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Brands and Agencies That Depend on ClearVoice

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How It Works

Our content marketing platform is like a playground for content people, where brands can outsource fully managed content creation to vetted freelance teams.

ClearVoice content marketing platform with talent network for brands

For Brands

Create better content with vetted, fully managed teams of freelancers in 200+ business categories.

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ClearVoice content marketing platform with talent network for agencies to manage clients

For Agencies

Manage unlimited clients, campaigns, content, as well as in-house or freelance teams — in one place.

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ClearVoice content marketing platform for freelancers

For Freelancers

Find work that's worth your while. Pitch to growing brands, find quality assignments and get paid quickly.

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Simplify All of Your Content Creation With ClearVoice

ClearVoice vetted freelancers for better content

Vetted Talent Network

Create better content with quality, managed talent to fill any industry, niche or scope.

ClearVoice on-demand workforce for collaboration

Limitless Freelance Teams

Collaborate with flexible, managed freelance teams in 200+ business categories.

ClearVoice team-friendly automated workflow

Team-Friendly Platform

Enjoy an automated workflow designed to help in-house teams and freelancers join forces.

ClearVoice easy-to-use tools for content creation

Expert Collaboration Tools

Scale quickly with technology designed to make content production as easy as possible.

ClearVoice dashboards and calendars to see your teams and content

Dashboards and Calendars

See all your teams, content, activity, progress, approvals and funds at a glance.

ClearVoice integrations with WordPress and HubSpot for publishing content

Integrations and Direct Publishing

Integrate with WordPress, HubSpot, PayPal and more.

ClearVoice assignments and writer pitches

Assignments and Pitches

Expedite assignments with writer pitching, collaborative editing, in-app messaging and more.

ClearVoice campaigns and personas for better content strategy

Campaigns and Personas

Relay brand guidelines, campaigns and personas to sharpen strategy.

Major Content Projects to Enterprise Scale

Get Fully Managed Content

Achieve More With ClearVoice

Easier workflow. Better freelancers. Greater returns.

ClearVoice content marketing platform to increase volume of leads 187%
Avg. Increase in Leads
ClearVoice to increase content production 53%
Avg. Increase in Content Production
ClearVoice talent network of over 4,000 vetted freelancers 4,000+
Vetted Freelancers


Jay Baer from Convince & Convert
Heidi Wallis from Esurance
John R. Schulenburg from Intuit
Chris Rocha from Cabela's
Matt Osborn from Apruve
Jay Baer from Convince & Convert
“ClearVoice is designed for scaling content production and they make it easy. Simple workflow. Great talent network. Team-friendly platform.”
Heidi Wallis from Esurance
“Immediate access to great content!”
John R. Schulenburg from Intuit
“ClearVoice is ultimately a platform that can be leveraged in different ways depending on your needs, which makes it incredibly valuable to any team focused on content marketing.”
Chris Rocha from Cabela's
“We're able to collaborate on concepts, review drafts, approve copy and creative all from within the platform. ClearVoice also has an impressive roster of influencers and relevant content creators that help us get the right voices behind our content.”
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Matt Osborn from Apruve
“We're blogging five times a week, adding up to 20 hours (4 hours X 5 days) if we did it ourselves. With ClearVoice, I can handle the content generation and management in just 2.5 hours, saving us 17.5 hours a week!”
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