The ClearVoice Content Creation Platform

How do we help you scale your content creation?
We leverage our proprietary content creation platform and workflows developed from producing tens of thousands of content pieces over the past decade.

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ClearVoice's Content Platform Makes Content Easy

We not only understand content, we built a content workflow platform to produce it. Our technology team is creating the future of content collaboration for blended in-house, managed, and freelance teams.

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Explore All the ClearVoice Content Platform Has to Offer


Keep tabs on assignment revision history and activity, plus team, or client approvals.

Assignment Followers

Let team members, whether in-house or freelance, follow and track specific assignments.

Assignment Statuses

See the statuses of assignments at a glance, in a list or calendar view.

Automated Payments

Pay freelancers faster. No invoices, tax forms, or admin delays.

Brand Guidelines

Create guidelines, notes, and add attachments that accompany all assignments.


Create campaigns to organize content how you want. Settings flow into assignments.

Copyscape Integration

Get Copyscape alerts for any assignment submissions flagged for potential plagiarism.

CV Portfolios

View work samples, message freelancers, request pitches, or send assignments directly from freelancers' CV Portfolios.

Editorial Guidelines

Create or attach editorial guidelines that accompany your assignments.

Financial Tracking

Manage budgets. Generate and export reports by client, date, or campaign.

Freelancer Pitching

Invite freelancers to pitch ideas directly to you and quickly turn them into assignments.

Freelancer Ratings

Leverage accountability. Rate freelancers on several factors after each assignment.


Pre-fill your Content Calendar with preliminary ideation generated by freelance writers and editors.

Integrated Publishing

Integrate our accessible API with WordPress, HubSpot, Contentstack, and other CMS platforms.

Send to Teams

Offer first-come, first-served assignments to teams or freelancers like a casting call.

Perfect for Brands and for Agencies with Multiple Clients.

With ClearVoice’s content workflow platform, you can scale your agency’s offering without hiring in-house.

Use content platform to globally manage clients

Globally manage unlimited clients and client teams

Use content platform to recruit freelancers

Recruit and manage freelancers content creators for each client

Use content platform to track campaigns

Track campaigns and content production from the overview dashboard

Use content platform for brand profiles

Manage brand profiles, personas, and editorial guidelines

Use content platform to directly publish content

Directly publish content to your client's content management system

Use content platform to instantly pay writers

Instantly pay writers with a single click

Ready to Enhance Your Content Production?

Scale up your current content creation and hire freelancers for your content marketing all within ClearVoice’s content platform.

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