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Top Editors

Kimberlee Morrison

Editor, writer, yoga teacher, opinionated information junkie.

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Derek Markham

I'm an editor, writer, and a green crunchy treehugger who embraces new media and social networking to help spread the word about positive social change. I dig solar and wind energy, green tech and cleantech, organic farming, permaculture, mushrooms, bicycles, and homesteading topics.

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Brian Burgess

Computer technology editor. I worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing my passion for writing about consumer technology. I've been a tech blogger and journalist for the past eight years. My key experience is with Windows and other Microsoft products and services. But it doesn't stop there.

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Cathy Habas

I've been a full-time freelance writer since 2014. Topics I've written about run the gamut, from addiction recovery and wraparound services to Doctor Who and printer ink.

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Megan Krause

By day, I'm a content manager at a Phoenix marketing agency. By night/weekend, I'm a freelance writer who loves helping companies create great content. With 15 years of writing and editing experience, I have the right combination of editorial skills and marketing fluency, and my copy is clean, concise and always on time.

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Rebecca Taras

My name is Rebecca Taras and I have over ten years of editorial, marketing, and management experience. Some of my roles included working as an editor for extremely popular digital spaces like Refinery29, PopSugar, and Bustle; marketing manager for Cornerstone (aka Michael Jordan) Restaurant Group; and manager of a staff of 125 at one of Chicago's most popular salon/spas on Michigan Avenue.

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Alexander Harris

I have been writing and editing professionally since graduating Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008 with a degree in print journalism. I am an avid film and TV watcher, political junkie and fan of classic country music. I also enjoy long road trips across the USA. I can tackle any project and write on a wide number of topics including business, home organization, real estate, arts & culture, and much more.

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Lidiya K

I'm a full-time freelance writer, lifestyle designer and creator of Let's Reach Success. Thanks to turning my passion for writing into my career, I managed to relocate to Amsterdam, Netherlands and set up a company there. I've been in the publishing and blogging industry for over 7 years now, have contributed to publications like TIME magazine and have written over 1000 articles on anything related to personal, spiritual and business growth.

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Matthew Keegan

Matt Keegan or Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance writer. His specialities include automotive, business, college and career, and inspirational articles.

Kathleen Garvin

An experienced writer/editor who wants to help you and your brand! I'm a Philly native who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. I've worked in content and marketing for over eight years, and have experience writing for the digital marketing, business and allied healthcare industries. I've also written personal essays and ghostwritten articles for clients.

Michelle Uy

Michelle Rae Uy is a Los Angeles-based editor, writer and photographer with a bad case of wanderlust. She is a regular contributor for Thrillist, TravelAge West, HuffPo Travel, Paste Magazine, and Travel Pulse. She has written for publications like Nylon, Fodor's, and SmarterTravel, and is the contributing editor for MiniTime.com.

Sara Parker

Experienced writer and editor who's always up for a good Oxford comma debate. Sara is a word nerd and storyteller at heart. From fixing grammar mistakes as an editor to writing anything from lifestyle how-tos to cloud computing articles, she loves fitting words together to connect with people.

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What makes a good editor?

A great editor is someone who gets it: the story, the big idea, how to be professional. They have a knack for what works, what the audience wants, what makes people respond, click, engage, share. But they're busy, so they also have to delegate and be unafraid to let writers do their thing. They must know how to take something from good to great, without needing credit. How to be constructive, not critical for the sake of. When to leave something alone. How to be a fresh set of eyes, offer up their seasoned perspective and be a writer’s trusted collaborator. A captain of the content, not a candidate for hostile takeover. The best also understand the following:

They pay great attention to detail.

The best editors don't take any guff and don't like fluff. Be it word count or in person. Mincing words isn't their thing, which is actually good news since their #1 mandate is to help you churn out stellar content. Something that moves the needle and reeks of freshness, not regurgitation. Their job is to make the writer look good by giving clear, concise instruction that leads to a result everyone can be proud of. They know being direct is the most efficient way to get to the finish line — and sacrifice nothing to get there. 

They know how to improve work, not destroy it.

The best editors realize that writers have their limitations, so they're here to help. With timely topics, a better subhead, or a fresh angle on a stale topic. A skilled editor has seen a lot, they've been where you are... so they know how to keep the writer honest about what they're churning out. They're also selfless when it comes to sharing resources, be it a little known image database or a quotable expert they know personally that can lend greater veracity to a piece. And they give it all in the name of quality and selfless collaboration.

They know how to be your greatest cheerleader.

The best work happens when writers feel supported and trust their editor has their back. The best editors know that. That’s why they make themselves available to you for spontaneous spitball sessions, benevolent brainstorms and to unsnag you when you need it most. The best editors know how to let you fly, and let creativity soar. They never clip wings. They let you do what you do and know that when they do, you will hit your potential because having someone believe in your abilities is ultimately very freeing.

What trend excites you most as a content editor right now?

Content may be a king, but with something like 200+ million pieces of "content" being published to the Internet every minute, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Lucky for us, some aspire for higher than marginal when it comes to earning your click. In that vein, those who recognize the trends that get people talking, clicking, sharing survive... while so many others will go unseen. Here's what a few talented editors had to say about trends currently happening in the world of content and publishing.

Shift away from fluff.

"As a content editor, I’m most excited to see a shift from fluff pieces to heavy-hitting, honest, and important articles. It’s been very encouraging to see writers use their voices for good — for the truth — especially at such a scary time in our world."

Caitlin Corsetti, Writer and Editor
Use relatable language.

"Buzzwords, jargon, and clichés don’t convert readers — authenticity does. Which is why there is a trend toward using relatable language in content. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t use it in writing either. (Or your editor will take it out anyway.)"

Shannon Willoby,
Tell more stories.

"I'm inspired by the desire of top brands to tell stories instead of selling so overtly. They recognize that people don't want to be 'sold to' and that they're being held to a higher standard when it comes to what's real and what's overtly disingenuous. It's refreshing."

Gregg Rosenzweig, Producer and Writer

Where do editors clearly shine?

Which publications (or websites) possess the finest editors is a conversation that supersedes the word-count allotment of this space. Having said that, having a long-standing reputation for publishing stories with sound editorial principles and the knack for knowing what qualifies as great content will forever matter in journalism (let's hope). Though it will also remain purely subjective.

In this vein, two institutions that stand out for possessing editors that check most of the important boxes are The New York Times and Esquire. The New York Times maintains a consistently high standard for what happens before ever pressing the publish button in terms of getting multiple sources to corroborate stories, responsibly authenticating quotes and the long lost art form of fact checking. There's also great need to possess a POV, filtering a world's event through a lens to make the banal more interesting. That's where Esquire has long thrived, dishing out an entertaining and insightful blend of journalism and justice, hand in hand.

Tips from an Editor

"Experience matters when it comes to being a good editor. Having someone who's time-tested and been through the editorial ringer at known outlets can make the difference between the kind of hire you admire.. and the one you fire. There's an artform to understanding what makes an impactful story, and how to generate it with passion, persistence and collaboration."

Anonymous Editor

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