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John Rampton

John Rampton, founder of invoicing service, is an entrepreneur, online marketing guru and startup addict. He was recently named No. 3 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a blogging expert by Forbes.

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Dorian Smith-Garcia

I am a creative writer who initially got my start writing restaurant reviews for up and coming restaurants and nightlife venues around New York. My passion for writing continued as she transitioned into relationship advice, acting as the lead columnist for's NY Tech Dating vertical until the content platform was retired in 2014. There I covered up & coming apps and tech focused dating platforms for single New Yorkers.

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John Boitnott

I am a digital journalist and content specialist focusing on entrepreneurship, online marketing, payments, and other business topics. I write for Inc., Entrepreneur and BusinessInsider. I have worked at TV, print, radio and Internet companies for 23 years. I'm an advisor at and have also written for Fortune, NBC, Fast Company, USA Today and Venturebeat.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones is a writer and digital marketing consultant, specializing in content-driven strategy that can increase engagement and traffic. She is the founder of the first and only news content marketing agency, StoryShout, which specializes in news content for brands and small businesses.

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Paul Dughi

I've written literally thousands of articles for major news organizations. I write clear, crisp, factually-accurate copy in an authoritative voice. Expert level at SEO and Keywords, Google AdWords certified.

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Ben Renner

I work to be the best writer I can be. I craft all of my writing with specific goals and audiences in mind. I Increase sales and provide value to clients� target audiences through proficient content optimization and online marketing. I have nearly seven years' experience writing for the web, and I'm always hungry for more. Over the years, I've developed my ability to learn and adapt to new software, systems, and writing styles.

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Ling Wong

9 years in the online marketing industry + 7 years in content strategy/content creation. I write for SaaS and marketing companies on topics including digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, eCommerce, conversion, UX, social media marketing, SEO, B2B marketing, email marketing, the role of AI, and more; with the goal of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion.

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Allie Gray Freeland

I am a senior-level writer and editor with the goal of improving your business' share of voice, influence, and conversions through copy. I am one part grammar geek, one part marketer, and one part distiller... I love taking complex topics and making them understandable to readers.

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Hazel Butler

Hazel specialises in crafting unique and authentic brand voices, and exceptional research to create incredibly high-value, complex content. This includes long-form blogs, books, and lead magnets.

Jonathan Crowl

In more than a decade of work as a B2B marketing writer and strategist, I've worked with a wide range of global brands in the tech, finance, and marketing industries, including B2B brands Samsung, IBM, LinkedIn, Mad Mobile, Iron Mountain, BrightSpot, Waze and Epson, as well as B2C brands PayPal and Porsche. I also have a background in sports writing, culminating in my role as Senior Editor for an online sports magazine, Raised in Nebraska, I previously lived in Portland, Ore. and San Francisco before settling in Minneapolis, MN.

Danielle Antosz

Danielle is a writer and content developer. She helps companies develop all types of content including blog posts, ebooks, white papers, case studies, and more.

Britt Skrabanek

I'm the Co-Owner and Principal Consultant at Superneat Marketing. Armed with content and brand strategy, I�m on a mission to help businesses engage, convert, and grow. Over the years I've earned my marketing badge of honor by working at an agency and a tech startup. Specialties: Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Branding, Lead Optimization, Email Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, Sales, Small Businesses, Mid-Sized Businesses, Enterprise, StartUps, Non-Profits, B2B, B2C, Yoga, Wellness, Travel.

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What makes a writer excel in marketing and advertising?

The most important thing to know about advertising and marketing writing is how it’s different. Traditional content, like articles and blogs, aims to educate or tell a story. Copywriting, AKA writing for marketing and advertising, has a different goal: to sell. It’s about highlighting a product or service in a way that (hopefully) gets the reader to buy. There’s a lot of great and not-so-great copywriting out there. Effective marketing and advertising writers often have these traits:

They solve problems.

The secret behind great copywriting usually isn’t the actual writing (though you want that to be solid, too). It’s the equation of problem plus solution. Figuring out a target audience’s real needs and wants, and how your product or service can solve that problem. Writing this type of copy is a specialized skill, and surprisingly difficult. Freelancers who can do this efficiently, conveying the message right up front and with succinct, attention-getting headlines, are invaluable.

“Passion and empathy are highly important in helping writers excel at marketing and advertising,” says John Boitnott, a business technology writer. “There must be a strong desire to connect people who may need a product/service to something that will truly help them. It's easy to come up with words that describe a product's benefits, but you need to understand where the customer is coming from. Having this kind of empathy lets you really address peoples' needs and desires, putting you ahead of those who just don't care.”

They understand the audience and industry.

People generally don’t like to be “sold.” So effective marketing and ad copywriters have to figure out how to connect with a specific audience and convince them to buy without making them feel manipulated. They need to understand who these people are, what they need, how they think and even speak, so the message resonates. Using subject-matter experts with a deep knowledge of the industry is an efficient approach. But it’s also valuable to work with writers who can adapt their copy to different brand voices and audiences. To accomplish this, copywriters often spend a lot of time researching before they write a word. They’ll interview industry experts, and talk to the client about who their audience is, what image or feeling they want to project, and any special terminology to use (or avoid).

“Above all, the ability to change tone and focus on a dime,” Ben Renner, a marketing and advertiser writer, says is most important. “Different businesses need different aspects of their brands highlighted and conveyed in different ways. Even within one business, there are often many types of marketing copy that need to be produced for different audiences or situations.”

They play with our emotions.

While some people buy things out of pure necessity, others are motivated by the feeling that thing gives them. Whether it’s being confident, attractive, safe… Remember the Tide “talking stain” ad? A guy is in an important interview but the huge stain on his shirt does all the talking. Nothing he says matters because all we see and hear is the stain. It taps into universal emotions like fear, embarrassment, shame, and pride. Yet it’s funny — and relatable. That’s using emotion to solve a problem, another effective technique in a quality freelancer’s toolkit. The best copywriters know when to tap into our humanity, and when not to.

“Great writers can tell a story, engage readers, and provide that value,” says Paul Dughi, an Emmy Award-winning writer/producer. “They take readers on a journey to find a solution, explain a fresh approach, or deliver new insights. They also find a clever way to weave your marketing message into the story in an authentic and genuine way.”

What are the biggest trends in marketing copy?

At it's core, marketing is really about connecting with people. Why some slogans and taglines stand the test of time and others don't can speak a lot to the power of marketing copy. Is it memorable? Is it helpful? Is it valuable? While you should always be up on the most current content marketing trends, here are some tips from writers in the field.

Provide actual solutions.

"Today’s successful marketers are delivering content with real value and not just slick marketing messages."

Paul Dughi, Digital Marketer, Journalist, and Emmy Award-winning Writer/Producer
Use an authentic voice.

"Using a voice that matches the audience without coming across as out-of-touch or condescending is key. You want to make the audience feel like you know them."

Kelsey Jones, Digital Marketing, Technology, and Business Writer
Cut to the chase.

"One of the most popular trends I've seen recently in marketing copy is that the calls to action have started asking customers to do a wider range of things. For example, most businesses asked potential customers to meet with their sales representatives. Today, calls to action are being optimized to get customers to act in more effective ways to close sales. Instead of trying to get customers in the door, advertisers are asking them to interact with their brand on social media or go right to the order page."

Ben Renner, Marketing and Advertising Writer

Who does marketing copy really well?

The fewer words in a slogan, the better. But how do you sum up a brand — what it is, and all the emotions and benefits it encompasses — in a one-liner? Dunkin’ Donuts’ “America runs on Dunkin’” is an ad-copy win. Those four words immediately conjure an image of its core audience and what they need — working folks fueling up for their day with a hot cup of coffee and a warm, carby something. So effective has the chain’s branding been that it recently dropped the “Donuts” from its moniker. You know you’ve made it when you’re on a one-name basis with America.

Secrets From a Marketing Writer

“Using a voice that matches the audience without coming across as out-of-touch or condescending is key. You want to make the audience feel like you know them.”

Anonymous Marketing Writer

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