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Top Sports & Fitness Writers

Andrew Garda

Covering the NFL like a wet blanket for a decade, featured on sites such as, and Cohost of the Garda & Griffin Podcast.

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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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Stuart Stratford

For the last ten years, I have written the well-respected football (soccer) website, A Cultured Left Foot, focussing on Arsenal FC but with a broader outlook than most club-specific sites. The daily posts are up to 1000 words and range from news and opinion pieces to book reviews. there is a mixture of writing styles for the posts, from formal through to reasonably jovial although to be fair, it was tears of despair as the second half of the last Premier League season unfolded.

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Justin Housman

Features Editor at SURFER Magazine. Editor at Encyclopedia of Surfing.

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Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly is a writer, runner and triathlete living in New York City. She specializes in health and fitness topics for editorial narratives and brand alignment.

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Zac Wassink

Sports writer and sports social media enthusiast in the business for over a decade.

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Isaiah Houde

Sports have been a part of my life since I can remember, and I now have the privilege to write about them. I am an avid Boston sports fan, that will be moving the Charlotte, NC, soon. The Charlotte sports scene is something that interests me, and I am hoping to write for their sports teams soon.

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Colleen Travers

Experienced writer, editor and digital content strategist with 10+ years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industries. I'm a former digital director with over a decade of writing and editing experience. I'm highly skilled in optimizing content for a diverse audience across multiple platforms. I've worked in print, online media, and television. I'm a runner and boy mom with a cat, a dog, and a serious need to always have one more cup of coffee.

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Victoria Hernandez

Freelance writer residing in Los Angeles with five years of experience in entertainment and sports media. Loves Hip Hop, football and ice cream.

Joseph Gibson

Culture freak/freelancer from FL, living in Austin, TX. I've written professionally on a wide variety of topics, starting with Break Studios listicles and then news articles on Screen Junkies several years back (I think all my stuff was wiped when they switched to video content, but it was pretty good!). Now I write regularly for Celebrity Net Worth and Refined Guy, and am trying to pick up extra work for my freelance schedule. I have a ton of experience meeting deadlines and churning out copy at a fast rate, but can take on more in-depth stuff too.

Ryan Finkelstein

I am a Journalism student at Florida Atlantic University entering my fourth year. I want to build my portfolio before trying to get a job next year.

Diana Kelly Levey

Diana Kelly Levey is a New York City-based journalist trained in fitness, health, weight loss, lifestyle, nutrition, medical and beauty and skincare writing. She has a freelance writing online course and enjoys educating students on how to become freelance writers.

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What makes a writer succeed in sports and fitness?

Whether you need content about CrossFit for new moms or the NFL draft, the best professional writers in sports and fitness have first-hand experience with the topics they're exploring. This dedication makes their writing relatable to their niche readers and coveted by discerning clients who want to work with writers who walk the walk.

They can write and do.

The top freelance writers in this area have polished skills in research, reporting and writing as well as true passion for the sports or fitness topics they cover. When sharing insider tips with an audience, they know the information has to be genuine, stemming from their engagement and experiences with the activities they write about. Smart readers won't accept any less!

They never stop learning.

If you've been to the gym lately, you know new varieties of sports and fitness activities are popping up monthly. From bounce classes on trampolines to underwater cycling, being in-the-know about consumer offerings in this vertical helps writers craft on-target pitches that speak to today's health-minded readers.

They often niche down.

It's not uncommon to find a professional sports and fitness writer who tackles one very obscure area of the industry and knocks it out of the park with each and every post they craft. If you need someone who focuses on backpacking in the mountains or the best props for a home yoga practice, you can likely find them cornering that market and ready to partner with your brand.

What are the biggest trends in sports and fitness?

Surprisingly, the hottest topics in this area are off the field and away from the gym. Sports and fitness readers are taking a wider view of the world around them and all the elements that feed into their passions. Next time you brainstorm a campaign, go beyond the usual who's who and what's new within a defined topic. Explore how it meshes with the world at large.

Address the environment and politics.

"The biggest trend I see as an outdoor writer is companies standing up for the environment and the politics that they believe in with their money and all of their marketing muscle."

Kevin Paulson, Outdoors Writer
Cover a broad range of topics.

"From wearable technology and holistic wellness, to safety issues and athlete compensation, today’s sports and fitness trends run the gamut. Just a few of the hot topics: technology in fitness, high-intensity interval training, yoga and meditation, exercise as medicine, safe equipment and training, and pay for college athletes."

Trisha Turner, Writer, Ghostwriter, Copywriter, Copy Editor and Editor
Focus on technology, gender, and routines.

"The biggest trends in fitness and sports revolve around three burgeoning concepts: the integration of wearable technology; gender equality; and balanced workout routines. Yoga continues to grow as a complement to HIIT [high intensity interval training] and strength training sessions while smartwatches change how we track our progress. Women’s sports are on the rise, as is diversity in the gym."

Arthur McMahon, Advertising & Marketing Writer

Who has wonderful sports and fitness writing?

With sports and fitness being a huge pastime for many, there's no shortage of in-depth features in magazines, daily reporting in newspapers and insightful blog posts gracing the Internet. But, when it comes down to admirable content creation, we love to browse ESPN and Shape magazine.

Household-staple ESPN not only shares the latest scores and highlights for college and pro-level sports, they also infuse their content calendars with thoughtful commentary, intriguing opinion pieces, exciting predictions and behind-the-scenes profiles. Their content goes beyond relaying information from events to create a thriving community of sports-loving readers who crave their trusted publishing.

Fitness isn't just about workout routines and calorie counting. Sure, those topics are addressed in most major fitness publications, but Shape builds upon those core topics, then expands its coverage to include uncommon healthy eating tips, insightful features about real people and their weight loss journeys, how beauty and fitness go hand-in-hand all with a sprinkling of product reviews from people with first-hand experience.

Secrets From a Sports and Fitness Writer

"Success starts with dedication to both the client and the subject at hand. That means providing outstanding content and service, but it also means drawing on a genuine passion for sports and fitness. Who better to tackle those sports and fitness assignments than a writer who’s obsessed with that very topic? When scoping out a writer for your project, peek at their social media feeds. Are they sharing content that shows their passion for the same values and subjects as you?"

Anonymous Sports and Fitness Writer

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