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AI is helpful for creating content for your brand. At ClearVoice, our managed content creation combines thoughtful, prompted AI content with human writers and editors to produce top-tier content that elevates your brand.

What is an AI Writer?

AI writers, like ChatGPT, have quickly become popular options for content creation. They are software or platforms that use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate written content. You prompt it, and it creates content that suits your brand’s messaging and needs.

In content marketing, AI writers help produce a range of content, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media content
  • Product descriptions
  • Email newsletters
  • And more

The secret to unlocking the power of AI writers is pairing their output with human creators, executing a strategic prompting strategy, and then revising and editing the AI content for accuracy, redundancy, and emotion.

At ClearVoice, we know how helpful it can be to use AI writers. Our expert writers and editors are ready to take your AI content creation strategy to the next level.

How AI Writing Supports Your Content Creation

Many marketers aim to enhance productivity. AI writers and AI content editors significantly speed up content creation and distribution.

For example, most marketers use AI for ideation. AI writers can generate anything from a list of blog topics to keyword suggestions in seconds. With the proper AI prompt strategy, AI writers can also create quality content outlines, briefs, and even rough drafts in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

AI content editors can help as well. You can train an AI content editor to understand the style and tone of your brand voice. Then, you can use it to review existing content to assess its quality, relevance, and alignment with your brand guidelines.

By using AI content editors and writers in your content creation process, you’re giving your team more time to focus on higher-level aspects of your content marketing strategy.

Bringing the Human into AI Content Creation

The debate continues around Humans vs. AI for content creation. Many content marketers are concerned that AI will replace all the human elements of content creation.

However, having a human touch in your content creation is essential to keeping the connection with your audience alive and thriving. Although AI writers can create content, they lack the personal perspective and expertise that you need to attract and engage customers.

If you use AI writing tools, it’s crucial to have human oversight every step of the way. Writers can use AI-generated content as first drafts and add voice and personality. Editors should check for accuracy and overall quality, ensuring your content has emotions and storytelling elements.

Bottom line, always remember the most essential part of content marketing: human connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The real question everyone’s asking. AI writers are fast becoming mainstream and only growing in popularity. Many are wondering if human writers will become obsolete. It’s important to remember that as good as AI is, it’s also just a tool. It’s designed to assist and augment human creativity, not replace it. AI writers excel at structural tasks but don’t have the nuanced understanding to convey human emotion. And that emotional connection is vital to storytelling in content marketing. The future of content creation isn’t a battle between AI and Human writers. It’s a collaboration.

Generative AI and AI content tools can streamline your content creation process. They’re also a cost-effective way to scale your content production. You can use them to generate large amounts of content at a rapid pace by automating low-level tasks and creating supplemental material.

Yep! AI writers and editors can adapt to a wide range of styles and tones. You give the software examples of your brand’s existing content or style guide. Then, it will learn to imitate your brand’s specific voice to ensure consistency throughout your content. That said, adding a layer of human editing is essential to ensuring your content is unique, factual, and high-quality.

AI writers can help you generate all sorts of content, from blog posts to social media copy to product descriptions. They can also draft ad copy and develop ideas for new content topics. They’re especially good at creating supplemental content like outlines, briefs, meta titles, and descriptions. You can even use AI writers to develop first drafts of almost any content type. Just make sure you have a human oversight strategy in place to make sure it passes the “sounds human” test.