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Brian Pittman

A driven screenwriter, journalist and marketing communications professional with a passion for writing and undying love of story, I believe in the magic of words, the power of creativity and the miracle of the collaborative process. I'm repped in TV and features writing at UTA. Recently on The Black List. As a screenwriter and surfer, I avoid left-breaking sentences and right breaking waves. No matter the size of the wave or assignment, I'm all in--navigating each challenge with style, grace and professionalism.

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Dan Hays

I currently specialize in writing promotional video scripts, to get potential clients to engage with a company's product or service. When you only have 60 seconds - 150 words - to engage a potential customer - every word has to count!

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Susan Morgan

I create scripts for brand videos, web series and online content. I write articles about media and pop culture trends. And all this time I have been writing plays, original adaptations and monologues. I moved to Chicago to repatriate and soon after, moved to sun-shining California. For almost a year, I have worked with 72 Dragons Productions, a media startup, building their brand, making all kinds of video content and heading their marketing. Now I am currently writing more web series concepts, commercials and stage plays.

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Kent Koren

Kent Koren is an award winning, Brooklyn based copy writer and Creative Director; having led accounts for Canon, Verizon, Chase, Capital One and AT&T. In the real estate category, Kent was given the task of introducing the world to the new Hudson Yards, as well as residential dreamscapes hovering above the skyline. The Related Company asked me to lead my Vayner Media team to launch the social media campaign for the architectural innovation called The Vessel. We regularly maintained all of their social content as well as created various headlines, tags and hash tags for the various openings of residential and commercial building.

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Analisha Santini

I'm a freelance copywriter and comedian! If you are looking for copy that stands-out to consumers yielding results you have come to the right girl. My experience and ability to generate creative, innovative and quality content qualifies me as an ideal candidate for your business. My resiliency to bring successful ideas with minimal resources proves my capability, strength, and vision as a creative.

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Olivia Johnson

I am a multi media storyteller specializing in filmmaking, writing, and photography. I help you by creating and marketing content for your business. I currently write content about Business, entrepreneurship, videography, photography, culture, and lifestyle. I am actively looking for opportunities.

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Troy Lambert

I am an author, editor, and freelance writer who lives, works, and plays in Boise, Idaho with his wife, son, and two very talented dogs. I am passionate about business, writing, and education. Also I write fiction on the side, with over 10 novels published.

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Brady Walker

I turn data and facts into engaging, educational experiences for your customers and prospects. I specialize in long-form content (white papers, blog posts, ebooks) brand storytelling/voice development, naming hierarchies, and script writing.

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John Baglione

I am a mercenary wordsmith out of Boston.

Ray Burow

As an Independent Contract Writer, I have provided articles, blog posts, newsletters, etc., to a large client base. I am a proficient, professional interviewer-having honed my skills as a former radio broadcaster. I am uniquely prepared to write for you, having written hundreds of thousands of words, for myriad clients on varied topics and in various voices, and also as a social media specialist.

Lindsay Haskell

Lindsay Haskell is a freelance writer, who specializes in content related to business, marketing, health, fitness and beauty. After attending Wellesley College, Lindsay settled into content writing, but is also comfortable writing sales copy, press releases and product reviews. As a business and marketing content writer, she crafts compelling content for both businesses and end consumers.

Jessica Johnson

Jessica writes about health and wellness - particularly self-improvement and transformation. Based on personal experience and a graduate degree in counseling, she believes in the positive_ impact of mindfulness, slow, simple living, and practical minimalism.

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