Top 5 Strategies for Facebook Video Creation

Top 5 Strategies for Facebook Video Creation

In the ongoing battle of the social networking giants, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are gaining steam. But Facebook still remains the undisputed number one. With almost 3 billion active users per month, Facebook is the most used social media platform around the world. Given its huge reach, no wonder marketers are increasingly using Facebook videos to tell […]

How to Create Marketing Personas in 2023

Create Marketing Personas

IT Helpdesk Specialist, John. Virtual Assistant, Annette. Sales Manager, Sally. Marketing Manager, Mark. There’s a good chance you’ve heard of them. They’re called marketing personas. Although they’re not actual people. They’re based on real-life customers. Today’s marketers can’t live without them. In this post, we’ll talk about marketing personas, why they’re important, and the best […]

What Is the Ideal Article Length for Content Marketing?

What Is the Ideal Article Length for Content Marketing?

Long post or short post? Is 500 words enough for a blog post? Is 1,000 words long enough? Is longer content better? How long should a blog post be for SEO? It seems that this age-old debate has no clear answer. That’s because the ideal content length depends on the purpose of the content and its […]

What Is Evergreen Content? The SEO Benefits of Lasting Content

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content. It’s one of those marketing phrases you often hear thrown around. You might even have heard people saying it’s a must-have for your content marketing strategy. And they’d be correct. But how, exactly? And what IS evergreen content? What is evergreen content? Evergreen content remains valuable to your audience for a long time. […]

How to Communicate Content Marketing Wins

Communicate Content Marketing Wins

The goal of every content marketing campaign is to create a win. Whether to boost revenue numbers, increase website traffic, or generate new leads. Once you achieve those wins, it’s important that you share and celebrate them. This adds credibility to your brand, establishes your expertise, and helps you stand out above the crowd. In […]

How to Get More Conversions with BOFU Content

Conversions with BOFU Content

If someone proposed to you on the first date, you’d run for the hills. Asking customers to buy when they barely know your brand is a big ask. It also risks your chances of them getting to know you better. The marketing funnel describes a buyer’s relationship with your company. It has three distinct stages: […]

How to Improve Your CTA Strategy

Improve Your CTA Strategy

Proceed to checkout. That’s what you do on an e-commerce website when you’re ready to pay for the items in your cart. But how do you know you’ll get to the right page? How do you even know how to proceed to checkout in the first place? Simple. The site has prominent, visible, and easily […]

The Future of the Gig Economy for 2023 and Beyond

Future of the Gig Economy

Are you a freelancer relying on gig work for your primary or additional source of income? The number of freelancers has risen steadily in recent years. The pandemic pushed millions more into the gig economy and many are asking if the gig economy is the future of work and whether it’s sustainable. So, what does […]

From Bad to Great: How to Leverage Customer Complaints

Leverage Customer Complaints

Imagine this: An influencer posted some customer complaints about your company on social media. They’re extremely unhappy with your post-sale support. The overall sentiment on the post is pretty discouraging. Additionally, commenters say they’ve experienced the same and will stay away from anything your company is offering. This can be a huge challenge for any […]

Jasper and vs. ClearVoice — A Competitive Review

Jasper and vs. ClearVoice

ChatGPT has dominated headlines and social media discussions in recent weeks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to have a huge effect on markers’ lives. Many people who have ignored AI are starting to pay attention. More than anyone, businesses and writing professionals are asking, “Can ChatGPT and similar tools replace human writers?” Let’s explore this […]