative scribbling may feel lighthearted and free-flowing, legal writers are often tasked with arduous task of sifting through thick piles of transcripts and research as they piece together their latest blog or story. To make a name for yourself in this field, there are some skills that are vital to master:

They pay attention to detail.

Writer and co-director of Legal Writers, Rakhee Ghelani explains legal writing is more than just understanding the law. Rather, a trusted reporter is married to the details, and able to sort through them, fact check them and digest them in a way that makes sense. Especially when you are depicting events that are often public record, missing the mark or making a mistake can have grave consequences not only for the writer, but for the editor and the reputation of a publication.

They study terminology.

Co-director of Legal Writers, Tanya Ashworth-Keppel says most people are fascinated by the court system, as evidenced by the plethora of legal dramas. While these are addictive to watch, legal writing isn’t always as fun. Since lawyers understands the nuances of law and legislation, it’s part of the gig for a legal writer to do the same. Knowing keywords, history and various laws add color and expertise to their writing.

They write for the reader.

Who reads legal writing? Lots of people, according to Ashworth-Keppel. From lawyers who stay updated on their industry news to the general public who has an innate curiosity about certain widespread cases, Ashworth-Keppel says a strong legal writer always keeps his or her reader in mind. This means having clear language, and well, a captivating approach. As she puts it, “We turn that into something that's not just comprehensible, but interesting and exciting.”

What are the latest trends in legal writing?

No matter what type of journalist you’ve pegged yourself to be, staying updated on changes within your speciality ensure you remain relevant and keep getting assignments. While it might take quite some time for laws to processes or reversed, the field of legal writing is always evolving. Here, a few trends that pros in the ClearVoice Talent Network predict:

Technology and globalization will play a greater role.

"As the legal industry starts to embrace technology, legal writing will need to be incorporated into new platforms and mediums. While the law has traditionally been local, as networks and business are increasingly global it means that legal issues are also becoming global. This has the potential to expand the role of the legal writer beyond their local jurisdiction."

Rakhee Ghelani, Legal and Business Writer
Write for consumers, not lawyers.

"Lawyers are used to writing for other lawyers, or judges, or industry journals. While that remains a core component of legal writing, there's a shift to writing for the consumer as firms realize the value of content marketing. To do that effectively, you need to know what your clients — or potential clients — want to read. Smart firms are using data and analytics to build up a picture of their clients, so that they can tailor their content directly to the right audience."

Tanya Ashworth-Keppel, Legal and Finance Writer

Who does legal writing really well?

Especially with the modern approach to business development, many firms host their own blog to iterate industry news to consumers and others in their field. But for a look at who is successful and top in class in reporting, there are some publications who just get it right. One is The American Lawyer, which is known for creating rankings that many lawyers aspire to be part of. They also cover tons of topics—from corporate law and technology to management, big deals, lawsuits and more. Another trusted source is Law Practice Magazine, which focuses on trends, developments and key players in various demographics and regions.

Secrets from a Legal Writer

"While I'd never recommend cracking a gag at your client's expense, I do think that showing a sense of humour helps to humanize lawyers. The ability to inject personality into an article is invaluable, and really adds value to the service you're offering your clients."

Anonymous Legal Writer

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