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Paul James Tamayo

Writing about education, sports, relationships, and motivational topics. My passion for both reading and writing has honed my natural instinct to produce outputs that are reader-friendly and audience-themed. Currently serving as a sports writer for Fox Sports Philippines and ClutchPoints, Inc., and a web novel editor for MoboReader, I have an excellent knack for coming up with powerful, influential write-ups and articles.

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Gianna Cifredo

I have six years of experience in higher education, where I worked primarily in college admissions, the freshman-to-college transition, and preparing high school students for the college admissions process and college life in general. I also have extensive knowledge of general health, especially as it relates to nutrition and social trends.

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Amy Boyington

I specialize in helping lifestyle entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations attract their ideal audiences, generate leads, and convert sales with helpful content for their websites and blogs. As a mom and former preschool teacher, I have a passion for helping family-focused brands and non-profits thrive, but have also worked with several clients in the health and wellness, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and pet sectors.

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Hannah Pikula

Stories are the fuel for modern business. I have been lucky enough to help tell the stories of a variety of different brands so far in my career, from orange juice to HR services.

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Lynda Seminara, CMPP

For 30+ years, Lynda has developed and enhanced content in accordance with client's timelines, style needs, and other specifications. She thrives on producing top-tier deliverables in deadline-driven settings. Areas of interest and expertise include education, health care, entertainment, and elder care.

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David Jackson

I am a business professional who loves to write. In my work, I have written many training materials, guides, white papers, and internal SOP's (standard operating procedures) and other documents. In my spare time, I write articles on topics that surround my profession of People, Culture, and Diversity.

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Janice Leary

Areas of expertise include education, health, business and fundraising. I am a communications/marketing and journalism professional who delivers high-quality editorial and communications/marketing content under tight deadlines. I have an extensive track record of writing and editing an array of digital and print content that promotes an organization's brand, advances its mission, and engages its many stakeholders.

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Jessica Leigh Brown

I loving telling stories about people, companies, and universities. I love looking at complex topics and uncovering stories that will resonate with readers. My areas of focus are: education technology, higher education content marketing, Internet of Things (IoT), and business analytics.

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Chrissa Reed

Writing about education, books, sustainability, sewing and style, and creativity. My goal is to help you deliver compelling and flawless content so that your message reaches your target audience while staying true to your voice, your brand and your business.

Casey Bond

Casey Bond is a seasoned personal finance writer and editor. Today, she serves as a lifestyle reporter at HuffPost. She was formerly an executive editor at Student Loan Hero and the content director/EIC at Casey has contributed to a number of publications including US News & World Report, Forbes, and TheStreet.

Jenny Villier

Legal writer and editor, content strategist

Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley runs a writing and editing business, serving both B2B and B2C businesses. He writes marketing and sales materials, including web content, blog posts, direct mail, press releases and the full spectrum of marketing collateral. He does both developmental editing and copyediting.

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