When you work with us at ClearVoice, you get access to thousands of proven freelancers specializing in over 200 business categories and ready to meet all your content creation needs. 

Whether you need product descriptions to boost conversions or highly technical white papers to educate your customers, we can connect you with the right talent to produce high-quality content tailored to your brand.

Our Rigorous Talent Matching Process

Our talent-matching process begins the moment a freelancer applies to our network. Each applicant fills out a detailed portfolio — what we refer to as their CV portfolio — showcasing their experience, credentials, and previous work. 

Our knowledgeable Talent Managers meticulously review each CV to ensure the creator aligns with our highest standard of content. If they’re a match, we set a one-on-one meeting to verify their identity and professionalism.

Building Your Ideal Freelance Team

When it’s time to build your freelance team, our Talent Managers match you with the best creators available on the ClearVoice Platform for your specific content type and industry. It’s that easy. 

We start by selecting writers with experience in your industry. And when needed, we further narrow it down by sub-category. 

Next, we look at your content level to determine whether you need an industry generalist or a subject matter expert. Keep in mind all of our creators are pros at what they do. But we also know that different freelancers have different skill sets based on the needs of the content. 

Finally, we take into account the type of content. We know different content types require different approaches, from the amount of research to how technical the writing needs to be. This helps us select candidates who best support your needs and will support the overall goals of your marketing strategy. 

From there, we filter by: 

  • Types of writers
  • Years of experience
  • SEO knowledge
  • Rates
  • Brand fit
  • Availability 

Ultimately, that leads us to the perfect freelancers ready to create content for your brand. And if a writer on your team underperforms or leaves, we can replace them immediately, eliminating any hiccups in your content production flow. 

Ready to Unlock the Power of Expert Freelancers?

Our freelancers are standing by on the ClearVoice Platform, ready to tackle all your content needs and propel your marketing strategy forward. 

Talk to a content specialist today to start transforming your content marketing.