ChatGPT has dominated headlines and social media discussions in recent weeks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to have a huge effect on markers’ lives. Many people who have ignored AI are starting to pay attention.

More than anyone, businesses and writing professionals are asking, “Can ChatGPT and similar tools replace human writers?”

Let’s explore this question in our comparison of the AI copywriting assistants, Jasper and versus ClearVoice!



Jasper (formerly Jarvis, formerly is an AI-powered content creation assistant that takes user input and churns out content in seconds.

The underlying model that trained Jasper has read about 10% of the internet. This includes millions of blog posts, articles, forum threads, online newspapers, and other types of content. The goal was to understand how people write and imitate human language.

Jasper’s training was completed at the end of 2019. This means Jasper does not know beyond December 2019. If you’re writing about an event that occurred after 2019 (say, the COVID-19 pandemic), you’ll have to seed Jasper with factual details or it will start making things up.



Templates are Jasper’s building blocks. They are frameworks you can use to create specific types of content, like product descriptions, blog post outlines, blog post topics, Facebook ad headlines, SEO information, Amazon product descriptions, email copy, and so on.

Over 50 templates are available, including:

  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • Creative story
  • Text summarizer
  • Paragraph generator
  • Sentence expander
  • Quora answers

It’s a lot of trial and error. With each template, you can adjust your descriptions and keywords to get improve the output.


If you need help with long-form content, Jasper’s Documents feature can write longer blog posts, emails, social media posts, and even books. All it needs is the title, content brief, tone of voice, and keywords. You can also write a paragraph or two in the text editor yourself, and Jasper will look for patterns, instructions, or clues and continue from there.

If you don’t influence Jasper’s writing by providing the correct information or changing up the description as it writes, it can easily go off-topic, become repetitive, or write low-quality content. So you would have to put in a lot of effort if you want to generate stellar long-form content.


Recipes are repeatable workflows that contain a series of Jasper instructions for creating content. Here’s an example of a blog post recipe.

Image source: Jasper AI YouTube channel

You can create your own recipes, choose from recipes from the Jasper team, or find a suitable community-created recipe that serves your needs.

Each Jasper account is limited to a certain number of AI-generated words per month. If Jasper produces content that you don’t like, you’ll quickly reach your usage limit.

Staring at the blinking cursor for hours wondering what to write? Here’s a tool that could help. aims to put an end to writer’s block. Just like Jasper, is an AI copywriting tool built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 platform. GPT-3, in a nutshell, is a language model trained using internet data to generate human-like text. entered the market in February 2020 and is one of over 300 applications powered by GPT-3.


Writing tools’s writing tools are similar in function to Jasper’s templates. These tools help the user generate specific types of content, such as:

  • Blog post outlines
  • Introductions
  • Instagram captions
  • Product descriptions
  • Slogans
  • Meta descriptions,
  • Email subject lines
  • Calls to action
  • TikTok captions
  • Business names
  • Social media bios

I’ve checked numerous reviews comparing Jasper and, and most agree that generates better short-form content than Jasper. But in terms of long-form AI content, the majority of reviewers favor Jasper.

Writing templates has a lot of prebuilt writing templates, such as cover letter templates, business plan templates, and follow-up email templates. They are available in the template library and you can filter them by category. Categories include Business, HR, Careers, Marketing, Sales, and Real Estate. You can even create your own templates.

Free subscription has a free plan that includes one seat and is limited to 2,000 words per month. With their Pro plan, you get an unlimited number of AI-generated words per month.

Keep in mind that, just like Jasper, is an AI copywriting assistant. It needs handholding and accurate, detailed inputs to generate quality output. In many cases, you’ll have to assemble and edit much of the text it generates.



ClearVoice is a content marketing agency focused on creating and publishing high-performing content for brands and businesses. It was launched in 2014 to provide a better way for freelancers and brands to collaborate. ClearVoice is now a subsidiary of Fiverr, the world’s largest talent marketplace.



Teamlancing is ClearVoice’s unique brand of team collaboration. You get a networked team of vetted freelancers, all working side by side, to create and deliver top-notch content.

ClearVoice’s VoiceGraph engine finds the freelancers that best fit your brand’s unique requirements, and a ClearVoice talent manager then handpicks the members of your team based on VoiceGraph’s recommendations. Your team consists of writers, a dedicated customer success manager, and a producer.

ClearVoice talent network

The ClearVoice marketplace has thousands of freelancers in over 200 categories, such as tech, retail, finance, e-commerce, health, and many more. Roles include copywriter, ghostwriter, technical writer, copy editor, content strategist, and producer.

Browse their CV portfolios for samples, favorite the ones you like, and connect with them. You can even send them assignments or pitch requests directly from their portfolio.

Feature-rich platform

ClearVoice’s proprietary platform comes packed with features that facilitate content creation and collaboration, including:

  • Brand voice: Universal brand guidelines, persona profiles, and other related information are automatically attached to assignments to make sure the produced content is on-brand.
  • Collaborative workflow: Multiple people can collaborate on content including — writers, editors, reviewers, and approvers. The platform pushes out notifications once the assignment is ready for editing, revision, final review, or approval.
  • Intuitive dashboard: Understand what’s going on in your campaigns by checking the dashboard for recent activity, messages, and items that need your input or attention.
  • Interactive editorial calendar: All updates to your content calendar are reflected system-wide.
  • Content center: ClearVoice’s content center contains blog posts that feature best practices on marketing, content creation, freelance talent and collaboration, and many more.

Jasper and vs. ClearVoice: Will AI copywriting tools replace human writers?

Writing assistants like Jasper and are fast becoming mainstream. They’re useful in a lot of ways — they can help you brainstorm ideas, prevent the dreaded writer’s block, write headlines, or come up with blog topics when you’re pressed for time. They can even optimize content for SEO and perform grammar and spelling checks. But they still cannot replicate human creativity or convey personal perspectives in the same way human writers can.

Furthermore, AI content generators aren’t fact-checkers. They need accurate information to produce accurate output, and you will often have to edit out content that simply doesn’t make sense. Bottom line, Jasper and are called AI writing assistants for a reason. They help humans become better writers, not replace them.

Here at ClearVoice, we have a community of expert writers that we can match you to to help create high-performing, high-engaging content for your brand. Contact us today!