Content marketing with the boundaries pushed. We are about refined content, about connecting brands with creators who can be their voices. We are about stories and the people behind those stories.

We are tech with personality, a platform and services team to facilitate and streamline strategy, discovery, development, and distribution. Though we are scalable, we want our clients to know us by first name and vice versa.

We are interested in the larger world around us, and engaged in our immediate community within the office.

Every day, we check our egos at the door because we want to be better than we were yesterday -- to create content and refine our technology as people of substance for people of substance.

Who are the people at ClearVoice?

Our Team

  • Jay Swansson


  • Joe Griffin


  • Anita Malik

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Adam Ross

    VP, Sales

  • Ethan DeYoung

    VP, Demand Generation

  • Pragya Tandon

    VP, Finance

  • Jeff Nappi

    VP, Technology

  • Mike Bernardez

    VP, Engineering

  • Robb Dorr

    VP, UI


“Sites like ClearVoice help brainstorm content and track competition.”

“ClearVoice is a complete content-marketing ecosystem.”

“ClearVoice… is basically a Klout for digital journalists.”

“If you’re at the beginning or your content marketing journey and you need to find some great writers, this is the way to do it.”
Huffington Post

“ClearVoice…covering everything from posting the ‘job listing’ to paying the content writer, with a little project management mixed in.”