As freelance and work-from-home shift toward becoming more prevalent, direction and guidance follows right along in parallel importance. The freelancing realm can be a unique path to navigate without the proper funnels, knowledge, and experience.

For many, this will be overwhelming enough to throw in the towel and look for something else to do. For others, this will provide just the right amount of challenge to excel and develop authority in the ever-changing gig economy landscape that is freelancing.

Still, when word of mouth hits a dry spell and ongoing projects slow down, where do you go for help? Where is your support structure that you once had in a full-time role, keeping income rolling in and bills paid?

That’s where the ClearVoice Talent Managers come in.

Who are the ClearVoice Talent Managers?

Who are the ClearVoice Talent Managers?

We are a dedicated team responsible for the representation of the ClearVoice Talent Network. The team assists with everything from scheduling and availability, industry and relevant client matching, to ongoing communication regarding content execution in the network. We are the freelancer’s right-hand men and women focused on ensuring a quality experience not just for the client, but for the freelancer as well.

Where did the need for Talent Managers come from?

The need for this role stemmed from the gap of support and communication that we saw across the board when it came to the freelancer side of the content equation. Much of our team spent time in the freelance realm, providing the perspective that many of these freelance platforms simply don’t have a solid solution to the everyday frustrations that freelancers face. We are out to change that narrative.

How do they help me?

How do they help me?

We see freelancers as businesses in themselves, shaping the way different brands, agencies, and clientele define their brand. Our role is not just to provide work in a platform, but to strategize, identify and progress the careers of the individuals that do great work on our behalf. The freelancers we work with are seen as a true extension of our brand, and without the expertise and experience of each, we wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are today.

We also use our platform to support and highlight the freelancer brands that work with us on an everyday basis. Things like:

  • Freelancer-to-freelancer advice columns
  • Writer promotion on our website
  • Education courses: For freelancers, by freelancers
  • Freelancer Spotlights on our help center and blog
  • Mindfulness Mondays: Weekly meditation sessions for interested freelancers
  • ClearVoice Courtesy Calls: Insight and advice to excelling your freelance career

Regardless of where you’re at in your freelancing career, it’s important to make sure there’s support around you when the going gets tough. When you’re too busy to think about the next big project and when you’re deep into an entrepreneurial freelance endeavor that many times can be a walk in the dark, we’ll bring the flashlight.

Learn more about the ClearVoice Talent Network and feel free to get in touch with any of our Talent Managers at We’ll be expecting you!