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Top Home & Garden Writers

Kimberly Lewis

Your Closet Cheerleader We are your big sisters, cheerleaders, and confidence boosters in building a happy home. We Are The Lou Lou Girls!

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Carrie Higgins

Carrie has been blogging at the popular website Making Lemonade for over 6 years where she shares fresh ideas for home and family. A former school librarian, Carrie has been featured on HGTV, 6ABC news, Better Homes & Gardens, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She was also the keynote speaker at the Philadelphia Magazine's Be Well Philly Bootcamp as well as a speaker at the Philadelphia Home and Garden show. She loves sharing easy home, DIY, food, garden, and style ideas for other busy families!

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Sarah Fogle

I'm a single, Atlanta-based home improvement blogger with an addiction to power tools. I like to show people how I manage to remodel my home without a lot of helping hands and pass tips and tricks on to readers.

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Timothy Dahl

I'm the DIY editor at Popular Mechanics and founder of the home improvement site, Charles & Hudson, and DIY family site, Built by Kids.

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I take a blah house and make it awesome!

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Chris Deziel

A scientist by training, Chris Deziel has been active in the building trades for over 30 years. He has written on science and home improvement topics since 2010. Deziel was an expert consultant for Pro Referral, a Home Depot company, and now publishes regularly on Hunker.com and Sciencing.com.

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Stephanie GardenTherapy

I believe that anyone can feel immediate benefits from spending a short while outdoors, digging in the earth and connecting with all that gardening brings. Garden Therapy has over 450 projects, crafts, and recipes to inspire you to dig in! Most are directly related to gardening although some may stretch into other areas, like natural skincare, canning, home decor, and lots of freebies!

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Courtney A

French County Cottage is the name of blog, style and book. I am a social media influencer, professional photographer and published author. My first book French Country Cottage - based off our 1940's home and my style - was released in August 2018. My photos have appeared in magazines worldwide including several cover shots. I am a DIY girl who loves the mix of rustic and refined elements- and anything to do with French style and vintage is a weakness of mine.

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Ginny Bartolone

A blogger and content marketing writer, I have explored an array of lifestyle topics and created marketing materials for home improvement, wedding, and financial brands. I also work full-time as a proofreader and have a dynamic array of editing/article development experience. I have additionally ghostwritten for a variety of topics including health, wedding product descriptions, and environmental issues.

Stephanie Saul

Daily inspirations for all things pretty, crafty and eco chic.

Nikki Gladd

Nikki Gladd is the creator of the food+family+travel blog, Seeded at the Table. Since 2007, Nikki shares recipes and ideas that inspire families and friends to gather for joy and community, along with favorite eats and treats from travels across the country. Whether it's a meal, a group project, road trips or game nights, Nikki believes relationships grow when making time for one another.

Ben Kazinik

I'm an Inbound Marketer & Content Writer with 5+ years of experience. I have written anything from blog posts to novels. I've written about social media, marketing, B2B, chatbots, influencers, cybersecurity, email marketing, and more. Some of the articles are ghostwritten by me. I ALWAYS meet deadlines and overdeliver.

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What makes a writer succeed in the home and garden industry?

From houses and apartments, to condos and everything in between, we all have somewhere we call home. A professional home and garden writer knows just how to connect your specific audience to the ideals, trends and topics that elevate the love for the place we rest our heads each night. Here's how.

They know how to do things.

When you're reading about DIY home projects or how to grow the most vibrant flowers, advice from a first-person perspective makes readers feel reassured that their project will turn out a-okay. Writers who inject personal experience, insight and tips into home and garden content make it unique and trustworthy.

They have a sense of style.

Much like the fashion industry, writers in home and garden have an eye for color, textures and design. Not only can they share the benefits of your products or services, but they also paint a picture of how it fits into the reader's dream home. They create a vision for your audience that can't be ignored.

They have passion for home.

When it comes down to it, these writers walk the walk each day and love to gab about ways to make your home and garden flourish. You'll see the passion in their writing samples, social media updates and onboarding conversations because they genuinely enjoy the daily upkeep, design and maintenance of their own homes.

What are the biggest trends in home and garden?

Each season brings new perspectives on the must-haves in this industry. The top writers stay attuned to this ebb and flow by shopping their local home improvement stores often, browsing home and garden publications and getting their hands dirty on projects in their own backyards.

Teach people what to do.

"DIY is the one trend that just isn’t going anywhere. People will always be looking for expert advice on how to get the most out of their living spaces. The businesses that can provide the most useful information are the ones who will succeed with this valuable segment of the market."

Elizabeth Trach, Professional Home and Garden Blogger
Balance traditional and modern content.

"A few significant trends are happening in home and gardening spaces right now. Consumers are looking to get back to traditional home and garden topics, such as heirlooms and doing more with less. At the same time, consumers also want to incorporate modern technology to help make their lives better. Devices that turn their home into a smart home are always in demand."

Shannon McKee, Freelance Writer
Make content easy to browse.

"I've been seeing more demand for blogs that harmonize with mobile-friendly websites. Sure, I still have to hit the SEO-friendly target word count, but I'm throwing in a lot more images and making everything extra scannable."

Alicia Persson, Freelance Writer and Blogger

Who has wonderful home and garden writing?

Seasoned homeowners to first-time apartment dwellers rely on the savvy inspiration created by the This Old House team. Their content ranges from engaging television shows and portable podcasts, to helpful magazine articles and insightful online content. They excel at DIY and home design by partnering with industry professionals to amplify their already highly qualified crew of craftsmen. Even the handiest home and garden lovers learn new tricks from This Old House. 

Whether readers are establishing a pollinator garden or exploring new varieties of squash, the American Horticultural Society (AHS) offers an abundance of resources including zone maps, podcasts, books, lists of related organizations and individual publications including brochures and PDFs. Their writing speaks to readers in plain, everyday language so you don't need a botany or horticulture degree to follow along. Their content is engaging, visually well organized and simply enjoyable to browse.

Secrets From a Home and Garden Writer

"I have kept much of the same clientele over the years by adhering to two principles. First, give them the content they want. Second, always stay on schedule. As with any service, people will pay for a writer who is dependable and worth the investment. You'll be surprised how many people come to me after bad experiences with writers who can't complete projects or didn't read the directions!"

Anonymous Home and Garden Writer

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