We’re excited to announce a new and improved feature in our Talent Network. Starting today, your work will be indexed and ranked by our enhanced search feature. It’s like SEO for your CV Portfolio!

Regardless if you categorize, tag, or sort your content pieces, they will automatically be ranked and indexed based on keyword strength. That means a higher chance of being matched with customers based on the quality and volume of your past published work.

SEO ranking in new and enhanced Talent Search on ClearVoice

What does this mean for you?

It means more opportunities for you to shine based on your expertise. Enhanced search will level the playing field for writers with quality published work.

What should you do?

Upload your bylined published work to your CV Portfolio. Each content piece will automatically be indexed and ranked based on keywords and relevance. The more relevant pieces you have within a category or field the better — as this will increase your rank and visibility when customers, talent managers, or producers search for writers within the network.

  • Focus on your key area(s) of strength, but don’t keyword stuff.
  • Highlight your desired content expertise in your CV Portfolio tagline and bio, as these are given more weight in rankings.
  • Showcase work that you want to do more of, and keep your work samples on your CV Portfolio updated. Adding more work samples helps our Talent Search engine identify you and rank you for more search queries.

Here’s a glimpse of how freelancers appear in our new Talent Search results pages. Freelancers with the most relevant work samples rise to the top, with queries highlighted in excerpts from work samples posted to their CV Portfolios.

SEO ranking in new and enhanced Talent Search on ClearVoice.

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