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Your Content Marketing Radar: August 9, 2017

Keeping up on details about what is changing in the world of content marketing and why is nearly a full-time job. So, instead of staying on top of everything yourself, let us help you. We’ll help you stay informed about items like why Apple finally created an Instagram account or tell you how YouTube has changed its app to make sharing easier than ever. We’ll make sure to keep the right information on your radar, so you can focus on what matters most.

New study finds that more than 3 billion people are now using social media

A new report released this week shows how impressive the worldwide growth of social media truly is. The report, compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social, found that the number of social media users worldwide now tops 3 billion people. This means that about 2 out of every 5 people across the globe have at least one social media profile.

The report also indicates some other important information for brands with an international presence. For example:

  • The number of internet users across the globe now equals more than 3.8 billion.
  • More than 5 billion people — about 2/3 of the earth’s population — now use at least one mobile device.
  • Nearly 2.8 billion people actively use social media on their mobile devices.


What you need to know about why Apple finally created an Instagram account

For years, content marketers have observed Apple’s lack of publishing from its Facebook and Twitter accounts with intrigue. This lack of publishing has obviously been one of the reasons why people are so interested in Apple’s brand new presence on Instagram.

However, instead of making a major shift in how it uses social media, it appears that Apple is using Instagram to promote UGC for its “Shot on iPhone” campaign. It remains to be seen if this campaign will extend to other channels, but for the moment Apple’s first foray into regular social publishing appears to be pretty conservative.

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YouTube makes sharing videos easier than ever

After years of needing to use another social channel to share YouTube videos, starting Monday, Aug. 7, users now are able to share videos with other YouTube users in the app by using a new direct message functionality. In addition to being able to share videos in the app, users also now can carry on conversations, create chat groups, and send videos as replies.

For content marketers, the new functionality will be something to keep your eyes on. Videos on Facebook have taken a chunk out of YouTube in the last couple of years, but perhaps with this new functionality, YouTube may start to bring more people back to the app — which means marketers could see more traction on their YouTube videos.

New Facebook report helps brands maximize video effectiveness

A new report from Facebook this week features four key points for brands to consider to help improve brand awareness and ensure that their intended messages are delivered. The key points include:

  1. Include your brand early: The earlier you can make mention of your brand, the better people will connect with your brand and message.
  2. Remember branding is more than a logo: If you have a font, color, or other distinguishable characteristic, use it in your video to help facilitate brand recognition.
  3. Reinforce the campaign message visually: Don’t rely on words. Use graphics and other visuals to share your message.
  4. Set the scene quickly: On mobile, it’s important to get right into the action. Many mobile viewers won’t have the patience to wait long for you to deliver your message.

Facebook to start punishing non-mobile optimized sites

Facebook announced this week that it would soon begin penalizing publishers who do not have mobile optimized websites. According to the company, posts that provide links to optimized web sites will generally rank higher in the newsfeed than links to non-mobile optimized sites. Facebook will begin rolling out the algorithm change in upcoming months, so if your site is not yet optimized for mobile, you still have time to make some adjustments.

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