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Top Ghostwriters

Neil Hogan

Published author with hundreds of books and ebooks, thousands of newsletter articles and blog posts in a variety of subjects under many pseudonyms. Writing since the mid 90s.

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Ana Gotter

Ana is an expert business writer, offering blogging, ghostwriting, PPC copywriting, and content marketing services. She's written in over 23 subjects in diverse styles and projects.

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Brette DeVore

As a contract writer, ghostwriter and editor, I help businesses build an online presence and reach their ideal clients through: SEO / Google analytics, web content development, content marketing strategies, and social media management.

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Jakob Straub

Professional writer & ghostwriter - Storytelling, fiction, non-fiction. I am a creative and versatile freelance writer and editor. I produce engaging content for the web, print, and marketing needs of my clients. My expertise ranges from creative writing, literature and productivity to marketing, travel, technology as well as software and apps.

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Amber Drake

Freelance canine behavior book author & ghostwriter, blogger, journalist and copywriter-- with that special spark! You may have seen me featured in magazine, blog, or web articles for my research in canine behavior, canine wellness, and general canine health.

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César Albarrán Torres

I write about film, television, technology, video games, travel, culture, food and literature. I have worked as a writer, editor, translator and film critic for 15 years. I am also able to write content for the Spanish-speaking market. I hold a PhD in Digital Cultures. I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Tim Kallman

Having headlined one and contributed to several other gaming/technology websites, I'm looking to broaden my horizons a bit and see how I can be of some help here. My education gives me unique insight into the video game/technology industries, but I can take many topics and put out a piece with the quality you need. I have a quick turnaround time when it comes to writing, and the only thing that will slow me down is making sure that I know everything I can about the topic I'm writing about.

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Rakhee Ghelani

Legally qualified ghostwriter, I help law firms, accountants, financial advisors, and thought leaders build their profile by putting their words into print, digital and social media. Corporate communications and B2B content is my specialty. With over 20 years experience in marketing and strategic development at ANZ, Foster's Group, General Motors and Deloitte, I bring senior management experience to everything I do.

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Danny Goodwin

As a ghostwriter, articles have been published on sites including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Moz, and Inc. Passionate about SEO, search, social media, content marketing, writing, editing, and anything creative. Organized, creative, deadline-driven, and loving life.

Matt Duczeminski

Blogger, ghostwriter, copywriter for SaaS, e-commerce, B2B and B2C marketing. I've worked with a variety of marketing and SaaS companies, including Optimove, Sales & Orders, and Fieldboom. I've also collaborated with clients on ghostwriting projects for some of the marketing blogs I actually read in my spare time (Seeing my own work on these sites is always a HUGE shot in the arm - even if my name isn't attached to it).

Melody S. Gee

I help writers, businesses, and educators find their voice, tell their stories, and reach big audiences. Whether you�re hoping to boost your online presence and client base, publish your book, sell your product, improve your craft, or share your expertise, I create content that is authentically yours. No recycled ideas. No click-bait.

Michelle Cornish

Ghostwriter for CPAs, business and spiritual life coaches. I have a variety of interests and love writing for tax and accounting professionals as well as business and life coaches. My extensive knowledge of SEO combined with my ability to write engaging material helps you grow your traffic and build your following, creating loyal customers you love to work with.

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What should someone look for in a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters, or ghosts, are uncredited authors who work with clients to understand the story they want to tell and then do the physical writing. It can be any type of writing, from novels and memoirs to self-help and blog posts. Most memoirs by celebrities and other public figures are ghostwritten. But the bulk of ghostwriting is actually done for relative unknowns. Usually business-related books for professionals like CEOs, doctors, personal trainers, or executives who want to publish but are either short on time or writing skills.  Whatever the need, here’s what makes a good ghost:

They are organized, creative thinkers.

It’s challenging enough to write a book. But to write one that’s contained in someone else’s brain, and then sound like that person, is next-level word wizardry. Much of the skill is in being able to collect the client’s thoughts (usually over many months), interpret and translate them, and then organize all those thoughts into a coherent narrative. Being able to manage all these moving parts and the subsequent drafts, edits, and rewrites is a ghost’s superpower.

They are collaborative and flexible.

Writing is usually solitary, but not in the ghost world. By definition, it’s a partnership between one or more writers and their clients, with chemistry being the most vital ingredient. Each client has their own working style. Some may want to write portions of the book themselves, or just see the final draft. Some will give hours of interviews while others want to work primarily by email. Being able to work with all different types of personalities and working styles is critical for success.

They are voice chameleons.

Everyone has their own unique way of thinking and expressing themselves. Ghosting is far more than just taking dictation and shaping the words. The magic of ghostwriting is being able to get inside the heads of clients to think like they do and tell a story the way they would. This is why the process, when it’s successful, can take a while at first. It takes time for writers to connect with their clients and get to know them well enough to be able to write in their voice.

“The capacity to adopt different voices, the diligence to really study your brand and website and, above all, reliability when it comes to submitting cleanly and on time,” says ghostwriter Cesar Albarran Torres.

What are the biggest trends in ghostwriting for businesses?

Since ghostwriting crosses so many genres, it isn’t as affected by specific industry trends. But it does tend to follow the general path of the overall content space in terms of what topics, formats, and writing styles will resonate with audiences. You can learn more about the secrets of ghostwriting by starting here:

Put great storytelling first.

"Business customers are looking for engaging stories written for humans, not search engines. Content performs well when it adds to your brand, growth and bottom line in the long term and readers identify with it. Companies and readers alike seek informative and relatable content that speaks to a specific need or problem."

Jakob Straub, Ghostwriter
Use an authentic voice, for real.

"The biggest trend is the listicle with a journalistic flair. Readers are tired of clickbait that leaves them empty-handed: they are looking for edgy content that provides them a snapshot of current events and cultural trends. A real human voice, instead of cold text that seems to be algorithmically produced, is also valuable. Emotions and information go hand in hand."

Cesar Albarran Torres, Ghostwriter

Who does ghostwriting really well?

Some of the very best ghostwriters are also subject-matter experts. While you do want someone who can adapt to many voices, hiring a ghost who specializes in a particular space can make the process much faster and the content better. Take one of the most enduring business guides of all time: ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ It’s typically considered the work of Stephen Covey, but Ken Shelton is credited as a ghostwriter. Shelton, a business executive himself, co-founded a leadership company with Covey and two others.

Speaking of ghosts, some of the most famous and beloved authors don’t even exist. In true spectral spirit, Carolyn Keene, author of the famed “Nancy Drew” mystery books, isn’t a real person. She is a collective pseudonym for a group of ghostwriters who collectively wrote the series. To this day publisher Penguin Random House still receives adoring fan letters to Ms. Keene. More and more, you can find the brightest ghostwriters behind the covers of other best-selling authors like this. James Patterson, one of the most productive authors in the world, only pens about 20 percent of his own work these days, employing dozens of ghostwriters to publish as many as 15 books in one year.

Secrets From a Ghostwriter

“The most important thing in ghostwriting is chemistry. When I take on a new client I always do a five-hour trial period to see if we work well together. You can hire the best ghostwriter in the world, but if you don’t have chemistry, the project won’t go anywhere. It might not be done on time, or the quality level you expect, or they may not get your voice. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad writer, but it just means there’s no chemistry. Anything involving the creative process there has to be chemistry.”

Anonymous Ghostwriter

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