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Leap Forward With the Teamlancing Model of Content Creation

More voices. More collaboration. More opportunities.

With ClearVoice, you can outsource your content creation to networked teams of freelancers managed for you by producers dedicated to your brand or, if you’re an agency, to your clients. We call it teamlancing. And it’s the future of content marketing.

In the Teamlancing™ model of content creation, your brand connects with a freelance producer supported by the ClearVoice Success Team, and then the producer assembles teams of freelance creatives from the ClearVoice Talent Network.

They match talent and handle the minutiae of content production so you can focus on high-level content strategy and never miss opportunities to engage with your audience.

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Your brand or agency can teamlance to...

  • Access global voices
  • Create content at scale
  • Customize limitless projects
  • Delegate talent management
  • Save massive amounts of time
  • And enjoy flexible content teams

How Is Teamlancing Different?

Old Model

Old Freelancing Model

  • More Time
  • Less Scalability
  • One-on-One Management
  • Too Many Points of Contact

In the old freelancing model of content creation, the brand gets burdened with finding, vetting, hiring and managing freelancers themselves. In-house resources get bogged down in all the minutiae of the production process and limit their ability to scale content plans.

New Model

New Teamlancing Model

  • Less Time
  • More Scalability
  • Higher-Level Direction
  • Minimal Points of Contact

In the new Teamlancing model of content creation, the brand provides high-level direction to producers who manage freelancers and production for them, from talent procurement to delivery. Brands can choose to be as involved in the process as they want to be through our transparent workflow — freeing up in-house resources to plan for growth.

Benefits of Teamlancing

Don’t just hire. Aspire. Accelerate and elevate your content strategy by tapping into Teamlancing collaboration with ClearVoice.

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