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Top Technical Writers

Derrick Riches

Technical and creative writer specializing in food and the outdoor industry including cooking instruction, product reviews, industry reports, consulting, and product development.

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Lynne O'Connor

Miss Lynne O'Connor is an accomplished technical marketing communications professional with a thorough understanding of content marketing, social media, community building, user interface, user experience, and instructional design methods.

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Dalmas Ngetich

Technical analyst and blockchain cryptocurrency news writer. I'm a top contributor at NewsBTC, Ethereum World News, Newconomy Media and other crypto news outlet where I PUBLISH CRYPTO LEADS EVERY TRADING DAY.

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Benjamin Vitaris

I transform hardcore technical content into flawless, easy-to-digest copy. My highly analytical research skills, as well as my expertise in a wide variety of subjects, allow me to understand even hardcore technical topics.

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Will Kelly

Will Kelly is a technical writer and analyst based in the Washington, DC area. He has worked with commercial, federal, higher education, and publishing clients to develop technical and thought leadership content. His technology articles have been published by TechBeacon, CNET TechRepublic, Network World,,, and others.

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Shane Landry

Hello, my name is Shane Landry. I am a freelance technical content writer with a degree in Applied Physics and a strong background in science and engineering. I produce engaging content for any audience, whether they have a Ph.D. or are encountering your technology for the first time.

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Minna Wang

I love the tech and startup scene - everything I do is in entrepreneurship or engineering, where my educational background lies. The combination of those two gives me a unique insight into both, like the ability to find applications for technologies beyond their previous purposes, whether it was research or an intended market, or figuring out just the right balance between too much technical jargon and enough detail to convince someone you know what you're doing.

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Ben Taylor

My specialist areas are technology, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and freelancing. Based just outside London, I'm a Microsoft and Apple certified techie and an established writer and content marketer.

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Hazel Pan

Expert Technical & Marketing Content Manager for SaaS startups. Researcher, writer, editor, & SEO content developer. I was part of an outsourced team that managed content development and online marketing for 2 tech companies (cannot disclose names due to NDA), helping to increase their online visibility with our SEO campaigns using long-form articles, ebooks, white papers, multimedia production, social media sharing, and through guest blogging, some ghostwritten and others bylined.

Ryan Quinn

Hi! I'm Ryan. I have a background stable isotope research. Now I put my research and technical writing skills towards creating authoritative content. I have six years of writing and editing experience combined with ten years of academic study. My polished technical writing can achieve the clarity, conciseness, and understandability necessary to connect with your targeted audience.

Jason McBride

Translating geek speak and technical jargon into easy to understand content that appeals both logically and emotionally. My mission is to help you find and attract the ideal prospects to your business and helping you convert those prospects into happy, paying clients and customers. I specialize in B2B technology content and copywriting for FinTech, HealthIT, and Legal Tech companies. I work with SaaS startups and established companies.

Shari Betty

I am a digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience with web development, brand strategy and online communications. My experience as a creative designer and business development consultant in the real estate, hospitality, and retail industries, has required project management leadership and the ability to integrate emerging digital platforms.

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What qualities make a good technical writer?

Think of technical writers as professional demystifiers. They take complex, highly specific information and break it down into clear, easy-to-understand content for non-technical audiences. Things like instruction manuals for medical equipment, engineering specs, software documentation, technical processes, white papers, and ebooks. Just because it’s technical doesn’t mean creativity goes out the window. Stellar technical writers still need to compel the reader to learn more and adhere to company branding and style guidelines. As technology becomes increasingly part of daily life, these writers are more in demand than ever, especially if they have these crucial talents:

They embrace structure and organization.

Technical writers are like the antidote to the brilliant physicist who sees infinity as a no-brainer but can’t explain it to his buddy. It takes a highly ordered mind to untangle a mass of mind-boggling concepts into a clear set of smaller chunks easy for anybody to understand. The key to technical documentation is structure: arranging the information so the reader can navigate it quickly to find what they need. Like the professional organizer who can see through the clutter to the orderly haven underneath, it’s about translating, distilling, downsizing, and bucketing.

They speak different levels of complicated.

Any good writer should be able to inhabit different voices and tones for different audiences. But for the technical writer, it’s vital. One need might be a consumer user manual for operating a copy machine. But they might also create the training specs for the copier support technicians who will need much more advanced knowledge. Completely different audiences and levels of detail. One requires using conversational language while the other will be packed with industry terminology.

They play well with others.

If you can find a tech writer who used to be a coder, bullseye. But most of the time these writers need to interview a lot of subject-matter experts in order to thoroughly understand and convey the subject. So it’s important to find someone who can communicate well with many different functional roles and levels, adapting their approach depending on who they’re talking to, from software engineer to machine worker, to pharmacist, to CEO.

What are the biggest trends in technical writing?

Of course, technical writing goes beyond just detailed how-to's or manuals. Today, it's more and more about translating our ever-advancing technologies into plain English, so people can better understand their relationship with technology. Some thoughts on current trends:

Cybersecurity: Privacy, please.

"Cybersecurity writing is in particular demand, and there’s an increasing focus on data privacy. People are gradually becoming aware of just how much their data can be used and manipulated. As such, this is an area where there’s considerable public interest. There’s also a need for companies to address their own internal privacy issues and create content (and even internal documentation) around that."

Benny Taylor, Technology and Entrepreneurship Writer
Explain things in a narrative.

"A good technical writer can take technical concepts, such as how to configure settings or fix a bug, and explain it in a narrative that makes sense to both engineers and software buyers alike."

Jake Wengroff, Technical Writer
Writers will bring the personality that AI cannot.

"The arrival of AI and machine learning can help technical writing jolt from its more prosaic roots. Tomorrow, writers should be able to make documentation specific to a customer's need. Machine learning will work to research data and create templates for guides at a blinding pace, but it will be the writer who will continue to add the personality into it."

Saikat Basu, Technology Writer and Editor

Who does technical writing really well?

Microsoft has come a long way in the instructional design department. Particularly the documentation for its Surface tablet. It has its own icon on the home screen so it’s easy to find when you need help. The language is simple and laid out in the logical way a person might start troubleshooting. Within apps like Paint, short written and visual, non-intrusive tips appear as you go, organically guiding you to create, design, and crop much faster and more intuitively than in previous iterations. Special features like Magic Select make it super easy to cut and paste things in and out of your pic. ​​​​​​

Famous first for affordable, minimalist plug-and-play furniture, IKEA is also the gold standard when it comes to simple documentation. Take this coffee table instruction doc: There are literally no words. That can be good or bad, depending on the user. While the Swedish brand’s products are often called out for being harder to assemble than they appear, the instructions themselves can be a refreshing approach for more visual learners.

Secrets From a Technical Writer

“Keep up on emerging technologies like speech recognition and virtual and augmented reality to see where the writing needs will be. Even if robots do take over, someone needs to tell them what to do, and us how to shut them off.”

Anonymous Technical Writer

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