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Evie Taylor

Hi, I'm Evie and I specialize in writing professional entertainment and lifestyle articles, including TV and travel reviews. I run two successful TV show based blogs and also critique pop music albums. I�m based in the UK and my experience includes writing articles for companies such as Fandom UK, Cultured Vultures and Fansided.

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Amy Boyington

I specialize in helping lifestyle entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations attract their ideal audiences, generate leads, and convert sales with helpful content for their websites and blogs. As a mom and former preschool teacher, I have a passion for helping family-focused brands and non-profits thrive, but have also worked with several clients in the health and wellness, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and pet sectors.

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Amanda Loudin

I am an experienced freelance writer with a focus on health and fitness. I have a proven track record for delivering well-researched, on-time, concise pieces. You'll find my work in the Washington Post, Outside magazine, Runner's World, ESPN, and more.

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Joshua Marcus

I work primarily as a content creator for mental health startups. Having studied psychology for 4 years, mental health and wellness is my passion. I've been on both sides of the couch, and I have an in-depth understanding of personality struggles, mental illness, and what it means to get well.

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Caitlin Corsetti

Writer, editor, coffee enthusiast, dog mom.

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Christine Gardner

I just recently began my blog,, but I have had a love affair with writing for as long as I can remember. Most of the content on my blog is related to life's challenges, our perspective on life, and the way we choose to face life's ups and downs. My hope is to reach others and have a positive impact on how we view the world and others in it. I am a mother and an registered nurse. I work in mental health and have a passion for helping others. I have been inspired by many others and use their words of hope and insight as a motivator in my own life.

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Matthew Traver

Matthew is a writer, editor and filmmaker specializing in adventure, culture, nature, travel and lifestyle topics. His writing and photography has been published in outlets such as The New York Times, Trek & Mountain Magazine, RailRiders Clothing, Sidetracked Magazine, Action Asia Magazine, Long Riders' Guild Press, Ripcord Adventure Journal, Geographical Magazine, Men's Running UK, Meter Mag, Open Central Asia Magazine, University of Geneva Press, Adventure Planet, Russian Life, Alpine Journal, Vogel & Natur, Nite Watches, Stroud News & Journal, Randonner à Cheval, HOM Social Media, Love Nature, Russia Beyond the Headlines, ExplorersWeb and Alpinist Magazine.

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Kelly Mitchell

Kelly is a writer and content strategist that is always ready for a challenge and a cup of coffee. She believes that information is a powerful tool that can ignite positive change in communities around the globe. Currently based in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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Chris Wotton

I'm a full-time, widely published freelance writer and editor from the United Kingdom, based in Bangkok, Thailand, since 2012. I focus on food and travel pieces and corporate copywriting, content marketing, and blog posts, proofreading, and editing.

Gianna Cifredo

I have six years of experience in higher education, where I worked primarily in college admissions, the freshman-to-college transition, and preparing high school students for the college admissions process and college life in general. I also have extensive knowledge of general health, especially as it relates to nutrition and social trends.

Claire Blystra

Creative writer focused on helping businesses and individuals grow and thrive.

Cori Padgett

Cori Padgett-Bukowski is a cheeky, word wrangler-for-hire, professional blogger, and published fiction author under the pen name C.B. Stone.

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