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Freedom Ahn

Expert business & technology writer creating brand-building, engagement-driving content.

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KT Hall

Kassandra Hall writes content for major brands. These include names like Gosur, Volusion and Barber Surgeons Guild. She writes descriptions for Indeed, StubHub and Ticketmaster. And, she provides feature content for Productive Leaders and Vanguard SW.

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Gary Wollenhaupt

I'm an experienced content marketing writer, covering a wide variety of topics for blogs, white papers, case studies and articles. Clients enjoy working with me because I quickly learn their voice and messages for targeted, engaging content.

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Bana Jobe

I’m an award-winning health and medical writer who turns tough text (like clinical trial protocols or published studies in medical journals) into readable, engaging stories that empower patients, physicians and donors.

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Josh Nadeau

I am a seasoned writer and SEO expert. I have several years of professional experience working as a Sales Operations Manager with a growing consumer electronics brand. I also enjoy freelance writing on a variety of topics but specialize in internet marketing, small business tips, social media, web development and information technology. I am an avid blogger and maintain my own gaming news blog. I'm extremely professional, courteous and dedicated to meeting my clients' needs.

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Angela Tague

Angela Tague writes SEO web marketing content for major brands including Tom's of Maine, Walmart and a2Milk. She also provides feature content to newspapers and magazines including Club Traveler and TIME.

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Michael Rand

I’ve studied writing and the effective use of the English language both as an undergraduate and a graduate student. Professionally, I've learned how to educate, guide, convert, and win the trust of readers. I’ve written blog posts, eBooks, press releases, and web copy in an agency setting. In addition to writing, I'm also skilled in proofreading and editing.

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Ling Wong

9 years in the online marketing industry + 7 years in content strategy/content creation. I write for SaaS and marketing companies on topics including digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, eCommerce, conversion, UX, social media marketing, SEO, B2B marketing, email marketing, the role of AI, and more; with the goal of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion.

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Latoya Scott

Latoya is a personal finance blogger and writer who writes at Life and A Budget. She enjoys writing about money, budgeting, credit and other personal finance related topics.

Fiona Tapp

Fiona Tapp, is a Freelance Writer, Pro Blogger, and Educator. Tapp's varied experience informs her writing as does her ability to connect with a range of demographics, including Millennials through her work at Romper. She provides clean copy that resonates and engages the target audience. One of her latest articles reached a million people and editors regularly praise her on her commitment to deadlines and high-quality content.

Christopher Chu

I'm from San Diego, but currently living in Hong Kong! I'm a native English speaker/writer and I've been doing this for 3 years now!

Prakhar Verma

Self-Improvement, health and wellness writer. I'm the creator of DesignEpicLife.com where I help ambitious people design their epic lives.

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What makes a good freelance writer?

The gig economy is officially booming: More than a third of the U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers. In major hubs like New York City, 40 percent of its professionals freelance. By 2027, that number will climb to 50 percent nationally, according to Upwork. Fantastic news if you’re looking for resources. But a crowded talent pool can also make it much harder to find the superstars. Seek out folks with these critical traits:

They are consistent and reliable.

Ace writers require minimal editing. Everyone makes the occasional mistake, but expert freelancers turn in clean copy most of the time: no (or very few) typos or grammatical errors, and the writing is clear and concise. When changes do need to be made, good freelance writers are willing to revise their work, multiple times if necessary, and turn it around quickly. Even the best writers may take a few tries to get their client’s voice and tone right. But overall, you should not consistently need to rewrite large swaths of content with a quality freelancer.

“More than anything, I think the ability to accept feedback is what makes a good writer,” says marketing content writer Michael Rand. “If you can’t do that, you can’t learn and grow. This is also an essential skill when writing for clients. Clients already have an idea of what they want. Your job is to deliver on their expectations or exceed them, even if that means doing multiple revisions. You can’t allow yourself to take it personally if they want you to make edits.”

They are easy edits and take feedback.

The written word in all its forms isn't the only domain for the copy editor. The best ones always know who they're editing for; what the best practices are; the style guide defined by the editorial team; and what's acceptable content and what's not.  Whether it's adhering to AP or the Chicago Manual of Style, the copy editor always takes into account the context of what they're reading and checks it against a set of previously defined parameters. This way, they can achieve not just accuracy, but consistency.

They are flexible and adaptable.

Sometimes it takes a while for writers and clients to find their mojo together. A client with a fully fleshed-out assignment who knows exactly what they want is a writer’s dream. But it’s also rare. Experienced freelancers understand that priorities shift, and sometimes it takes a while to nail exactly the right concept, angle, or tone. The most valuable writers are those who are willing to roll with some changes and adapt when necessary. If you have a broad audience, or your content needs change frequently, look for candidates who have tackled a wide variety of topics and are skilled in writing in different brand voices. If you’re not exactly sure what you need, look for writers with experience in content strategy or branding, and who are comfortable pitching ideas. They can be extremely helpful in honing a concept to reach the right audience. The best freelance writers go beyond the assignment and ask questions, listening carefully to understand what the client is looking for, and knowing that things may change along the way.

“A good writer is one who can act as a translator between the audience and company. Often companies are keen to push out their brand points in their own way,” says business and technology writer Josh Nadeau. “A good writer can satisfy the audience's need for useful information while representing the company's point of view. Of course, this strategy assumes the company has a desirable product or service marketed to the right audience at a competitive price.”

What are the biggest trends in writing?

Freelancing is a growing trend in itself. Given the perks for both writers and clients, it makes sense that it’s so on fire. Increasingly people are looking for better work-life balance and more autonomy over their schedules, and starting their own freelance businesses. Companies are saving big on overhead by hiring out only when they need to. Technology, the ability to connect anywhere in the world, is the secret sauce to making it all work. Here, several accomplished freelancers give their take on where it’s all headed:

Expect more data-driven content.

"Data seems to be on every marketer’s mind these days. Specifically, they want to know how to use data to draw insights that can lead to real marketing results. Everyone is sitting on mountains of data, but not everyone has the capability to use it. I think the role of the data scientist is going to be in high demand moving forward."

Michael Rand, Marketing Content Writer With Years of Agency Experience
Address real problems and real solutions.

"The biggest marketing trend is companies are realizing that building an audience comes from helping more than selling. The goal is to create content that users desire and will seek out for its relevance and usefulness. People are hungry for content that helps solve their problems. They don't want to be sold to. It's true regardless of the format."

Gary Wollenhaupt, Experienced B2B Writer
Embrace raw authenticity.

"Winning brands are embracing raw authenticity, relatable storytelling, and creative content that delivers actionable advice."

Angela Tague, Wellness and Business Writer

Who does writing really well?

Waning are the days of bustling newsroom filled with lifelong career journalists. The world’s most reputable publishers routinely use freelance writers to bolster their content, with a big portion of the story ideas coming from freelancers who regularly pitch editors.

The New Yorker has earned its world-class reputation with some of the most consistently thoughtful, thoroughly researched and ground-breaking prose in the business. What makes them such fertile ground for freelancers is the range of subjects and styles, from satire to pop-culture to think pieces and news exposes. Seeing The New Yorker on a freelancer’s resume is an immediate indicator she’s got chops. 

More a hybrid of entertainment and news, but still a beacon of great writing is The Atlantic. The political monthly covers fact-based news and in-depth research, but it also plays with attention-grabbing headlines and softer, yet informative, lifestyle pieces. These writers have figured out how to craft high-quality, reputable reporting with a wink and a nod that gets clicks.

Secrets From a Freelance Writer

“It takes moxie to be a good freelancer. Not just getting the gig, but over-delivering on the project. Be scrappy. Pitch fresh ideas,  interview lots of people to get great quotes and deliver photos that the client didn’t even ask for. It makes their jobs easier and makes you valuable as a problem solver.”

Anonymous Writer

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