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Michelle Uy

Michelle Rae Uy is a Los Angeles-based photographer, writer, and editor with a bad case of wanderlust. She is a regular contributor for Thrillist, TravelAge West, HuffPo Travel, Paste Magazine, and Travel Pulse. She has written for publications like Nylon, Fodor's, and SmarterTravel, and is the contributing editor for

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Sarah Sertic

Sarah Sertic is a dedicated commerical food photographer who has worked in a variety of different stages with in food service industry. She has worked with farmers markets, restaurants, caterers, and even cottage industry professionals to deliver content for their social media, online media campaigns, as well as focused offline traditional print advertising.

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Craig Robinson

I'm a freelance photographer / writer with a journalism background. I've contributed to paper-based publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) before everyone started reading their phones. I'm able to create unique articles using a variety of styles and tones, pitch story ideas, and deliver high-quality copy with little or no errors.

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Rodí Photography

I am an amateur photographer with a passion for details. Human details that reveal an emotion, details that lead you to an infinity of colored nuances, essential details as a synonym of life. My photography is therefore focused on the beauty of details and on the ability to transmit contrasting emotions thanks to them.

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Lindsey Ganahl

PNW native, world traveler, photographer, and passionate outdoor adventuress, Lindsey is a sharp content strategist and brand ambassador dedicated to creative expression through outdoor life.

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James Pratt

Adventure writer and photographer. As a commercial photographer in central Oklahoma, I enjoy helping companies with their branding through photography. Unique, authentic photos are important to many industrial and commercial clients and I enjoy collaborating with clients to develop imagery that promotes their brand.

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Jackson Chambers

I am also a professional nature photographer who dabbles in other forms of photography. I have experience in editing. My passion is science journalism and writing in a way that allows the general public to understand complicated academic concepts.

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Jeanne Sager

Photographer. Writer. Editor. Social media ninja. I have spent 20 years in journalism, stringing words together for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Vice, Good Housekeeping and more.

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Misty Robinson

Honest in life & writing & photography. I have an associate's in Liberal Arts and am studying at Simpson College for my Bachelor's in English with minors in Secondary Education and Psychology. I am beginning my writing career with the aspiration to be a bestselling author.

Roberto Blake

My life and career is centered in doing the things I love most, creating awesome things, sharing them with the world, while teaching and encouraging others to do the same.

Olivia Johnson

I am a multi media storyteller specializing in photography, filmmaking, and writing. I help you by creating and marketing content for your business.

Andrea Albanese

Professionally trained writer, researcher and editor who is also a photographer, homeowner and mother to a Golden Retriever and an 18-year old professional model.

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