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Elena Prokopets

B2B Blogger specializing in in-depth content for app/software development and online marketing companies. So, if you need the copy packed with value, written in a sharp, witty manner even on a seemingly complex subject like software development, I'm your gal!

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Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional freelance writer. He has helped small businesses achieve their goals by provide them with content that aims to increase traffic and awareness about their online business and connect with their audience.

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Megan Krause

My areas of expertise include: substance abuse; grammar, writing & editing; content marketing and SEO; managing/working with freelancer writers; software & technology; and internet & ecommerce.I create clean content that engages your target audience, drives leads and boosts conversions - and generally makes your life easier. I am looking forward to working with you!

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Doug Bonderud

An award-winning technology and security writer, Doug has a knack for distilling complex concepts down into actionable, readable copy that generates interest and drives engagement.

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Brian Sodoma

I handle deadline pressure well, communicate effectively with sources, clients and editors at all phases of a project, and am a strong interviewer of sources, if that's needed. I take pride in matching the right content and strategy with a client's goals.

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Dahna Chandler

I team remotely with enterprises to bring exceptional content communications experiences to their current and prospective clients with leading-edge, digital corporate communications and strategic content writing solutions. I look forward to working with you to help you reach your overall business goals by providing the outstanding digital messaging strategies and strategic content that accelerates client engagement.

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Jawad Khan

I am a certified inbound marketer and a content marketing & SEO consultant featured on Adweek, Hubspot, MarketingProfs, Social Media Examiner, and many other leading marketing blogs. I specialize in creating in-depth and actionable content backed by solid data and research.

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Jessica Barrett Halcom

A freelance writer and blogger with over 17 years of experience in a corporate environment. Helping clients reach their target market by creating content for blogs, websites and marketing materials. Primarily specializing in topics related to human resources, healthcare, technology, sales, transportation, marketing and leadership. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified.

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Milton Herman

I have nearly 10 years of writing and editing experience. I've worked at a marketing agency as a content strategist where I planned and developed content across different verticals for a large book of clients. I've worked at a content marketing software company where I did customer success and learned all things SaaS.

Christy Matte

Christy Matte is a Boston-area freelance writer with a diverse background that includes working with young people, non-profits, technology, education, adult training, event planning, grant writing, and international program support. She enjoys travel and exploration, learning new things, reality TV and spending time with her kids.

Amanda Pachniewska

I've been providing professional freelance writing and content marketing services for over 5 years. My copy has been used by top brands like Amazon, Google, Assa Abloy, Apartment Therapy, and Pottery Barn. Writing that works - that's what I deliver. I don't just provide you with text, I provide you with high quality content that generates leads, increases conversions, and enhances your brand.

Audrey Henderson

Audrey Henderson holds advanced degrees in sociology and law from Northwestern University. A native of Upper East Tennessee, she remained in the greater Chicago area after completing her education. Her specialties include policy relating to the arts and popular culture, personal finance, current events, socially responsible travel, civic tech and sustainable development in the built environment.

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What makes a good ebook writer?

Ebooks are valuable assets that can help marketers with lead generation, but they have to be written well and align with business goals. You need a skilled writer who can help you inform and educate your target audience and bolster your brand’s reputation as a leader in your space. So what should you look for in an ebook writer beyond writing skills?

They are self-disciplined.

Beyond any interviews that research may require, the process of writing an ebook is fairly solitary. A good writer should be self-disciplined and self-directed. He or she will need to be effective with time management and resist the “cute puppy video” rabbit holes that lead others astray.

They can break down complex ideas.

You want writers who are masters of distilling complex ideas into simple concepts for readers, who understand their audiences, and who know how to present information in a friendly way that is easy to understand yet not so simple that it seems dumbed-down.

They pay attention to form.

Good ebook writers understand that more than writing down words goes into creating a superb asset. They must pay attention to the content and structure. A well-organized and elegantly structured ebook makes it easier for readers to absorb. Appropriate use of headings, short paragraphs, and bullets makes the content easier to read.

What are the biggest trends in writing ebooks for businesses?

In the crowded, content-heavy world of internet marketing, an ebook has to be worthwhile to capture your customers’ attention. Trends in promotion and how people read these long-form assets and what they expect from them are evolving. Below, three writers in the ClearVoice Talent Network share the biggest trends they see in creating these page-turners (or page-clickers) for businesses.

Writers need to put on their editor hats.

"In the growing ebook market, readers expect ebooks to deliver the same quality experience as print books. That’s why I believe that ebook writers will spend more time editing and polishing their content to avoid silly errors that make them look less professional. Since better content helps grow readership, this is good for readers and writers."

Sharon Hurley Hall, Writer and Blogger
Visual flair counts.

"With ebooks, whether writing to educate, entertain or market a product, storytelling continually takes on new forms. Because we write to niche audiences who glean their information from multiple devices, ebooks have become less word intensive and more visual — with color, infographics, images and other custom graphics details helping to communicate the message."

Anne-Marie Pritchett, Copywriter and Strategist
Keep it real.

"People respond to real examples. Yet the ebooks of yesteryear often leaned on high-level concepts, leaving readers on their own to pull everything together. Moving forward, we’ll see more tangible elements — like an email template that can immediately be put into action or a process that is demonstrated through a customer success story instead of some step-by-step overview."

Britt Skrabanek, Content Consultant and Writer

Who writes ebooks really well?

PROS, a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimize selling in the digital economy, understands the value of educational, tailored ebook content. The site serves a variety of different verticals and takes great care to create both general content assets as well as industry-specific ebooks that hit on the nuances of sales and e-commerce in specific industries.

Brian Dean produces incredibly helpful and easy-to-understand content for those who want to learn more about using SEO strategies for their sites. Along with videos and blog posts, the Backlinko site offers ungated access to user-friendly, continuously updated guides to help beginners and more advanced SEOs.

Secrets from an Ebook Writer

"So you want an ebook to help with your lead generation? That’s great, but you also need a solid idea that makes sense to your audience. While I like a little freedom to flex my writing muscles, 'surprise me' isn’t adequate guidance for your job. Send me a general outline or even a high-level list of 'must-include' bullet points to include."

Anonymous Ebook Writer

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