When you’re looking for a content marketing solution, you might be bombarded with platforms all claiming they have the latest features and best talent. 

You have to do your due diligence. Making an informed, well-research decision will save you time and money later. 

So, which content agency is the best fit for you?

Two of the top options you’ll come across are ClearVoice and Contently. Both are end-to-end content solutions that provide both creation and strategy. 

It’s a tight race, but there are some key differences. This article will examine both, break down the pros and cons, and see which best suits your brand.


What is Contently?

Contently is a content marketing platform and creative marketplace. Much like ClearVoice, it offers both content creation and strategy services. It’s designed to assist companies in creating content written by experts in their respective industries. 

Contently’s services fall into three categories:

  • Creative
  • Editorial 
  • Strategy

And their platform is separated into four “suite” packages: 

  • Planning
  • Analytics
  • Ideation
  • Creation

How they work

They work with you to build a content team of freelancers that match your needs. Their network covers most content roles and types. And they combine those teams with their platform technology’s algorithm to pinpoint a strategy that best targets your audience. Their platform also lets you: 

  • Track and repurpose content across channels
  • Align your campaign and measure your ROI
  • Field pitch requests

They also have some cool additional features. One is called “ContentlyU,” a hub of all sorts of free research and resources on content marketing. There are video courses, infographics, and data reports that can help inform your strategy. 

The other is an ideation tool that generates “smart” blog topics that align with your target audience’s interests and search terms.

Contently provides a fairly comprehensive package of content creation service options. You can mix and match suites, depending on what you need. Pricing varies depending on what you choose.

ClearVoice is a content agency that offers comprehensive end-to-end content creation and strategy.

What is ClearVoice?

ClearVoice is a content agency that offers comprehensive end-to-end content creation and strategy. We work with you to tailor a package that fits your needs and budget. 

Our main feature is our managed content creation. We have a massive network of thousands of proven, experienced freelancers across hundreds of industries. We also ensure their skill level and quality through a rigorous vetting process. Our talent managers personally identify and validate every creator who applies to our network, verifying their credentials, identity, and experience. 

How we work

When you partner with us, we build a customized team of expert writers, designers, and editors who fit exactly what you need. We also manage all the content creation ourselves, ensuring each piece of content matches your brand’s mission and guidelines. 

We love crafting high-quality content, but our services also go beyond that. Our expert content strategists create high-level, data-informed content roadmaps based on your objectives and your customers’ needs. That strategy includes additional features like: 

  • Comprehensive keyword portfolio
  • Competitive analysis
  • Persona development
  • Content audit and gap analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Web page optimization
  • And more

We take a holistic and balanced approach to your content outsourcing. We provide the creators, and you have final approval. And you’re welcome to check in with us anytime. We love collaborating closely with our partners. 

Contently vs. ClearVoice

Pros and cons of Contently, a content marketing platform and creative marketplace.



  • Offers both content creation and strategy services
  • Comprehensive package of service options
  • Cool tools like an ideation generator and Contently
  • Strong platform technology
  • Good track record


  • Very expensive
  • Packages can be confusing
  • Limited distribution services
  • Lack of communication tools 
  • Overemphasizes tech at the expense of content teams

Pros and Cons of using ClearVoice, a content agency that manages your content creation.



  • End-to-end content creation and strategy
  • Vast network of proven creators
  • Customized services to your brand
  • Robust additional services
  • Strong collaborative editing and communication tools 
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • Pricing depends on the project
  • Takes some legwork to figure out your plan

Who is Contently best for? 

It’s a pretty tight race between Contently and ClearVoice. Both offer end-to-end content solutions, an advanced platform technology streamlining workflows, and large networks of talent creators.

We’d say Contently is best if you want to prioritize technology in-platform. Contently has put a lot of resources into designing a streamlined workflow system that makes for a smooth experience. It may come at the expense of personal collaboration, but the platform technology is still really good. Their content creation and strategy services are also better than most other platforms out there.

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Who is ClearVoice best for? 

In a nutshell, ClearVoice is best for companies who: 

  • Want access to the best creators and consultants
  • Are serious about their content creation and strategy
  • Want a partner who can manage content workflows
  • Ready to achieve short or long-term growth goals with support

Although we match Contently on the content creation and strategy services, we stand out in a few ways. Whereas their focus is on their platform technology, ours is on the teams of strategists and experts you’ll be working with. 

And where Contently has an idea generation tool, we offer custom ideation based on data-driven keyword research, customer and business goals, and competitive analysis to find topics that resonate with your target audience. We ensure your content is primed to drive engagement and growth.

Finally, ClearVoice offers more robust content promotion and distribution. We place your content in the best channels to expand your reach and attract new audiences. ClearVoice also monitors the results, tracking live articles, links, domain authority, and organic visibility.



Q: What’s the main difference between ClearVoice vs. Contently?

A: While we have a lot of the same features, we’d say Contently prioritizes technology while we prioritize customizing your team. We also have more robust communication and distribution services. 

Q: Who’s better at content ideation?

A: Contently has a great ideation generator tool in their platform. But ClearVoice offers custom ideation based on data-driven keyword research, customer and business goals, and competitive analysis to ensure content resonates with the target audience.

Q: Which service is better when it comes to pricing?

A: It depends. Both platforms’ pricing depends on what services you’re looking for. 

Q: What if I can’t decide?

A: If you’re having trouble deciding, that’s okay! We’d be happy to talk to you about which service would best suit your business. 

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We hope our detailed breakdown gives you some clarity on which service is best for your brand. But if you’re still unsure, easily speak with one of our specialists. We’re happy to talk strategy with you and see if we’re the right fit to take your brand to the next level.