Case Study CarFax

Rev Up Your Productivity and Streamline Your Content Creation Like CARFAX

“ClearVoice simplifies some of the most time-consuming aspects of content management. It’s an accessible platform that allows you to connect with freelancers, improve communication and quickly develop an editorial plan.” – Jim Sharifi, CARFAX

Case Study SpareFoot

Kick Your Content Strategy Up to the Next Level Like SpareFoot

“ClearVoice has made coordinating with my freelance team an effortless process.” – Alexander Harris, SpareFoot

LeadMD Case Study

Increase Your Content Output 50% Like LeadMD

“We are able to create a dynamic content calendar, plug in our personas for each assignment, and give our subject matter experts the opportunity to create content more easily. Having one unified system to manage content has rocked.” – Natasha Ness, LeadMD

LaneTerralever Case Study

How LaneTerralever Increased a Client’s Revenue by 87%

“Access to the 2,000+ content writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences helps to bolster our content production, particularly in niche or technical areas.” – Elise Gould, LaneTerralever

Save Time and Generate More Leads Like Apruve

“At Apruve, we’re blogging five times a week, adding up to 20 hours (4 hours X 5 days) if we did it ourselves. With ClearVoice, I can handle the content generation and management in just 2.5 hours, saving us 17.5 hours a week!” – Matt Osborn, Apruve

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