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ClearVoice’s expert business writers elevate your brand with compelling, data-driven storytelling. Combining our managed content creation with the industry’s top B2B writers provides quality content every time.

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How a Top Business Writer Supports Your Goals

Technology, remote work, and economics have transformed how business is conducted. Since the pandemic, content usage has increased by 207%, making it essential to have high-quality business writers for your brand.

Great B2B content writers have first-hand knowledge and experience that allows them to establish authority with a business-savvy audience. And they’re skilled at making data-driven, complex topics engaging and entertaining.

Whether they’re a business writer crafting company top-of-funnel content or a B2B writer penning authoritative newsletters, freelance business writers translate executive advice to the consumer level. Then, they provide business solutions in a persuasive way that can drive leads and conversions.

At ClearVoice, we understand how important it is to find expert, proven business writers to elevate your brand. Our content creation solutions help you maximize and optimize your business’s content production.

What Makes a Good Business Writer?

The best business writers balance sophisticated business concepts with digestible, everyday language. They speak with depth but also clarity. Due to people’s ongoing, daily interactions with businesses, it’s essential to make your content accessible while establishing thought leadership.

B2B writers not only adhere to your brand’s guidelines but also have the versatility to modify their tone for different audience segments.

Great business writer
Business writer industry knowledge

They have deep industry knowledge.

Business writers are skilled at reading the current landscape and predicting trends and innovations. Plus, having business experience themselves means B2B writers can speak personally about the unique challenges and pain points within the business industry.
Business writer are ethical

They are ethical.

A great B2B content writer has a high level of passion for their work, but they can also set themselves apart from the source. They can interview and research a business without bias while crafting a thought-provoking and accurate piece. Great business writers also act as an extension of your brand and always maintain professionalism.
Business writer know audience

They know their audience.

The best business writers understand that knowing an audience is crucial to providing content that deeply resonates with them. B2B writers ensure the content reflects specific knowledge and expertise while captivating your audience.
Business writer that is a top-tier freelancer

Our proven freelancers for hire have an array of expertise in a wide range of businesses, such as:

  • eCommerce

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Hospitality

  • Transportation

  • Media & Entertainment

  • …and more!

With that wealth of experience, they create content that speaks to the nuances of each field through capturing pain points and offering solutions.

Are you a freelance business writer? Find out more about freelancing with ClearVoice.

Brands that Trust ClearVoice

What ClearVoice Looks for in a Business Writer

Finding and vetting the right B2B content writers for your business can take months. That’s a lot of valuable time you could spend on higher-level strategy.

At ClearVoice, our proprietary talent discovery engine (powered by Machine Learning), VoiceGraph™, aggregates expert, proven business writers across the Web. Our talent managers then manually vet every B2B freelance writer who enters our network, confirming their credentials, skill set, and availability for new projects.

So, instead of searching for freelance business writers, you’re free to focus on other priorities.

Business writer that ClearVoice approves

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Julia Taylor
Julia Taylor

Writer and content strategist who brings storytelling techniques to business content. Erin…

Erin Ollila
Erin Ollila

Work with Top Business Writers, Managed by ClearVoice

If you’re ready to start telling your company’s story with expert business writers, we’re here to help. At ClearVoice, our managed content creation solutions cover you from strategy to ideation to content distribution and with top, seasoned B2B writers to produce top-tier content.


Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the above, a good business writer has first-hand knowledge and experience that allows them to establish trust and authority with a business-savvy audience. They convery concepts using deep analysis that translates jargon into everyday language.

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on our vast Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries. Your ClearVoice Talent Manager will search that network to ensure you’re matched with a business writer that fits your project’s budget and needs.

The ClearVoice Talent Network has a thorough application process to vet freelancers seeking to work with ClearVoice.

To be considered complete, each CV Portfolio requires:

  • A minimum of six work samples, including published work
  • Explicit areas of expertise
  • Verified proof of identity

Then, the portfolio is reviewed by the ClearVoice Talent Team for approval before the freelancer is admitted to the Talent Network.

It depends on what your project needs. If you need to create content quickly and don’t want to spend time finding and vetting business writers, your best bet is to use an experienced freelance business writer to help achieve your goals. Ready to discuss? Click here to talk to our team.

At ClearVoice, we provide content solutions to meet various marketing needs. Our Subscription solution is perfect for brands that need consistent content to fill their marketing pipeline, while our On-Demand offering is great for businesses that need content at inconsistent intervals. Finally, our Flex solution helps fill your content and resource gaps with fractional team members who flex into gaps in your marketing team. Discover which plan is right for you.