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Top Infographic Designers

Morgan Titcher

I'm a creative content specialist with experience in nearly every medium and a storytelling background developed in the entertainment industry. I bring this creative framework with me in all endeavors, seeking innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Sarah Barendse

Writing and design are my passions. I love what I do, and I do it well. I consider myself a visual translationist (and yes, I know translationist isn't a "real" word). I take your ideas and get them to paper or screen where others can see or read them. You could very well be looking for me!

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Edward Adams

I wear a lot of hats as a designer, writer, and web producer. Its my goal to be creative, inspiring, and always strive for excellence no matter how big or small the project.

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Kimberly Mak

Kimberly Mak is an illustrator/designer creating thoughtful art inspired by playful and mundane daily experiences. She enjoys visual storytelling with thoughtful and complex data, turning them into human-centered infographics. Kimberly is a firm believer in empowering people through creativity by exploring the world of visual thinking.

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Anthony Ferrara

Phoenix based designer with 10 years freelance experience.

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Javi O'Neill

Graduate graphic designer and animator with over 15 years of experience. I love creating animated videos, branding, packaging, book and album covers as well as web designs.

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Heather Morton

I am a Phoenix native devoted to creating memorable designs. My right brain and left brain work effectively to stay organized and creative. I am fluent in English and sarcasm. I have a passion for performing improv.

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Caroline Leopold

Caroline Leopold helps brands engage audiences with candid and friendly dialogue. She melds words with code to create pleasing websites and landing pages. Caroline has freelanced for agencies repping major brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Benefiber, Home Depot, Ingram Micro, and Mitsubishi.

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Laura Martinez

I'm a Principal Product Designer working in a startup incubator. I thrive in delivering end to end product design and turning complex user problems into iterative design solutions. My process is rooted in various Design Thinking methods to deliver constant innovation. My goal is to deliver Human-Centered Machine Learning in this product.

Sarah Sertic

Creative content and commercial photography designer. Sarah Sertic is a dedicated commerical food photographer who has worked in a variety of different stages with in food service industry. She has worked with farmers markets, restaurants, caterers, and even cottage industry professionals to deliver content for their social media, online media campaigns, as well as focused offline traditional print advertising.

Jeannine Thompson

ve been designing for ten years, and have worked in a wide variety of niches and fields. I originally started out designing website layouts, then moved into landing pages for marketers such as Shawn Casey and Travis Stephenson. Now, I'm well versed in advertising design, graphics, ebooks, infographics, and more.

Michaela Salacinski

My passion for beauty, wellness and lifestyle has led me to become a well-versed freelance writer in these niches in particular. However, my adaptable nature means that I am able to research and learn about many other topics to craft solid content. I ensure that I utilise basic SEO techniques in my writing and include relevant royalty-free imagery where necessary - thus producing an inviting and well-structured post that people will want to read!

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What makes an awesome infographic designer?

When creative copywriting and vibrant visuals come together, effective storytelling is the result. Professional infographic designers know this secret and hope every marketing department does too. The best designers not only listen to your content goals, but also use their skills to deliver a message with empathy, originality and impact. An infographic designer gets an A+ when the message is easy and enjoyable to consume.

They tell a story.

Infographic designers expertly integrate witty copy with eye-catching visuals to educate, inspire or teach readers something in story form. This quickly consumable content choice not only shines on websites, but also social media and in newsletters. It's truly an underrated content marketing asset that speaks to all types of audiences.

They are true artists.

In addition to creating a storyline, designers must have a flair for font styles, color choices, how to use white space and the ability to make the eyes move through a piece. This talent ensures that you get an effective infographic that keeps readers engaged while also making your branding and message memorable.

They know graphics programs.

Most marketing departments and creative teams are stretched thin. Asking your copywriter or photographer to quickly put together an infographic as a secondary task means not giving this project a full effort. A freelance infographic designer knows what works, what's trending, and how to choose the best software to meet your needs.

What are the most fantastic trends in infographics?

It's no surprise that clean, simple and direct is still in style when it comes to graphics. Viewers consume the information by scanning the imagery and reading snippets of text. When it comes to specifics, 2-D illustrations, limited color palettes, witty copywriting and addressing a specific audience create a winning visual asset.

Two-color flat graphics dominate.

"I think infographic trends are mostly flat illustrations with as much supporting data as possible. The data is typically shown with a large number and accompanied with a visual representation. A big trend I see is for a flat graphic to be two colors, one of the colors representing or taking up that percentage of the graphic to relate to the number."

Heather Morton, Graphic Designer
Stay simple and on target.

"Trends come and go. One of the classic and proven effective approaches is keeping it simple with a combo of illustrations and copywriting. There’s a lot of value in the art of copywriting, using the right words helps your infographic resonates with your target audience."

Kimberly Mak, Visual Storyteller and UX Ninja
Be a little different.

"For an infographic to be fantastic it needs to be at least a little different to other infographics. This can be an extra layer of design like interactivity or animation. On the other hand, it can be super simple like a micro infographic."

Orana Verde, Writer, Artist, and Designer

Who has wonderful infographic design?

United Way and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) make data visualization and information design look easy. Their digital assets are eye-catching, easy to consume and informative all while visually sorting and arranging intriguing data for their readers.

Global non-profit agency United Way collaborates with localized, regional and world partners to further their humanitarian missions. They understand it's difficult to communicate information about economics, childcare and health initiatives to diverse audiences, so they lean into infographics and offer the visuals as part of their corporate resources, making it easy for partners to communicate detailed topics easily.

The infographics being produced by the CDC are visually bold, information-packed and share concise vital information for health-focused consumers. The assets balance just the right amount of complex-made-simple text for quick reading with contrasting color palettes and basic graphics to keep readers engaged.

Secrets From an Infographic Designer

"Deciding which information is worthy of the snackable style of an infographic, then pairing it with original (not stock) visuals that lead the reader through a snapshot of information is when true magic happens for my infographic design clients. The secret? Editing! Unnecessary words, extraneous lines and off-brand colors often clutter otherwise effect imagery."

Anonymous Infographic Designer

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