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Top Government Writers

Tasha Williams

Former financial risk analyst turned storyteller. I also take on journalism projects that explore the intersection of economics with areas such as technology and culture. Helping brands draw out their best narratives and insights to produce compelling content is what I do.

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Steven Auger

Writing about local government, health, fitness, parenting, children, pets, and dental/oral care. Steven Auger is a Brand Journalist who specializes in SEO web marketing content. He writes for such major brands as Planet Fitness and Colgate. Steven has previously written for Family Education, Care (child care and pets), Tom's of Maine, Petcentric by Purina, and the Westford Patch.

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Kit Perez

I'm an intelligence professional and deception analyst who specializes in original work on politics, the surveillance state, and privacy tech. I have a bachelor's in Counterintelligence, a Master's in Intelligence, and a deep understanding of social engineering, human manipulation, and propaganda.

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Christine Hall

Christine Hall began her career writing for newspapers and other periodicals in 1971 when she penned her first story for the Los Angeles Free Press. Through the 1970s, she was a regular contributor to numerous counter cultural �underground� newspapers and her writing was often distributed by the Underground Press Syndicate.

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Jordan Carpenter

10 years in New York City/State politics. I curated news and ghostwrote for elected officials and non-profit organizations in the space. Manuscript writer and editor at Phase Two Publishing.

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Devsena Mishra

I write about government programs, defense industry and geopolitical matters, advanced technologies, and business. I have good experience in different domains. I'm Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Certified, PRINCE2 practitioner, ITIL certified, Certified Scrum Developer, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master.

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Tess Stevens

Writer with a love of politics, music, fashion, and beauty. San Francisco. I'm a writer based in the Bay Area. Former digital journalist for ABC7 News. Current contributor for Where Magazine San Francisco,

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Shayna Miller

Storyteller and lover of politics, women's rights, food, travel, hospitality, and culture. A true journalist at heart, I'm always looking for people with interesting and important stories to tell! I'm an expert at writing and packaging content in a clear and relatable way to help brands connect to their clients and readership in the best ways possible. I enjoy editing just as much as I enjoy writing, and am always looking for new ways to utilize these skills.

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Kevin Raposo

I"m a tech blogger who likes to cover all the latest tech, gadget, and internet news.

Caroline Earle

I am staying stylish one fitness fad at a time and I hope you'll join me! I am a 20-something Bostonian who can be found teaching an indoor cycling class, writing for my blog and most often than not, sporting obnoxiously colorful, patterened spandex.

Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa has been writing professionally since 2001. Formerly one of the youngest nationally distributed columnists for the largest newspaper syndicates in the country, the Gannett News Service, he worked as a section editor for amNewYork, the most widely distributed paper in Manhattan. He became a full-time freelance writer in Los Angeles before moving back to the East Coast, where he currently lives and works in a tiny yellow cottage in a little New Jersey beach town across the water from New York City.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda is a freelance journalist and professional blogger specializing in subjects related to finance. You can find her work all over the financial Internet on sites like Wise Bread, AllBusiness, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Business Insider, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, and HuffPo.

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