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Charlene Anderson

Hey, I'm Charlene. Get effective, expertly written case studies and white papers to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and bump up your sales. Case studies and white papers hold a tremendous amount of value for any company. They can help to generate leads, attract attention, and position your company as an authority.

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Graeme Boulton

Author of case studies, white papers, bid responses, executive summaries, blogs. Business acumen, leadership development and digital strategy are my expertise. With a strong sense of empathy, I have a unique ability to personalize content to add significant value to your strategy focusing on your clients and market.

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Miranda Brumbaugh

Creative non-fiction web content writing specialist ready to write your next case study or business blog post. Miranda Brumbaugh has been working in the web content writing industry as a full-time freelancer since 2008. Today she has written more than 4.5 million words, paid for by business clients ranging from truck driver recruitment sites to popular travel sites like Matador Network and USA Today.

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David Posin

Research is the most compelling factor of any writing assignment. David enjoys learning new concepts and presenting them in compelling ways. He believes understanding is the most productive way to write excellent content.

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Elissa Gilbert

Information technology specialist and world traveler. I never stopped playing with words during my programming years. I wrote short stories and scripts in my spare time, collecting rejection slips and a few published credits along the way. Today, I focus on delivering documents that communicate my clients' message.

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Kara Vogel

For all your business writing needs - case studies, blog posts, newsletters, brochures, website copy, and more.

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Elizabeth Trach

I hold a master's degree in English and creative writing. In addition to writing short fiction and poetry, I'm also an accomplished academic writer, and these skills serve me well in research projects and white papers. My ability to craft a well-turned metaphor also sets apart my commercial writing, so if you're looking for something more enduring than basic, SEO-driven drivel, we should talk.

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Meena Azzollini

My expertise is in-depth research on the topic. This means that I use precision research skills of exploring, evaluating and extracting relevant valuable information. This helps me write copy with fluency and accuracy of information and create evidence-based copy relevant for your business. I make my objective to understand the processes, goals, and objectives of the businesses I work for which helps to create content that delivers the right message to their right audience at the right time.

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Stefanie Williams

I have a range of writing experience from newspaper articles to blog posts and web content. I thrive working as part of a collaborative team and strive for excellence on all my projects. I'm a freelance copywriter with a background in communications, early childhood education, and the legal field (personal injury, family law, and real estate).

Frederick Reese

Frederick Reese is a data journalist and politics analyst with more than 15 years' freelance and staff writing experience. Frederick is a research writer, specializing in providing well-sourced "360 degree" articles and explainers that break down complicated issues and cover all sides of a story.

Livia Formisani

Multilingual Freelance Journalist and Writer. Contributing Editor for American Express Essentials, Overture, ENI (in English), Expedia D´┐Żcouvertes (in French) and Babbel Magazine (in Italian). Former Managing Editor of a multilingual BMW publication and EMEA Content Manager at Microsoft Germany. Livia writes about Culture, Science and Technology in English, French, German and Italian.

Rachel Morey

I am a full-time freelance writer with ten years of experience in the areas of insurance, personal finance, credit management, and automotive content.

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