How to Hire Blog Writers in 2023

Hire Blog Writers

A good freelance blog writer can be hard to find. They’re out there—you just need to know where and how to find them. This article shows you how to hire blog writers for your content needs. Benefits of hiring freelance blog writers It’s less expensive to hire freelance writers than to maintain an in-house content […]

The Content Strategy Terms You Need to Know

Content Strategy Terms

Can’t make sense of certain content marketing terms? We get it—it’s a jargon-y business. This content marketing glossary can help. Why is knowing content strategy terms important? The industry is full of acronyms, terms, and initialisms. Making it challenging for most people to understand; at first. No matter your role in a content marketing campaign, […]

Getting the Most From a Limited Content Marketing Budget

Limited Content Marketing Budget

Content marketing can drive significant ROI. Across industries, the executive suite is bumping up content marketing budgets in recognition of this fact. This is good news for those of us who have been beating the content bushes for many years. Content marketing works! Told ya! However, that doesn’t mean the boss is throwing money at YOUR […]

Canonicalization in SEO: How to Avoid Content Cannibalization

Canonicalization in SEO

Who knew that content cannibalization was a hotly-debated issue? As it turns out, it is. Some SEO experts claim it doesn’t exist, while others warn that it’s a real issue that can tank your rankings. The answer, like a lot of life’s controversies, lies somewhere in the middle. Let’s look at content cannibalization and how […]

Do Emojis Belong in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Emojis In Digital Marketing Strategy

People like to express themselves. Me, you, everyone—we all want to be heard and understood. Right? ✅ ⚡ Right. ✌ Emojis are a means to add tone, humor, and emotional subtext to your communication. Whereas conversations in real life benefit from the subtleties of facial expressions and body language, text-only digital communication can leave the […]

ClearVoice vs Upwork: A Competitive Review [2023]

ClearVoice vs Upwork

ClearVoice and Upwork are both prominent platforms when it comes to content marketing. They have a ton of writers, lots of experts in different niches, but there are some important differences. Each platform has a few different use cases and is best-suited for different types of clients—with a few important differences. These differences make each […]

ClearVoice vs Contently: Competitive Review [2023]

When pursuing an end-to-end content marketing solution, you may be bombarded with service providers such as Contently and ClearVoice, each claiming to have the latest features and best talent. Conducting a detailed analysis to compare products is smart. Because making an informed, well-researched decision will save you time and money later. This article examines the […]

How to Create Irresistible CTAs in Your Content (With 15 Examples)

You’ve written a phenomenal blog post (or email, landing page, etc.). The copy is insightful and compelling, and you’ve made great use of visual content. Maybe you even found a way to work some comedy in there. Excellent. Now, what do you want readers to do next? Every piece of content should have a call to action […]