Are you struggling to find seasoned content creators who can produce quality content like clockwork?

If the answer’s a resounding “YES,” it might be time to partner with a content platform. and ClearVoice are two more recognizable names for content writing services. But there are a few key differences.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the nitty-gritty of both platforms so you can determine which is a better fit for your content marketing needs.

What is (formerly called “Contentfly”) is a platform that connects freelance writers and businesses. Its on-demand features allow you to work directly with writers and handle revisions and payments.

The platform’s algorithm finds the best writers for your project based on a couple of factors, including:

  • Content type
  • Topic
  • Work history
  • And more has a relatively seamless workflow. You write your brief, choose a matched writer, and then request your content. If you’re running dry on inspiration, you can use their “Outline Assistant” to generate ideas based on their top-performing content.

Once your article arrives, you’re entitled to unlimited revisions until you get a solid, polished piece.’s writers can handle a range of content types, including:

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • “How-to” guides
  • Landing page copy
  • Ad copy
  • And more

They also have a dashboard designed to help you create content requests, find writers, and track their progress. platform has a few additional features:

  • Article Idea Generator: Use AI to generate potential content ideas based on your target keywords.
  • Brief builder:  Create organized content briefs to speed up the content creation process once it starts.
  • Integrations: Use your API key to integrate third-party tools like Google Docs, Trello, and Slack.


What is ClearVoice?

ClearVoice is a content agency that offers comprehensive content creation and strategy solutions. We build a customized team for your content, managing everything from ideation and strategy to creation and distribution.

We have a massive Talent Network of 4,000+ proven, experienced freelancers with experience in 200+ industries. Our talent managers personally vet every creator who applies to our network, validating their credentials, identity, and experience.

When you partner with us, we match you with expert writers, designers, and editors who fit your needs and budget. We also oversee all your content creation, ensuring each piece of content is crafted with your brand’s style, tone, and mission in mind.

We love crafting high-quality written content, but our services go beyond that. We also offer top-tier visual content, including infographics, motion graphics, animations, and video. Here are just a few of our additional resources:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Buyer Persona development
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Content audits
  • Web page optimization
  • Content gap analysis
  • Content roadmap and recommendations
  • Earned media placements

Pricing is based on the project. There’s no one-size-fits-all price or subscription plan.

And although we provide the content creators, you have final approval. You’re welcome to check in on the progress of your project at any time and offer feedback. We always prefer to collaborate closely with proactive brands and businesses.

ClearVoice vs.

Both and ClearVoice live and breathe content development. However, there’s a huge gap in their capabilities, flexibility, and overall quality.

Pros and Cons of using ClearVoice, a content agency that manages your content creation.



  • Comprehensive content creation and strategy services
  • Vast network of freelancers
  • Personalized talent matching
  • Also offers visual content services
  • Extensive additional support services
  • Expert management team
  • Collaborative approach
  • Pricing is flexible


  • Pricing depends on the project

Pros and cons of, a platform that connects freelance writers and businesses.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Can handle diverse written content types
  • Has useful additional tools
  • Transparent tiered pricing structure


  • Relies heavily on algorithms for writer matching
  • Only offers written content.
  • No visual content creation services
  • You manage your content on your own.
  • There’s no additional help.

Who is best for? is a good solution if you’re looking to work directly with freelance writers to create content for them without any strategic help. You’ll have complete autonomy in the platform to select and communicate with your chosen writers.

Its tiered pricing structure is also great if you’re also looking to scale your content creation up or down based on your needs. And, if you struggle with content ideation, has some useful features to suggest potential topics to get you started.

Who is ClearVoice best for?

ClearVoice is your choice if you want a more holistic and comprehensive solution. It’s an end-to-end content service for brands seeking more than just basic content creation.

At its base level, you’ll get custom content tailored to your brand’s specific goals. You’ll have input in the editing process, and we’ll ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

If you’re looking to go beyond basic content creation, that’s where ClearVoice becomes the clear option. Our expert creators can produce an extensive range of content types. In addition to writing, you’ll have access to visual content, SEO, and promotional expertise, if needed.

We’re also the choice if you’re looking to elevate your strategy. Our additional services, like SEO audits and content roadmaps, can help you drive your brand’s growth and success.

ClearVoice is best for companies who are looking for access to the best creators and consultants

Bottom line, ClearVoice is best for companies who are:

  • Looking for access to the best creators and consultants
  • Serious about the content strategy and creation process
  • Ready to achieve long-term growth goals with support


Q: What is the primary distinction between ClearVoice vs.

A: While both offer content writing services, ClearVoice also offers comprehensive content creation services. They manage everything from ideation and strategy to creation and distribution. focuses more on just connecting directly with writers.

Q: How do ClearVoice vs. handle writer vetting?

A: uses an algorithm to match writers based on various factors like the content types and topics they’ve written about. ClearVoice has talent managers who vet every creator, validating their credentials, identity, and experience.

Q: How does pricing work for ClearVoice vs.

A: ClearVoice determines pricing based on the specifics of the project. follows a per-word tiered pricing structure based on order volume.

Q: What additional services does ClearVoice offer apart from content creation?

A: ClearVoice provides a range of additional services services, including SEO strategy, technical audits, content audits, keyword planning, webpage optimization, and more.

Q: How do I initiate a collaboration with ClearVoice?

A: To begin working with ClearVoice, you can set up a free content strategy session to discuss your project and see if our services suit you.

Q: Who should opt for ClearVoice?

A: ClearVoice is ideal for companies serious about creating content and seeking high-quality creators, specialists, and strategy support.

check out our solutions or talk to a specialist today to discover if ClearVoice is right for you.

Ready to Pick Your Content Partner

When you’re picking your content creation partner, it’s important to know all the facts. We hope this detailed breakdown helps make the decision clearer for you. Either company could be right for you, it just depends on what you need.

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Feel free to check out our solutions or talk to a specialist today to discover if ClearVoice is right for you.