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Top Graphic Designers

Ashley Laughlin

I’m a designer with a diverse design background. I've worked for large corporations and startups. Throughout my professional career, I've been a part of successful rebrands for both online and retail operations, website designs that premier new brands for clients, and user interface design projects that streamline the user experience. I’ve managed clients and delivered design solutions that grow the client’s business and drive client engagement.

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Jason Brezinski

Simply, I am a graphic designer. What does that mean for you? I understand the importance of good design. I love creating intelligent visual solutions that exceed your expectations while remaining within budget and on deadline. I am a no frills designer. I like clean, simple and modern design. Simple solutions turn heads and generate results. That might not be the right solution for your problem. If that is the case then I will ensure that the right solution for your problem is developed and executed.

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Heather Salfrank

I'm a product designer that loves to solve problems and create engaging designs for users. As a designer, I enjoy solving complex problems from any product. Having worked in various roles from marketing, web design, content strategy, and UX, I have developed ways to bring strong interaction design, problem solving and product strategy skills; allowing me to design solutions in a comprehensive way.

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Heather Morton

I am a Phoenix native devoted to creating memorable designs. My right brain and left brain work effectively to stay organized and creative. I am fluent in English and sarcasm. I have a passion for performing improv.

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Jeannine Thompson

I've been designing for ten years, and have worked in a wide variety of niches and fields. I originally started out designing website layouts, then moved into landing pages for marketers such as Shawn Casey and Travis Stephenson. Now, I'm well versed in advertising design, graphics, ebooks, infographics, and more.

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Sarah Barendse

Writing and design are my passions. I love what I do, and I do it well. I consider myself a visual translationist (and yes, I know translationist isn't a "real" word). I take your ideas and get them to paper or screen where others can see or read them. You could very well be looking for me!

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Rudy Arconte

After ten years of experience in Art Direction and Graphic Design Advertising and Entertainment background, I made my Digital Design transition skills from 2008 to nowadays.

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Caroline Leopold

Writer/Designer for health & technology brands. Caroline Leopold helps brands engage audiences with candid and friendly dialogue. She melds words with code to create pleasing websites and landing pages. Caroline has freelanced for agencies repping major brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Benefiber, Home Depot, Ingram Micro, and Mitsubishi.

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Laura Martinez

I'm a Principal Product Designer working in a startup incubator. I lead the User Experience for a SaaS application that uses the latest advances in Expert Graph, Deep Learning, and NLP technology. My goal is to deliver Human-Centered Machine Learning in this product.

Sarah Sertic

Sarah Sertic is a dedicated commerical food photographer who has worked in a variety of different stages with in food service industry. She has worked with farmers markets, restaurants, caterers, and even cottage industry professionals to deliver content for their social media, online media campaigns, as well as focused offline traditional print advertising.

Claire Gould

reelance Content Writer and Marketing and Copywriter ~ Illustrator ~ Blogger. Everyday I get to tell other people's stories, and that for me is everything. Whether it's marketing copy, or a little piece of content for social media, I strive to create something interesting, well constructed and attention grabbing.

Julio Castro

I'm a graphic designer. I specialize in Social Media Content Creation to give your feed a clean, polished and professional look. Besides that, I've worked as a Graphic Designer for the last three years creating logos, brand books and identities for client's that go from school clubs to governments. I follow a strict set of values & principles that guide me in my work and my life. I think that honesty is the best policy, discipline is your greatest ally and communication is your most effective tool.

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What makes a great graphic designer?

Graphic designers help companies communicate complex ideas and convey facts and emotion through pleasing visuals. Obviously, the individual you hire must possess artistic talent and specialized skills for print and online. However, these skills alone aren’t the only measure of a great designer. Look for these traits when hiring creative talent.

They embrace openness.

Good graphic designers draw inspiration from a variety of domains and experiences. They get out of their comfort zones from time-to-time to develop unique and compelling compositions. The best creatives are also open to client criticisms that will ensure the final product delivers the intended message to the client’s audience.

They have a problem-solving mindset.

While graphic design is a creative profession, it also requires a problem-solving mindset. Brand identity and marketing assets should connect brands with audiences to evoke emotion, deliver facts, and explain complex issues — all while working within client guidelines and constraints of a specific medium.

They have a team-oriented personality.

Terrific creative professionals are also team players. Artistic abilities are essential, but they can’t be fully realized if a designer cannot communicate, collaborate, and work with others effectively. Look for individuals who know how to listen, can discuss problems tactfully, and will treat others on your team with respect and courtesy.

What are the biggest trends in graphic design for businesses?

Are you ready to embark on your next graphic design project? If so, are you hip to what’s in and what’s out these days? These designers in the ClearVoice Talent Network know the trends you should follow. Here is what you need to know to make a first-class impression with your brand’s visual style:

Overly polished is over.

"Visual candy has made its return — bright, colorful designs are returning to the forefront. Combining vivid colors with organic, genuine stock photo imagery has been one of the strongest movements so far, and looks to carry through for the next few years. The time of flat, muted, and overly polished is over — people want real, memorable, and vibrant."

Jeannine Thompson, Graphic Designer
Get more out of minimalism.

"Minimalism isn’t going anywhere soon. It is a style that clearly reflects an important philosophy of modern society — less is more! Couple the concept of minimalism with gradients and you’ll pack more meaning, distinctiveness, and dynamism into the creative. The ClearVoice platform in itself is an excellent example that utilizes these two design aspects to offer a clean and crystal clear visual language."

Kashyap Vyas, Science & Technology Content Specialist
Loud and bold design.

"For the last few years, muted colors like the infamous millennial pink, simple, modern fonts, and minimalist styles have been popular. But now, I'm seeing a demand for designs that are nearly opposite — bright, punchy colors and daring fonts for designs that are loud and bold."

Caitlin Lamb, Writer and Editor

Who does graphic design really well?

MOO takes seemingly boring business necessities, business cards and related office products, and makes them look delicious. Not only does MOO offer beautiful product shots and whimsical Instagram images, but its selection of business card and other templates is gorgeous, too. MOO not only values sharp design, but it also makes beautiful design accessible to businesses big and small.

Clothing company Duluth Trading Company takes design, and a sense of humor, seriously, too. From its website to its television commercials, Duluth Trading Company leverages a combination of different types of visual content to attract and retain loyal customers. The site is full of illustrations, original photography, and videos that convey brand values. Even the weekly Whatsis? Tool Challenge is graphic design driven.

Secrets from a Graphic Designer

"When you hire me, you can't relinquish all creative decisions to me. We need to collaborate. Give me an idea of the purpose of the design, your brand aesthetic, and how you plan to use what I create so that I can get the look, feel and formats right.  Also, please never make me use Comic Sans."

Anonymous Graphic Designer

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