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With ClearVoice, you get a content partner with flexible solutions that meet your needs. Explore our plans — tailored for your business so you only pay for the content and resources you need, when you need them.

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Get the benefits of our Subscription Content Production, but only when you need it. It’s a team on standby for your content needs.

Perfect for brands who:

  • Need content at unpredictable intervals.
  • Benefit vetted freelance creators on stand-by.
  • Need additional support for projects requiring scale.


CV Project Team
Content Production:
As Needed
Managed by ClearVoice
Annual Fee + Production Costs
Cost: $ - $$$


Access the ClearVoice Talent Network and workflow features to do it yourself, beginning to end in our content platform.

Perfect for brands who:

  • Want access to a network of vetted freelancer talent.
  • Could use an easy-to-use content workflow platform.
  • Have time and resources to manage content production.


CV Project Team
Content Production:
Managed by You
Monthly Fee +
Content Costs
Cost: $


Enhance your marketing team with fractional resources that fill in-house gaps and flex into different functions based on your marketing needs.

Perfect for brands who:

  • Have content needs that shift month-to-month.
  • Produce various content types for the company.
  • Require integration between freelancers and the brand.


No CV Team
Content Production:
Monthly, Variable
Managed with You
by ClearVoice
Monthly Fee
(Minimum Requirements)
Cost: $$$$

What Our Customers Say

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“ClearVoice has an impressive roster of influencers and relevant content creators who help us get the right voices and amplification behind our content.”

Chris Rocha
Former Sr. Manager Digital Marketing
Jerome's Furniture

"ClearVoice consistently provides Jerome's with high-quality, relevant content."

Brian Woods

"Partnering with ClearVoice has allowed us to increase our thought-leadership content and has equipped us with a larger team. It’s like having an extra limb."

Kelsey Walker
Content Strategist

"ClearVoice allowed me to scale my dream."

Seema Kumar
Founder / CEO

"In the time I was working with ClearVoice, I was impressed that it was such a collaborative process. That I could be as involved — or as uninvolved — as I wanted to be."

Summer Interior
Marketing Specialist

"I expect revenue to more than double this year because of our ability to use the ClearVoice tool, the reliability of the writers, the quality of the content, the turnaround time and the ability for us to put timelines on things that we know work"

Elle Eyre-Winter
Product Manager, Engagement