No matter the size of your marketing team or company, the likelihood you’ll need to outsource some of your marketing tasks is increasing — which makes finding the best content marketing platform more important than ever too.

As industries become more competitive, as almost always happens with time, marketers are called upon to be scrappier and get more done with fewer resources.

Content marketing, one of the most effective means of generating leads and new revenue, is one of the most labor-intensive tasks within marketing.

That’s why it’s one area where businesses tend to garner the greatest marketing performance improvements from outsourcing at least some of the content creation responsibility.

Learn why ClearVoice is the best platform for creating content marketing content from both a freelancer and a hiring manager’s perspective.

Freelancing point of view clearvoice

The best content marketing platform — from the freelancer perspective

As a freelancer, ClearVoice’s content marketing creation platform allows you to grow your business, expand your services, hone and fine-tune skills, set your own rates, and highlight your past work with a professional portfolio (called a CV on the platform).

You work directly in ClearVoice’s platform, enabling you to message the client with questions and receive feedback on your work. You’ll also have a dedicated content editor that will help sharpen your content and ensure you meet each client’s specific guidelines.

Auto-updated content marketing portfolios

A great creative portfolio showcasing your genius is imperative to landing additional content creation gigs. As an example, you can see from the animated screenshot below that our platform was designed to scour the web for publications with your byline and then suggest you add the content to your CV Portfolio.

You simply hover over the article and select which category you’d like the publication to be displayed in — and your work is done. This makes it much faster and easier for you (and all other freelancers) to keep your portfolio updated with your latest and greatest work.

Auto-updated content marketing portfolios

The best tool for client communication and workflow management

Our content marketing platform makes the writing process seamless, from pitching clients to project deliverables:

  • When you’re pitching, we have a tool that makes it easy. You can put in the pay you’ll need if the pitch is accepted, the content length you’d like to do, what you’ll write about, etc. You can even attach content or links that will help communicate your expertise to the client or help you be more organized if they accept your pitch.
  • In the content creation and editing phase, the collapsible sidebar (to decrease distractions) gives you an avenue to collaborate with the client in real time.
  • When delivering the content, there is excellent revision tracking whereby the client can easily ask for changes, and you can make the changes or comment on the revision request. No more passing a Word document back and forth, trying to make sense of the cumbersome track changes.
  • Lastly, after you’ve successfully delivered a project, there is in-app messaging whereby the client can reach out to you to ask for help with future projects.

Using collaborative editing in the ClearVoice content creation platform

An outstanding content editor

The best content marketing platforms have a distraction-free editor that makes it simple to work from anywhere.

No matter where you are, you can choose to edit your content in the ClearVoice suite instead of using another tool (such as Microsoft Word) because it provides a simple editor that helps increase your productivity and focus.

ClearVoice, the best platform for creating content marketing content

The best content marketing platform — from the hiring manager’s perspective

As a hiring manager, you’ll see that ClearVoice stands apart from competitor platforms by vetting the best writing talent.

All industries and all topics

Content creators on ClearVoice write on everything from finance and real estate to hospitality and healthcare. We vet and bring on only the best in order to provide clients with outstanding content and results.

Highest quality content creators

It can be frustrating to receive “cookie cutter” style solicitations from applicants that obviously didn’t even look at your creative brief or job application requirements.

With the way ClearVoice provides access to vetted freelancers, you’ll never find yourself wondering if a writer or content creator will meet your expectations or standards.

The best content creation tools

The best content marketing platforms provide content creation tools, including workflow tools and an editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar that we offer, pictured below, provides a fantastic tool that will tie into all your content marketing efforts and allow you to visualize what is due when, where it will be distributed, etc.

Manage content with the dynamic editorial calendar in the ClearVoice content creation platform

Who is ClearVoice made for?

Quality writers

If you enjoy putting in a strong effort and making sure everything you produce is outstanding, then you’ll be happy working on the ClearVoice platform.

If you prefer to crank out high-volume content to make a quick buck, you’ll see that ClearVoice is not for you. ClearVoice’s writers create high-quality content that attracts, retains, and converts customers.

Quality companies

No matter the size, from small to large enterprises, ClearVoice has an excellent platform with fantastic content creators. That said, it isn’t for all businesses.

While ClearVoice’s tools make managing a good content marketing campaign easier, you still need to realize that some level of setup and management will need to exist to ensure you get good content.

Companies going in with the expectation that they’re finding a no-effort, magic bullet solution will realize that fantastic content marketing campaigns require at least some level of coordination and domain knowledge sharing from the brand.

The best content marketing platform allows great writers and companies to collaborate, and create exceptional content — all of which you can do on ClearVoice.

Want some help creating high-quality content or finding new writing clients?  Talk to a content specialist at ClearVoice and find out why we’re the best content marketing platform for freelancers and hiring managers.