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Top Family & Parenting Writers

Lolly Jane

We love home decor, crafts, furniture revamps, awesome project roundups, tasty recipes and more...all while armed with an ice cold Diet Coke. Join us crazy fun twin sisters, Kelli and Kristi, to get your DIY on and spruce up your space!

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Carrie Higgins

Carrie has been blogging at the popular website Making Lemonade for over 6 years where she shares fresh ideas for home and family. A former school librarian, Carrie has been featured on HGTV, 6ABC news, Better Homes & Gardens, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She loves sharing easy home, DIY, food, garden, and style ideas for other busy families!

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Steven Auger

Steven Auger is a Brand Journalist who specializes in SEO web marketing content. He has previously written for Family Education, Care (child care and pets), Tom's of Maine, Petcentric by Purina, and the Westford Patch.�He writes for such major brands as Planet Fitness and Colgate.

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Cheryl Maguire

Cheryl Maguire holds a Master of Counseling Psychology degree. She is married and the mother of twins and a daughter. Her writing has been published in Parents Magazine, Upworthy, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings and Your Teen Magazine.

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Dina Robison

An honest voice for everything parenting, lifestyle, dating, relationships, personal development, yoga, fitness, content marketing, and business. Additionally, in the last year, I have written and sold pieces about content marketing, business, and writing.

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Helie Gursoy

Hi, my name is Helie Gursoy & I'm one of the leading mommy bloggers in Israel for the past 12 years, and I got a big parenting portal in Israel called 2Bmommy -, with more than 5000 articles about parenting, lifestyle, shopping & travelling.

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Katherine Betts

Before the arrival of my twins, I was an Architect specializing in the education sector. I also spent time teaching school science to ages 12-18. I now run a family lifestyle blog called Twin Pickle, aimed at mothers with young children. I also work with brands through social media, promoting products through lifestyle photography and video. I am a mom of 2yr-old twin boys and an 8yr-old daughter.

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Becki Robins

Freelance writer specializing in parenting, science, and entertainment. I currently do freelance writing for ZergNet, and I ghostwrite for a photography website.

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Charlotte Andersen

I mostly cover parenting and women's issues, body image, health, fitness, and science but I'm open to others. I'm a freelancer with over 8 years of experience writing for all types of print and web publications, including Shape, Redbook, Men's Health, SheKnows, iVillage, Huffington Post, Yahoo and many, many others. I've also authored two books and ghost-written several others.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

Roni Noone

Roni is a Web Publisher, Healthy Living Blogger and Social Media Fanatic. After blogging through a 70lb weight loss she created BlogToLose, an online weight loss community, founded FitBloggin', a conference for health and wellness bloggers, and now manages a CrossFit Gym.

Melissa Kravitz

Lifestyle and food writer based in NYC.

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