Hire Freelance Writers for Subject Matter Expert Interviews

Let’s face it: Some content just needs expertise. For subject matter that delves deep into a niche, there’s only so much Googling can supply. Fortunately, those subject matter experts are in the ClearVoice Talent Network. Partner with ClearVoice to get the subject matter experts your in-depth content needs.

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What is a Subject Matter Expert Interview?

An interview is a piece of content that consists of a conversation between two people – one asking questions, and the other answering. Typically an interview is conducted with a specialist or expert in a specific field, but an interview could also be conducted with a client or customer. 

Whether written or conducted on video, interviews can inform, educate, and entertain. They also serve to position you or your brand as thought leaders within your industry.

Interviews can make fantastic articles or blog content, and can even be broken up into smaller chunks for social media or an email series. They serve to bring in an outside perspective and voice with regard to your industry.

How Interviews Enhance Your Marketing

When you interview someone who is already a leader in your field, you borrow a bit of their credibility. You increase your audience by reaching theirs, and vice versa.

The very act of interviewing an expert builds trust in your brand.

Additionally, when you interview an expert, you can cover topics more in-depth than you might ordinarily. Sometimes all it takes is a different voice for a message to land with your audience.

Interviews have long been a popular form of content, and they offer these other benefits:

  • Essentially guaranteed backlinks from your guest’s site
  • The ability to repurpose across channels, which makes them cost-effective
  • They are easy to replicate once you’ve dialed in your format

Do you have a place for interviews in your content strategy?

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But Wait, There’s More

Interviews make for great stories. Audiences love hearing about personal experiences and interviews can help to humanize your brand. 

The best interviews benefit both the interviewer and the interviewee. That being said, a good interviewer knows how to build a rapport without making the experience all about them.

That’s a highly specialized skill and may be outside the scope of your current content team. Or maybe you don’t have a content team at all! That’s where ClearVoice comes in. We can match you with vetted interview writers who will have quality conversations with industry leaders to deliver top-notch content for your audience.

Ready to unlock the power of subject matter interviews?

ClearVoice’s Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries offers access to writers skilled at delivering great stories and making you look good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers to Interview Your Experts

A good interview writer is also a skilled researcher. They’ve done their homework on the subject matter and the interviewee so that they can come up with entertaining and thought-provoking questions for the interview itself. They know how to keep a conversation going and that they should listen more than they speak. They are courteous and respectful of the interviewee’s time.

Ultimately, they are an extension of your brand, and they understand the responsibility of making sure your brand is represented in a positive light.

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on our Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancer writers, content strategists, editors, etc. 200+ industries. When you work with ClearVoice as your content production partner, your ClearVoice Talent Manager will search the Talent Network to pair you with the vetted freelance writers within our network that best suit your needs and budget.

Once a freelancer has been admitted to the ClearVoice Talent Network, Talent Managers will pair them with the customers best suited for their industry, pay rates, and experience. 

Freelancers who develop strong relationships with their customers through their ratings and quality of work can ensure they are hired repeatedly.

The ClearVoice Talent Network has a thorough application process to vet freelancers seeking to work with ClearVoice. To be considered complete, each CV Portfolio requires a minimum of six work samples, areas of expertise, and examples of published work. Then the portfolio is reviewed by the ClearVoice Talent Team for approval before the freelancer is admitted to the Talent Network. Once writers work within the platform, those who regularly update their CV Portfolio with new publications and correctly-tagged content will appear higher in search rankings for easy matching with customers.