Scaling your content production can be challenging for any business, especially if you have limited time and resources.

If that’s you, you might consider partnering with a content agency to help with all your content creation needs. But there are a lot of companies out there. Which one’s right for you?

In this article, we’ll compare two of the more proven content agencies: ClearVoice vs. Rock Content.

We’ll cover the features of each, compare their pros and cons, and analyze which one would be right for you.Rock Content

What is Rock Content?

Rock Content is a Brazil-based company that aims to help brands plan and execute their content marketing strategies by delivering a strong “content experience.” 

To create that experience, they pair you with freelancers in their network that fit your content creation needs. Their talent covers a variety of areas, including: 

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Project management
  • Website development
  • Content strategy

Their services

One of their main focuses is the technology in their platform. Their strong management platform enables structured and efficient workflows between marketing teams. They can produce content campaigns that include multiple content types. And they have a professional services team ready to help with technical, content, or strategy support. Other service options include:

  • Managed services: Overseeing your content creation
  • Adoption services: Training you on their content strategies
  • Technical services: Focusing on their Ion Interactive Experience
  • Strategy services: Working with you to design your content strategy

We just mentioned their Ion Interactive Experience. What does that mean? Interactive content (quizzes and assessments) that you can gather data from. They put a lot of emphasis on it throughout their solutions. ClearVoice

What is ClearVoice?

ClearVoice is a content agency designed to bridge the gap between top-tier brands and highly skilled content creators. We’ve curated a vast Talent Network of over 4,000 seasoned freelancers spanning over 200 industries. When you partner with us, we pair you with the exact writers, designers, and editors that fit your needs and budget. 

Each freelancer in our network undergoes a rigorous vetting process by our talent managers, who verify each person’s credentials, experience, and viability. 

Our additional services

We also build a team to fully manage your content creation from ideation to creation and distribution. We like to use a holistic approach to content. So whether you’re creating a few blogs or an entire content marketing strategy, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Our content creation combines the power of skilled content creators and the best AI tools. We believe AI can be essential to scaling and optimizing your content production. But we always include human review and oversight to ensure you’re content has a personal touch.  If that resonates with you, check out our comprehensive guide on using AI in your content creation

Our services include additional support options, such as: 

  • In-depth SEO and content audits
  • Thorough competitive landscape analysis
  • Crafting marketing personas aligned with brand vision
  • Ensuring web pages are primed for optimal performance

Rock Content vs. ClearVoice

Pros and Cons of Rock Content, a Brazil-based company that aims to help brands plan and execute their content marketing strategies by delivering a strong “content experience.” 

Rock Content


  • Range of services 
  • Services are scalable to your needs
  • Network of experienced writers and designers
  • Well-known for their interactive content 
  • A good option for international companies
  • They offer training sessions and workshops


  • A wide array of services can be confusing 
  • The services themselves are a little confusing
  • You have to use their tech stacks and tools
  • Longer turnaround times
  • Higher price point

Pros and Cons of using ClearVoice, a content agency that manages your content creation.



  • Complete content creation platform
  • Personalized approach to content creation
  • Robust additional services
  • Great for brands that need content at scale 
  • Extensive Talent Network 
  • Provides a wide range of content types
  • AI with a Human Touch


  • Pricing is determined on a project-by-project basis. 

Who is Rock Content best for? 

Rock Content could be a good option for many brands. They’re great if you’re looking to create interactive content. That’s right in their wheelhouse. They’re also well suited if you’re prioritizing strategy over creation. They have several different strategy services to choose from.

Their network of freelancers makes them a good choice if you’re an international company looking to target different cultures and areas around the world. 

Who is ClearVoice best for? 

ClearVoice is best suited for brands looking to create high-quality content at scale while having a streamlined and smooth experience. With us, we lay the groundwork for you, taking care of the talent matching and team building while you focus on higher-level strategy. 

ClearVoice is also best for companies that want to consistently work with proven, experienced, and manually vetted creators who produce top-tier work. We also provide additional managed services such as SEO optimization, content promotion, and distribution.

Finally, whether creating one piece or one thousand, ClearVoice can help you ensure your content is high-quality and high-performing. We’re happy to customize our plans to ensure you get the exact service and content you need.



Q: What exactly is ClearVoice?

A: ClearVoice is an online content agency and platform that connects brands to a vast network of vetted content creation. We assist brands in content strategy, creation, and distribution and offer additional services like content audits and SEO optimization.

Q: How does ClearVoice ensure the quality of its freelancers?

A: ClearVoice has a rigorous vetting process where talent managers personally verify the identity, credentials, and past experiences of every freelancer who applies to be part of the network.

Q: What types of content does Rock Content specialize in?

Rock Content strongly focuses on interactive content ranging from quizzes to assessments. They’re also invested in strategic services to support a brand’s broader content needs.

Q: What additional services does ClearVoice offer apart from content creation?

A: ClearVoice provides a range of additional services services, including SEO strategy, technical audits, content audits, keyword planning, webpage optimization, and more.

Q: How do I initiate a collaboration with ClearVoice?

A: To begin working with ClearVoice, you can set up a free content strategy session to discuss your project and see if our services suit you.

Ready to Outsource to a Content Agency?

Outsourcing to a content agency saves you time and money while producing high-level content matching your brand. Hopefully, this comprehensive breakdown helped you hone in on which platform might be right for you. 

If you’re still unsure, ClearVoice is happy to help. Talk to one of our specialists or discover our solutions to see if we’re right for you. We’d love to take your content creation to the next level.