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Marc Schenker

As a copywriter extraordinaire, I continually work with big, well-known brands like Shopify, Autodesk and Envato to boost these companies' conversions and sales through persuasive and high-quality ad writing. I can do the same for your marketing needs, whether you're a small, medium or big business. Contact me today, so we can figure out how to begin an awesome collaboration!

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Anabelle Fournier

Anabelle Bernard Fournier is a professional writer and blogger with wide-ranging experience in web writing. She specializes in small business, lifestyle and technology topics, more precisely content and inbound marketing, social media marketing, home decor and design; home automation and smart living; and health, relationships and sexuality. Anabelle has academic writing teaching experience as well as skills in PR, long-form content (ebooks, white papers, case studies), email-based courses, and more.

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Kimberly Zackowski

Hi, I'm Kim and I'm an experienced, full-time freelance writer who provides articles, blog posts, landing pages, and comprehensive guides for businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. I work with companies both large and small in a variety of fields, producing well written, custom content catered to your specific needs.

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Kathleen Krueger

For over 7 years, Kathleen has been a full-time freelance writer providing reliable, fast turnaround on business blogs and website copy for marketing companies and businesses in many industries including plastic surgery, construction trades, dental, attorneys and others.

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Elna Cain

I'm a B2B professional writer. I use my expert knowledge, skills and personal experience in digital marketing to craft content that makes people take action. I write for OptinMonster, Blogging Wizard, Pagewiz and more. My specialty is email marketing, social media marketing and inbound marketing.

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Jimmy R.

I help marketing agencies and business owners by writing articles with a strong level of polish and giving them FREE guest posts to reputable websites.

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Brian Sodoma

Creative, versatile copywriter, journalist. I handle deadline pressure well, communicate effectively with sources, clients and editors at all phases of a project, and am a strong interviewer of sources, if that's needed. I take pride in matching the right content and strategy with a client's goals.

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Shanea Patterson

Wordsmith, B2B copywriter, and certified content marketing specialist with a knack for writing SEO content about business, finance, and marketing.

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Beverly Holoka

I graduated from the University of North Florida in 2015 with a B.S. degree in Communications: Advertising/Marketing. I have always had a passion for writing. My first writing was published when I was seven-years-old. I want to use my talents to help others get their point across and bring creativity to the world. Never fear writing master is here.

Matt Duczeminski

Blogger, ghostwriter, copywriter for SaaS, e-commerce, B2B and B2C marketing. I've worked with a variety of marketing and SaaS companies, including Optimove, Sales & Orders, and Fieldboom. I've also collaborated with clients on ghostwriting projects for some of the marketing blogs I actually read in my spare time (Seeing my own work on these sites is always a HUGE shot in the arm - even if my name isn't attached to it).

Shanea Patterson

Wordsmith, B2B copywriter, and certified content marketing specialist with a knack for writing SEO content about business, finance, and marketing.

Jessica Johnson

Freelance health and wellness copywriter. Jessica writes about health and wellness - particularly self-improvement and transformation. Based on personal experience and a graduate degree in counseling, she believes in the positive_ impact of mindfulness, slow, simple living, and practical minimalism.

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What makes a good copywriter?

The best copywriters are concise and persuasive communicators. They make the most boring products lively and can even prompt skeptics to give a brand a try. Beyond having a “way with words,” there are other qualities to look for in a copywriter. Here are a few traits to consider:

They are socially aware.

Great copy must be relevant and reflect the spirit of the times. A copywriter who doesn’t know what’s trending won’t likely deliver relevant copy. Of course, “what’s trending” can vary from industry to industry and niche to niche, so you should look for a writer who understands the cultural trends at large and how they impact the audiences you serve.

They have an interest in buyer psychology.

Top copywriters must take an interest in consumer psychology and how words can motivate or deter buying behaviors. These writers will study buyer personas, look into what makes them tick, and write advertising and promotional copy that plays to the target audience’s preferences and behaviors. Good copywriters understand the power of emotion, even in purchasing scenarios where logic seems like it would be the primary decision driver.

They have a knack for engaging the audience.

Talented copywriters strive to engage audiences in a variety of ways. Indirect claims and metaphorical language (“as fresh as the outdoors,” for example) can help audience members to apply their own meaning and personal values to a product. A great copywriter will look for ways to bond the customer with the product beyond stating dry facts and making straightforward claims.

What are the biggest trends in copywriting for businesses?

Brands have even more opportunities to reach potential customers through channels such as social media, online ads, print, email, direct mail, video, television, and radio. Regardless of the channels you choose, a talented copywriter can help you promote and advertise so you can sell more products. Below, three copywriters in the ClearVoice Talent Network share their insights on trends you need to know.

Authentic storytelling inspires action.

"Facts and figures are great, but in order connect with people in a memorable way you need to be authentic and tell a story. A great story can help people understand your product and purpose. It can move people and inspire them to act."

Paul Dughi, Journalist in Media and Business
Responsible impact.

"I’d say the biggest trend in copywriting this year is the interplay between responsible impact and storytelling. It's vital to get right and can do wonders for a brand."

Abigail Bassett, Producer and Journalist
Relatable voice.

"Gone are the days of settling for stuffy writing or corporate speak. That’s why the biggest trend in copywriting is a shift toward content that exudes a distinct and relatable voice. Whether it’s wit, humor, or a conversational tone, showing personality helps your content cut through the clutter (and convert!)."

Shannon Willoby, Creative Writer and Editor

Who does copywriting really well?

Impossible Foods uses great copy to further its mission to, “Save Meat. And Earth.” The plant-based burger company isn’t just playing to its core audience of vegans and vegetarians with its copy. Instead, Impossible Foods delivers different messaging to hit the right notes with different audiences, like those who want to go green and people who love meat but also care about animals. With snappy headlines and clear copy, Impossible Foods leaves website visitors hungry for more.

Basecamp is another brand that places a premium on terrific copywriting. The company’s home page isn’t a product-centric blab-fest of “robust features.” Instead, the homepage greets visitors with a “we get it” style of messaging that demonstrates empathy for its audience and the struggles people encounter in the day-to-day running of businesses.

Secrets from a Copywriter

"I’m not here to tell you your baby is ugly, but I am here to lay down an important truth. People don’t love your product. They love what your product does for them. Your copy has to reflect that. If you aren’t ready to make your message about the customer, you aren’t ready for professional copywriting."

Anonymous Copywriter

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