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Top Books & Literature Writers

Chrissa Reed

Writing about books, creativity, sustainability, sewing and style, and education. My goal is to help you deliver compelling and flawless content so that your message reaches your target audience while staying true to your voice, your brand and your business.

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Tim Metz

Diligence, worldliness, and resourcefulness are my traits. Inspiration strikes daily at 7 am sharp, with words and ideas emerging from years of travel, reading, entrepreneurial endeavors and, of course, storytelling.

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Carol Tice

Helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders build authority through ghostwriting fascinating books and ebooks that tell their story.

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Yhani Jones

Passionate fan and geek culture enthusiast looking to grow in writing while learning more about my general interests. I enjoy writing about my interests the most, but I am capable of writing different types of content spaning various topics.

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Ali Luke

I'm a very experienced blogger, with a degree in English from the University of Cambridge and a Masters in Creative & Life Writing from Goldsmiths College (University of London). I've written for a number of very popular and reputable sites, including Copyblogger, ProBlogger, Write to Done, Smart Blogger and Pick the Brain, and for Writers Forum magazine in the UK.

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Alyssa Hollingsworth

My passion is writing content that serves both the client and the audience by giving them quality work in an engaging voice. I care about people. Whether it's training an understudy into editorial management, interacting with the public to build a WWI memorial, or teaching Afghans in Kabul about therapeutic writing, I am committed to helping others.

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Ryan Crawley

I do have my Masters in Reading and Literacy. I have been an educator for over ten years with experience teaching elementary through college. I make my living as a professional writer. I always make deadlines, and I appreciate having ongoing article assignments. I try my best to make my writing entertaining and educational.

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Monika Dimitrovska

I'm a creative author/writer with big dreams from a small town in Macedonia. Writing is my passion. Writing is my everything.

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Maia Enriquez

Marione Enriquez is junior copywriter for a marketing company and a regular contributing writer for Thought Catalog, Connected Women, and Entity Magazine. She writes articles about a variety of topics including literature, healthcare, law, cybersecurity, and technology.

Scott Beggs

A veteran of writing about movie culture for over a decade, Scott's writing appears at Vanity Fair, /film, Film School Rejects, IndieWire, Nerdist, mental_floss, Polygon, Thrillist, and more. He wants to be Buster Keaton's best friend.

wade wainio

Hello, I am a contributor for websites like 1428 Elm,, Showsnob and Undead Walking. My big interest right now is more writing and/or editing work. Basically, I'm trying to make this my career path, rather than washing dishes, pushing a mop or flipping burgers.

Daniel Fuller

Daniel has been writing for fun in one form or another from a young age, and started making a living from it in 2015. Since then, he's put out content on Android Headlines, Medium, and Blasting News, along with a novella and occasional posts on his creative blog, Creativity and Other Drugs.

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What should writers consider most when crafting content in the field of books and literature?

The client's goal always comes first in this writing niche. Are you looking for a wordsmith who can create ebooks, essays, fictional prose or witty vignettes to bolster your literary-focused content marketing plans? Or, do you need someone to generate thoughtful reviews of bestsellers, academic journals, or cherished classics? Whatever your needs, professional books and literature writers can get the job done.

They conduct quality research.

Since creating a book or parsing the intricacies of a selected work takes ample focus and consideration, professional writers know how to dig into the details. They have no hesitation seeking out interview subjects, additional texts and engaging in experiences that will amplify their content creation process.

They read more than you.

Professional books and literature writers are voracious readers. They not only have passion for the written word, they also want to stay atop current lit trends and be in-the-know about emerging authors. They read for pleasure and to solidify their authority in this specialized writing space. 

They consider the marketing.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's there to hear it... ditto for books. A quality writer knows to infuse the client's expectations as well as SEO tactics, trending topics or whatever will help the content reach its intended audience. During the content planning stages, expect your writer to interject their knowledge of your niche and how it's functioning in the marketplace so you can develop a product that gets seen.

What are the notable trends in books and literature?

This evolving industry is experiencing a shift from hard-copy to digital assets, a nod to shorter texts that can be consumed quickly by busy audiences and the need to create audio and ebook versions of content to appeal to device-loving readers. Here are a few additional insights our top writers in the book and literature vertical have to say.

Self-publishing will only grow.

"The most notable trend in books is the explosion of self-published titles and the implosion of most book prices."

Carol Tice, Freelance Book Ghostwriter and Published Author
Readers expect more truth.

"Readers are calling for more reliability from nonfiction book authors after some bestselling books have been found with factual errors or uncredited writing — even plagiarism. In fiction, indy publishing is helping many more diverse authors find an audience."

Amy Sterling Casil, Marketing Writer for Hire
Embrace digital production.

"Digital technology has revolutionized how books are produced and consumed. Print-on-demand and Kindle allow anyone to become an author without a publisher or literary agent. Audiences now include readers consuming content through print, tablets, and smartphones, and multimedia."

Roy Rasmussen, Coauthor of 'Publishing for Publicity', Writer and Teacher

Who has wonderful books and literature writing?

Becker's Healthcare has taken its content marketing initiatives to the next level by creating a diverse library of ebooks for its audience of executive-level decision-makers in the healthcare industry. The content focuses on news, commentary, strategy and analysis of complex topics that require a format for thoughtful, slow consumption. Enter ebooks.

Here are a few titles they've published: 'Strategic Outsourcing Partnerships:  A new model for revenue cycle operations delivering predictable outcomes, sustainability and growth';  'How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations — 9 Must Read's; and 'The provider and the patient story: 6 lessons to revitalize patient care with clinical documentation excellence.'

When thinking about the best book reviews, one source immediately tops the list. The New York Times is a mainstay for bibliophiles of all genres. In addition to giving eloquent previews of upcoming releases and authentic reactions to new additions to your favorite bookstore, the writers also venture into tangential topics relating to current issues and popular themes popping up in the literary world as well as endearing author biographies. The best part? This publisher spans multiple genres, from crime to children's books, making it a trusted resource for everyone. 

Secrets From a Books and Literature Writer

"Many would-be authors are throwing together books because they feel they have something to say — instead of taking that expertise and doing research to figure out how to package their knowledge into something readers actually search for and are interested to know or to read. Also, few have an understanding of how vital building a platform and audience before publication will be to the success of their book."

Anonymous Books and Literature Writer

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