Hire Freelance Photographers for Your Brand

The old cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is especially true in digital marketing. Awe-inspiring photography makes your content more irresistible. With a freelance photographer on your team, you’ll have images that dazzle.

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What is a freelance photographer?

Imagery is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. A photographer shoots the raw images that you will build your entire campaign around.

Who hasn’t gotten hungry looking at an enticing photo of food? Who hasn’t seen a picture that made them angry? Made them cry?

Blog posts and articles with images perform better. People love to share powerful imagery. And really, photos make their way into all of your marketing assets, like

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Your printed materials
  • Billboards
  • Print and digital advertisements

Some of the most memorable marketing campaigns of all time started with a compelling image. And creating a compelling image starts with the photographer.

Why Should I Hire a Freelance Photographer?

Much like video editing, there is a lot of skill involved in shooting photographs well. And there is far more to photography than simply having a good camera. 

Capturing a compelling image that tells a story is a talent best left to a professional. They’ll be able to land the shot in half the time it would take someone unpracticed to do. Or worse, they could spend hours shooting photos, unable to communicate why the images they’re getting are missing the mark.

Hire a pro and get the images you want, faster.

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You’ll Get Better Quality

Hiring a photographer means you’re not just hiring their expertise, you’re also hiring their tools. Professionals will utilize professional software and equipment to deliver their projects. Your company may not have a need for high-end cameras and editing software but you can guarantee the photographer you hire will. Higher-quality tools in the hands of a pro mean you can expect a higher-quality result.

You’ll Build Trust with Your Audience

The quality images you’ll receive when working with a professional photographer will communicate to your audience that you’re invested in your brand story. And a professional photographer will be able to work within the confines of a brand identity to ensure that your imagery maintains a consistent feel. Building trust and establishing authority are key components of developing a relationship with your customers. 

Don’t know where to find a freelance photographer? Let ClearVoice help! With our Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries, we can pair you with seasoned professionals who meet your needs and your budget.

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Meet Freelance Photographers from Our Network

ClearVoice has 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ business categories to help meet your needs.
Eric Rosenberg
Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer in Ventura, California. When away…

Ashley Eneriz
Ashley Eneriz

Ashley Eneriz is a financial writer who has been published on Time, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business

Are you ready to work with top freelance photographers?

We know great content, and we know that quality, proven talent is critical to ensuring your message and brand are communicated clearly.

Are you ready to work with top freelance photographers?

We know great content, and we know that quality, proven talent is critical to ensuring your message and brand are communicated clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to being skilled at their craft, a good freelance photographer understands that photography for marketing ultimately has one aim: to sell. They work with their client to understand the overall creative vision and bring a collaborative mindset to the shoot. Additionally, a good photographer specializes. Meaning, they will tell you (or their work will) whether their forte is food, or real estate, or fashion, etc. Hire the photographer whose work is most aligned with your brand and who’s willing to work within the parameters of your brand identity.
At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on our Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries. Within the ClearVoice Talent Network, freelancers self-identify with their areas of expertise. When you work with us, your ClearVoice Talent Manager will search the Talent Network to pair you with the vetted photographers within our system that we believe will best suit your needs and your budget.
Once a freelancer has been admitted to the ClearVoice Talent Network, they’ll work with Talent Managers to pair them with the customers best suited for their industry, pay rates, and experience. Freelancers who develop strong relationships with their Talent Managers and customers through their ratings and quality of work can ensure they are hired repeatedly.
The ClearVoice Talent Network has a thorough application process to vet freelancers seeking to work with ClearVoice. After a portfolio has been completed, it is reviewed by the ClearVoice Talent Team before approval is issued, and the freelancer is admitted to the Talent Network. Once freelancers work within the platform, those who regularly update their CV Portfolio will appear higher in search rankings and can be more easily matched with customers looking to hire them.