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Top Content Strategists

John Boitnott

I am a digital journalist and content specialist focusing on entrepreneurship, online marketing, payments, and other business topics.

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Erika Lauren

Writer and editor with expertise in health and beauty. Works include research publication in dental and skincare magazines as well as blog content for celebrity owned sites and other professional companies.

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Tom Popomaronis

Serial commerce entrepreneur turned viral content creator, reaching millions of readers. I'm passionate about the creation + delivery of transformative digital experiences at scale in industries ripe for modernization.

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Keri Lunt Stevens

Keri Lunt Stevens is a writer and editor who has worked in journalism and content marketing. A perfectionist who doesn't procrastinate, Keri is someone who thrives on achieving something great each and every day.

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Angela Shori

Angela Shori is an author, publisher, and marketer living and writing in Austin, TX. She is an expert on content strategy, traveling with children, and bedtime monster removal.

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Diana Kelly Levey

Content marketing writer specializing in health, sleep, food, beauty, fitness, healthcare and emergency medical services.

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Ryan Hotchkiss

Writer & content strategist (SEO and Production) specializing in construction/excavation/engineering/architecture; fuel and energies; living abroad; and outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyles.

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Erin Ollila

Writer and content strategist who brings storytelling techniques to business content. After a 12+ year career in human resources - specializing in employee health and dental benefits, as well as wellness programs - she's jumped headfirst into digital strategy and content creation.

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Anna Davies

Award winning content strategist, editor, and writer. I'm quick with deadlines and specialize in finding the voice of a brand and using that to engage with audiences. I write quick, innovative copy and come up with compelling stories to be told across platforms.

Anup Sohanta

I develop content strategies, copy and content across a multitude of channels, in the niches of marketing, business, and health. From working with big brands to SMBs, my skill set has given my clients the ability to empathetically connect with and convert their audience. From full-service copywriting to content creation in the form of blogs, articles, whitepapers and poetry. I'm a one-stop resource to help you deliver impactful messaging.

Jimmy R.

I help marketing agencies and business owners by writing articles with a strong level of polish and giving them FREE guest posts to reputable websites.

Colleen Travers

Experienced writer, editor and digital content strategist with 10+ years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industries. I'm a former digital director with over a decade of writing and editing experience. I'm highly skilled in optimizing content for a diverse audience across multiple platforms.

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What makes a good content strategist? 

Content Strategists develop high-level content plans and tactics based on a company’s objectives and the needs of its consumers. Though people have been strategizing content for as long as there’s been content, it’s relatively new as its own specialized role. And in major demand with the content marketing boom. The role can encompass anything from a freelance strategist who helps generate ideas to executive-level Chief Content Officers responsible for all content across massive, multi-channel corporations. Here’s how to spot the cream of the crop:

They know the numbers.

Many writers and content creators will tell you that math isn’t their superpower. But that won’t fly for the strategist. To succeed, strategists need to measure how their plan is working, and be able to adapt when it isn’t. Analytics are the backbone of plotting strategic success.  Being an expert in pulling Tableau reports isn’t required (though that would be a fabulous bonus). But a good all-around content strategist should be able to understand data, interpret and communicate its meaning out to their team members, and then recommend what to do about it. Knowing which metrics to focus on is another biggie. Should you focus on growing traffic or repeat visits? Clicks or engagement? All of the above in a perfect world, but a strategist worth her salt will help prioritize.

They are plugged into the zeitgeist.

Knowing the latest marketing studies and what’s going on right now is one of the best ways to figure out where things are headed next. While your strategist doesn’t have to be up on the latest Bieber tune, they should know what types of things are trending and especially how they’re trending — up, down, virally, or in a brand-new way. Take speech recognition technology or virtual reality. You don’t have to be able to code it, or even fully understand it. But as a content creator, you should know those things are coming and your strategy will need to take their arrival into account.

They have a vision and a passion for superb storytelling.

Though not all strategists are also content creators, it makes a huge difference. You want someone with a good eye, high standards, and who can spot the nuances between good, great, and mind-blowing. The person who can craft and curate super clicky and engaging stories, and who also is always searching for a new angle, the untold story, the “I wasn’t expecting that”, and the “Is that true?!” But more than just knowing the details of what top-notch content looks like, content strategists create the big-picture vision for a brand — what types of content they should create, what it will look, sound, and feel like, and where it will be distributed to maximize results.

“One thing I don’t think that gets discussed often enough is the role of empathy in content strategy. The best content strategists are individuals who are able to place themselves in the shoes of the personas they’re trying to reach,” says content strategist Erin Ollila. “A runner-up skill would be mastery of storytelling, but I still think you need to understand your audience — this is where empathy comes in again — to be able to tell them the right stories.”

What trends in content strategy will grow the most?

Expect more data and AI.

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is a trend I expect to see grow the most in content strategy. Data is so important to building strategies that will actually get your content in front of the best eyes, but culling through all that data is exhausting (and, quite honestly, impossible) for the average human, especially if they’re also responsible for taking the information and translating it into strategic plans. AI fills this role and provides content strategists with the smartest information possible."

Erin Ollila, Content Strategist and Writer
Welcome more personalization.

"We’re going to continue to see today’s top brands doing some really cool things around personalizing their content — down to having an entire suite or bundle of content tailored to an individual customer’s journey."

Suzanna Colberg, Copywriter and Content Strategist

Who does content strategy really well?

Given the sheer volume of content out there in its ever-growing mediums, this could be an extremely long list. Ellen DeGeneres tops it both online and on TV by deftly leveraging viral moments, current celebrities, and topics personal to her, and driving their followers back to her show. Amplifying it all is her epic social media game, with an eclectic Instagram feed, 100+ million Facebook interactions, and creating major moments like posting her Oscars selfie on Twitter.

In the audio world, one of the breakout fairytales is podcast darling Gimlet Media. Founded by a former ‘This American Life’ producer, the podcasting company’s entire mission revolves around compelling storytelling. Its first show was a stroke of strategic genius: the ‘Startup’ podcast, documenting the making of Gimlet itself. It’s dramatic, raw, nail-biting; all the essentials of addictive content. Listeners flocked to try its other titles like ‘Reply All’ and ‘Heavyweight’, ballooning to 12 million downloads per month across 190 countries. Audio giant Spotify bought the company in 2019 for $230 million.

Secrets From a Content Strategist

“Any great content strategy has to start with a clear business objective. So often strategists are tasked with figuring out how to ‘just get more traffic’ without the foundation of a great product or vision. Companies can get a lot more out of their content strategy if they’ve done the work of making sure they know their audience and brand inside out.”

Anonymous Content Strategist

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