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Top Content Strategists

John Boitnott

I am a digital journalist and content specialist focusing on entrepreneurship, online marketing, payments, and other business topics.

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Erika Lauren

Writer and editor with expertise in health and beauty. Works include research publication in dental and skincare magazines as well as blog content for celebrity owned sites and other professional companies.

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Tom Popomaronis

Serial commerce entrepreneur turned viral content creator, reaching millions of readers. I'm passionate about the creation + delivery of transformative digital experiences at scale in industries ripe for modernization.

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Keri Lunt Stevens

Keri Lunt Stevens is a writer and editor who has worked in journalism and content marketing. A perfectionist who doesn't procrastinate, Keri is someone who thrives on achieving something great each and every day.

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Angela Shori

Angela Shori is an author, publisher, and marketer living and writing in Austin, TX. She is an expert on content strategy, traveling with children, and bedtime monster removal.

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Diana Kelly Levey

Content marketing writer specializing in health, sleep, food, beauty, fitness, healthcare and emergency medical services.

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Ryan Hotchkiss

Writer & content strategist (SEO and Production) specializing in construction/excavation/engineering/architecture; fuel and energies; living abroad; and outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyles.

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Erin Ollila

Writer and content strategist who brings storytelling techniques to business content. After a 12+ year career in human resources - specializing in employee health and dental benefits, as well as wellness programs - she's jumped headfirst into digital strategy and content creation.

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Anna Davies

Award winning content strategist, editor, and writer. I'm quick with deadlines and specialize in finding the voice of a brand and using that to engage with audiences. I write quick, innovative copy and come up with compelling stories to be told across platforms.

Anup Sohanta

I develop content strategies, copy and content across a multitude of channels, in the niches of marketing, business, and health. From working with big brands to SMBs, my skill set has given my clients the ability to empathetically connect with and convert their audience. From full-service copywriting to content creation in the form of blogs, articles, whitepapers and poetry. I'm a one-stop resource to help you deliver impactful messaging.

Jimmy R.

I help marketing agencies and business owners by writing articles with a strong level of polish and giving them FREE guest posts to reputable websites.

Colleen Travers

Experienced writer, editor and digital content strategist with 10+ years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industries. I'm a former digital director with over a decade of writing and editing experience. I'm highly skilled in optimizing content for a diverse audience across multiple platforms.

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