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Anabelle Fournier

Anabelle has academic writing teaching experience as well as skills in PR, long-form content (ebooks, white papers, case studies), email-based courses, and more. Anabelle writes in a clear, engaging style and loves to help others improve their business, their home and their relationships. Whether it's Instagramming for business, dating tips, the new bedroom decor trends or the latest smart application for your home, she knows just the right advice to make your life better.

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Michael O'Dwyer

Michael's specialties lie in writing for enterprise, small business and IT audiences, as it complements his prior professional experience of more than 20 years. He writes mainly for the US market at present, although, as an Irish native, UK English is possible. He welcomes remote projects or remote contract work only and is always seeking expert sources or thought leaders to contribute to future stories.

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Britt Skrabanek

Classically trained content marketer with a brand first mentality. Absolutely devoted to SEO. Helping businesses create spellbinding content - equally loved by humans and Google robots - at Superneat Marketing.

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Marc Schenker

As a copywriter extraordinaire, I continually work with big, well-known brands like Shopify, Autodesk and Envato to boost these companies' conversions and sales through persuasive and high-quality ad writing. I can do the same for your marketing needs, whether you're a small, medium or big business.

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Gary Wollenhaupt

I'm an experienced content marketing writer, covering a wide variety of topics for blogs, white papers, case studies and articles. Clients enjoy working with me because I quickly learn their voice and messages for targeted, engaging content.

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Stacy Jackson

Stacy is a content marketing professional who helps businesses and individuals optimize their online presence through SEO, content strategy, social media, and other relevant digital marketing strategies and tactics. She's an editor and writer, and a regular contributor to various marketing blogs.

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Troy Lambert

I am an author, editor, and freelance writer who lives, works, and plays in Boise, Idaho with his wife, son, and two very talented dogs. I am passionate about business, writing, and education. Also I write fiction on the side, with over 10 novels published.

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Sandy Baker

As a published author and full-time freelance writer with 13 years of experience, I'm dedicated to building relationships and fantastic content.

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Patricia Moyer

AWAI Verified copywriter, Emmy nominee in documentary film, 20 years of experience writing across numerous industries, exellent researcher.

Amy Boyington

I specialize in helping lifestyle entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations attract their ideal audiences, generate leads, and convert sales with helpful content for their websites and blogs. In addition to blogs, I have experience creating marketing materials like infographics, whitepapers, newsletters, and emails.

Tolu Ajiboye

I'm a content writer and lawyer that's passionate about all things healthcare and human welfare.

Livia Formisani

Multilingual Freelance Journalist and Writer. Contributing Editor for American Express Essentials, Overture, ENI (in English), Expedia Découvertes (in French) and Babbel Magazine (in Italian). Former Managing Editor of a multilingual BMW publication and EMEA Content Manager at Microsoft Germany. Livia writes about Culture, Science and Technology in English, French, German and Italian.

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What should writers remember when producing white papers?

What should writers remember most when producing white papers?

White papers are cornerstone marketing assets that authoritatively report on a topic or provide actionable guidance to a specific audience. When a writer tackles this type of project, they must wield attentive research skills and a desire to fact-check the text rigorously to maintain the professionalism this type of document commands from both the client and readers.

Focus on one purpose.

Unlike a set of blog posts that play off one another within a specific vertical, a white paper has a very singular intention. This goal should be identified before writing begins and mutually agreed upon among the creatives and client representatives. As the writing process proceeds, a professional white paper writer will ensure the text aligns with the core purpose for the project.

Adhere to strict style choices.

A white paper is often a stand-alone document featuring a style of its own to differentiate its self from other content. This mean having a style guide that dictates not only writing tone and voice, but also acceptable sourcing, key talking points and audience personas are a must.

Address the correct audience.

Since white papers are often used for generating leads or as a follow-up tool to move buyers through the sales funnel, these assets are often created with a razor-focused audience in mind. Learn who they are. Professional white paper writers use language and a tone that appeals directly to the target reader's pain points and level of relationship to the topic.

What trends have you seen in white papers?

What trends have you seen in white papers?

Over the years, the intended purpose, approach to creation and ways white papers are presented has shifted. When these report-like documents first emerged, they were infrequent and often gated, being distributed only as bonus or paid content. Now they're more common and bolstering engagement and nurturing the sales cycle for businesses each week.

Be contextually and visually on-brand.

"White papers are becoming a more popular 'lead gen' tool. They are shorter than they used to be, probably a result of the shortened Internet attention span. Business owners often do not understand the information you need for a good white paper, so often it takes some time to get that information from them. Lately, I look at their website and business, and develop a questionnaire that usually solves that issue. Formatting has also become more important, and illustrations, graphs, and other visuals are more important and prominent than ever before."

Troy Lambert, Freelance Content Strategist
Integrate multiple media in white papers.

"My role in white paper creation has changed little but I have noticed some published long-form content now includes other forms such as infographics, interactive elements, audio and even video."

Michael O'Dwyer, Business and Technology Journalist
Be mindful of SEO benefits.

"I've noticed more white papers breaking out of the confines of PDFs to be implemented as full-scale HTML documents. This allows authors and businesses to tap the SEO benefits of valuable content. Another trend is breaking up lengthy white papers into multiple blog posts for a similar SEO benefit."

Sequoia Brown, Marketing Specialist and Content Writer
Who does white paper writing really well?

Who does white paper writing really well?

California computer software company Adobe, Inc. and Healthcare Finance News harness the marketing power of white papers to educate their savvy consumers and sway potential partners into a relationship. Adobe, Inc. uses white papers to present highly detailed information that would otherwise be too technical or dense for everyday blog readers or social media browsing. A few topics they tackle with an expert focus in white paper form are asset relationships, a guide to their Extensible Metadata Platform, and a developers guide to XMP for dynamic media.

White papers can also be used to launch insightful conversations and elevate a brand's authority in a particular niche. Healthcare Finance News does just that for its audience of healthcare technology decision-makers and influencers. Their medical-focused white papers drill down on approaches, concepts, analysis and reviews to give their audience insightful commentary to discuss.

Secrets From a White Paper Writer

"Brands focused on thought leadership and organic search are taking an ungated approach to some white paper content. More page one Google results now feature 2,000+ word content. Why? Lengthier, well-written, well-researched, ungated resources tend to generate backlinks. Companies can still acquire leads by gating a PDF version of the white paper for people to take with them."

Anonymous White Paper Writer

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