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How It Works

A Comprehensive Solution

World-class workflow tools foster collaboration and real-time discovery. Plan, recruit, produce, and measure in a single channel to optimize your campaigns.

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  • Measure


Organize and plan content across all assets—owned, shared, paid and earned. Shift content priorities on the fly and communicate across teams.

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Identify, contract, rate and pay top talent within a single workflow with the upcoming addition of the ClearVoice marketplace.

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Create assignments, request revisions and approve and share content—all within a flexible, mobile environment.

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Manage and measure team performance to help refine campaign teams. Plus, track content reach to inform future strategy.

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Client Experience

Content Insights

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"Content is really important these days, and writers are critical to this. And I love the fact that you are bringing writers and publishers together or writers and perhaps project originators."
- David Amerland
"...How authoritative are they in their areas? What do people think about them? These are things that are important in the real world. They are going to be increasingly important in the world of search in the years to come. I have a very vital interest in this and what ClearVoice is doing."
- Mark Traphagen
"Having a tool like this for writers is actually brilliant because it allows them to establish their expectations of authority in incredibly competitive field. I think that’s actually brilliant because then we can start seeing who produces what content, how that content resonates, which is great for writers per se but it is also great for content creators and those who might possibly want to engage them and engage the services."
- Eric Enge

We Love Writers!

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