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How to Use ClearVoice Marketplace to Find & Hire Quality Freelance Writers

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Fast. Good. Cheap.

You know the saying you can have two of these, but you can’t have all three.

ClearVoice found out early on that this philosophy holds true when it comes to creating content. As marketers, we are still asked to provide all three. And we’re asked to do it over and over again.

An effective content strategy requires (among other things) high-quality content written by skilled writers who understand your industry. But how do you get there without spending the money to grow your team or all your time recruiting freelancers?

As marketers faced with this same issue daily, we created the ClearVoice Talent Network. But, we decided to shake the ol’ “Fast. Good. Cheap” triangle up a bit.

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We put “good” first, recruiting only experienced freelance writers. Then, we replaced “cheap” with “within budget.” That meant bringing in skilled freelancers at various price points, giving marketers a way to set a firm budget, and then doing some matchmaking.

Using the marketplace, you can produce a piece of stellar content written by a subject matter expert in a week’s time. And then do it again.

How it works

We’re a bit different than other online marketplaces.

Instead of searching through hundreds of freelancers by category or price range, you’ll be matched with a curated selection of freelance writers based on the specifications of your assignment. You set your budget, topic and instructions first; then we go to work. image-for-cc-post

Within two business days, we’ll present you with a cast of writers who were matched with (and given the opportunity to apply for) your assignment. Then, you simply review and select your favorite.

After that, you’ll collaborate directly with the freelancer. You’ll request revisions, pay them and hopefully, hire them again, all through the software. Our goal is to help you build an extension of your team, so you can create more high-quality content, more often.

Step 1: Start with a plan

To begin the process, you’ll need to nail down the following details about the piece of content you want created:

  • The type of content you want to produce (i.e., blog post, whitepaper, ebook, etc.)
  • Your budget (check out our guide on how much to pay freelance writers)
  • Your editorial and brand guidelines (style, tone, format, plus any do’s and don’ts for the writer)
  • Your target audience
  • Where the content will be published and/or distributed

Step 2: Create an assignment & optimize it for matches

Once you have the details hammered out, create the assignment in ClearVoice. But how do we make sure you get a good “match?”

ClearVoice uses two things to match you up with the right freelancers: the budget and “Content Topics” you set in the assignment.

Follow the built-in pricing guide to make sure your budget aligns with the type of writer you’re looking for.

Then, type in two to three content topics that are aligned with your concept, industry and target audience. You’ll see available topics auto populate as you begin to type. We recommend choosing at least one overarching topic and at least one subtopic. Every ClearVoice freelancer selects from the same list of topics when they sign up.

Step 3: Review freelancer profiles & select your favesClearVoice marketplace


When the matching is complete on our end, you’ll receive an email you that applicants are ready for review. We recommend you look at their ClearVoice profiles, recent work, social profiles, etc., before selecting someone for the job. You should also look at their content topics, listed below their name.

Pro tip: If you’re torn, you can ‘favorite’ writers using the heart icon to save them for a later assignment.

Step 4: Collaborate & build a team

Once you select a freelancer for your assignment, they begin writing. We find the best collaboration starts with communication. Send your writer a little note via the Messages tab after you’ve selected them. That’s also a good place to add any additional notes or reference materials.

If you like the freelancer, you can hire them again. Next time you create an assignment, simply select their name from the drop-down list of creators.

As you begin to work with freelancers regularly, you can build out specialized writing teams in your ClearVoice account. Once you create a team, you can offer an assignment to all the writers on that team on a first-come, first-served basis. This enables you to create content quicker with a network of trusted freelance writers.

Following these steps will help you leverage the ClearVoice Marketplace to expand your team, so you can produce more content on your budget and timeline. The new triangle!

Courtney Craig

About Courtney

Courtney Craig is Director of Product Marketing at ClearVoice. A former TV news producer turned digital doer, someone once told her that her "Producer" hat never came off. She hates mornings and likes obsessing over user experience, #coldbrew coffee, and travel. Follow her on Twitter.

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